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  1. Dear developer, I used a quick style change with find in PagePlus. I find a text, click on Select all, and replace style on paragraph styles window. Now I tried same function with find. Word has founded, but in Options menu of Replace with I see only my custom style only, no other style (Heading paragraph or other).
  2. Here is my folder structure and I left Hyphenation by default. Folder renamed from hu-HU to hu_HU, but no helped. I renamed back to hu-HU, this correct folder name what see all Affinity program. Update: spell check working now. I downloaded FULL HunSpell pack, and unpack files manually, and replaced files. But hyphenation not working yet. I see these lines in hyph_hu_HU.dic file: COMPOUNDLEFTHYPHENMIN 3 COMPOUNDRIGHTHYPHENMIN 3 Set I Minimum prefix and Minimum suffix to 3? I changed but nothing happened. What I tried: set hyph_hu_HU.dic encoding from UTF-8 to ISO8859-2 in file and header change text in text frame to Justify Left change hyphenation settings (all parameters) to other numbers (see preview) all language settings to hungarian (magyar) No helped.
  3. I tried, and Publisher see dictionaries, but no use More info here.
  4. Great! That was the trick! Thank you! I'm happy now, this problem checked.
  5. Ok, I found this arrow, but with this tool I make a new frame on next page. Ok, but I have a 512 pages book text. In PagePlus can I use Auto-Flow, and expand text and create new pages automatically. Not manually linking per page... And frame size was same as parent frame. Can Publisher this feature?
  6. Ok, I tested and works! Add hyphenation dictionary too, and program can change to my language, but no use! I see red lines everywhere, and no hyphen on my pasted text in textbox, but Auto hyphenation is on... I download directories from here: https://github.com/LibreOffice/dictionaries
  7. Same here. I read help, but not helped next informations, I didn't find Flow button at the bottom-right of text frame...
  8. Dear developers, I use HunSpell for hyphenation for my book wrapping in PagePlus. Can I set this in Publisher? I need hungarian language for my work.
  9. Dear developers, I use PagePlus, and can import Word documents directly, and export to EPUB and MOBI too. I'm a book creator, but I cannot use these functions in Publisher. I see can import TXT and RTF to text frame tool (read in this topic too), but I can use clipboard too for paste. Export to only "Affinity standards", nowhere EPUB/MOBI export option. Will be these import and export options in final version? PDF is not enough for ebook publishing... And I hope I will import PagePlus projects too.
  10. I has problem with gradient too. I made a book cover, and I see gradient lines on exported PNG. What I tried: turned off Dither gradients option used Fill layer or Rectangle - no helped My project was in CMYK mode, and I set gradient from white to black. I used 1.6.5 version of Affinity Photo. I added Nose Live Filter, and set to 10%. This is enough for smoother.
  11. Dear developers, I have ON1 Effects (older name: Perfect Effects). This app can work as plugin too for Photoshop and Lightroom too (as layer mode too). I added plugin folder (C:\Program Files\ON1\ON1 Effects 2018\Plug-in Files\ON1 Effects 2018.plugin) to Affinity Photo, but no worked. Please add this plugin support for Affinity programs! To 31st of Aug can download free now for testing too from here
  12. Congratulation! This is a great news! Fantastic!
  13. I tested with CutOut 5 Standard 64bit plugin, and work fine! This is a giveaway on this site, only today!
  14. Great and nice trick, but need Live Mesh Warp Filter too to AP for full mockup making. Live Perspective filter have now in AP, and can use .afphoto project as layer, but Mesh Warp Tool will rasterize this But this Artboard solution is great too for more mockup change at once!
  15. I try older versions with AP 1.6.3 from Franzis plugins, but have there different Photoshop versions: CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CS6 and many Elements version. What will working with Affinity? And how can I use them?
  16. Hmmmm... Just a little cosmetic problem... I used a clean, white canvas. From Adjustment tab I selected any item. Settings window opened, and click on Delete button, and what I see? Adjustment thumbnails will hidden/no show... I tested on a Dell notebook with Intel HD 3000 series, and nVidia NVS 4200 M cards. With an opened picture has no problem.
  17. Great thanks for newer beta, I will test this bug in AD and AP too: Ok, I tested, bug is there In AP too with photo, steps similar.
  18. Yes, I need this, I working with mockups often.
  19. I use PagePlus X9 now, but I missed under ebook export these features: - export only selected page (only in PDF) - do not export hidden layers. These important, if I sign an ebook for my fans, and I need delete/add plus page to my book... And I need special header format for print/PDF and epub export too, because I added more space before every header for printed/PDF version, but in EPUB/MOBI will I don't need these spaces... I have printed and ebook version now for same project. I hope these features will be include in Publisher...
  20. I read this great post from MEB, and here is fast steps for cropping without masking: - select Rectangle tool (or other object from toolbar) and draw it (ex. like canvas size) - drag drawed layer and drop to your layer as cropping/clipping, but not child layer! That's it! If you need destructive results, just rasterize layer!
  21. Hello, I don't understand color conversion in AP. I have a color: #800000 what in RGB is 128,0,0 and in CMYK is 0,100,100,50. But in AP when I use CMYK project with Coated Fogra39, then I get different values with CMYK: 29,100,100,40 Ok, I set CMYK to standard value (0,100,100,50), but I get RGB 134,16,3 color value... I don't understand why can I get different values on convert? This linked to ICC profile? Or why calculated different values?
  22. Ah, a moments more: please develop to Publisher more EPUB and MOBI export settings, options or any customize parameters, because now in PagePlus is very poor... Thanks!
  23. Thanks, I try different tones and little more colors, and test a few text effects. Next time I will try another mixing.
  24. Here is a card from an autumn holiday. Greetings from Heiligenberg.
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