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  1. 3% of what that is the question! 3% of 1,179,448,021 websites world wide = 35383440.63 websites using webp Still think that's not much? There are many big sites using it to name a couple of the biggest multi nationals in the world: https://www.unilever.com/ https://www.shell.com/
  2. @LondonSquirrel https://siteefy.com/how-many-websites-are-there/ While the exact number of websites keeps changing every second, there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web (1,179,448,021 according to Netcraft’s October 2021 Web Server Survey compared to 1,197,982,359 in January 2021). So 3% is enough to have a enormous amount of websites using it! We use it in every website we make! And don't forget all web image cloud services use webp and I use it in web applications too. But if you don't want to use it, why do you care to put your energy in posts to show webp is not used?😉
  3. Before drawing quick conclusions, this app works "in" the whole Affinity Suite. (You get a RTL button on top of the Affinity menu). But of course when you prefer to wait for an other couple of years be my guest. I'm a Affinity users like you and waiting for a simple webp conversion in Affinity for years! But for the time being I use a other app for webp conversion! And your opensource example doesn't look as advanced as this one. RTL fixer adds RTL functionality to the Affinity apps and it cost peanuts.
  4. Hi, This app seems to be working within the whole Affinity Suite https://rtlfixer.com/ Regards, David
  5. Hi @alexkoch Alex, Your example with the construction building image shows that you don't understand how it works.😉! The easiest way to accomplish what you want is making pre-sets for all art directions (in my example (header portrait for phone) (header wide for all other devices even phone landscape mode). In this case it's ment to be used for a header. When you look on top of the exports panel there is even a copy paste function, so you can create one size with the name and then change the size and/or the text. I agree the missing webp is a real pity!!! What I do in the pre-sets with the naming is for example header-contact-4-3-1200px, header-contact-4-3-800px, header-contact-4-3-500px then I make a folder named contact-header that contains a folder webp and jpg. That way you can use the pre-sets for every header you make in the future without specific naming. And placing the link names in the website becomes more easy, for example in Sublime Text you can multi select the names that have to be changed and the rest of the link name stays the same. You have to be sure to crop the exact pixel ratio before going to the export mode! There is no cropping necessary in the export mode! Like said you only crop one image for every art direction before going to the export persona. In my example 2 images. Regards, David
  6. @BobZ6 Hi Bob, Gigapixel is a stand alone application (no plugin) and DenoiseAI and SharpenAI are plugins and stand alone apps. So there is no way to use Gigipixel as a plugin (at the moment, maybe it ill change in the future). David
  7. @Chills Pinegrow works perfect with VS code too (there is a VS code plugin for syncing with Pinegrow) I personally use Sublime Text 4, but always have VS code as fall back in case I have issues with Sublime text. I must say that VS code is not so slow anymore as in the past. Pinegrow is used in our studio for the Interaction Greensock animator that is available as a plugin. But when your used to Dreamweaver, Pinegrow is a good substitute with many possibilities and enthousiast developers that surprise me every couple of months with new feature updates. https://pinegrow.com/docs/master-pinegrow/using-external-code-editors/visual-studio-code/
  8. @Chills Yes this is the best DreamWeaver alternative option and has the possibility to do a *one time payment instead of prescription. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. *As you can see here: https://pinegrow.com/#buy
  9. Hi @walt.farrell Walt, I need to use the SVG for a animation application and normally you can convert text "Write text as paths" in for example Keyshape (an other SVG animation editor). Is this possible in Designer? This means that the font are sort of "embed" then! David
  10. I'm waiting for years now to see webp implemented in Affinity and till now no sign of any action in that direction. It works cross browser, it's used in Gaming, web design etc. etc. But it's like talking to a brick wall!
  11. Hi @Beck, Are you sure you have set the width of the slices in the export panel by opening them all and put 1080w and Enter in the slice size field of each slice? About posting on Instagram (and other social media), the images should never be optimized, because they take care of that! https://foodphotographyguides.com/sharp-images-instagram/ Regards, David
  12. Did not decompile ddl's it, but have looked at the apps code structure half of it is text files and easy to read and to me it looks like a well organized code structure. But having looked at the code structure and experienced the apps for years I say it's well coded.
  13. No it's a subjective matter! So I always look at it from a positive perspective until the opposite is proven. It totally depends on the skills of the developers and the way the apps are coded. I presume that we deal here with highly skilled developers looking at the superb results from the last 5 years in Photo, Designer and later Publisher. Had a look at the Affinity code and it's well coded too. So it's just a matter of willingness and I don't see any technical obstacles on the road to webp. webp is just a other extension like all the others technically speaking, the difference is that the source code is freely available, including the different appi for multiple platforms, like you can see in my previous posts. And that makes it easier to implement.
  14. Oh now I onderstand what you mean. For plain webp images I use a webp viewer app on my Mac.
  15. The image I showed you is in Big Sur a folder with webp images and a click with my space bar on the image to open the gallery.
  16. Yes it does already 6 months on the Mac. And for the rest we use jpg fallbacks. https://linuxreviews.org/Apple_Devices_Are_Finally_Getting_WebP_Support
  17. This is the project I'm working on right now! Is it complicated? Yes! But easy to work with? Yes! Because I'm a educated developer with more then 10 years experience! That's what I mean with easy to implement!
  18. It's just a very negative point of view on application development, don't see anything special in your list. You could say that about most implementations. But you could also say it would be nice if it's implemented and I'm sure the Affinity devs are capable of doing so! Scroll or tabs or a row beneath is a solution and again I don't see any problem.
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