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  1. I am using Affinity Photo 1.10.5 and I would like to be able to rotate an object 60 degrees. I am using the Move tool and when I get the curved pointer and drag, I get to 59.7 and then it jumps to 60.2 and I go back and forth trying to stop on 60.0. Is there some setting in the Transform panel that I haven't found that allows me to enter the exact number? This also happens when I am trying to resize an object to match the size of another one. Thank you, Nancy
  2. Thank you, All Media Lab. I hadn't gone deep enough into the folders to get to PS_Plugins_x64. It's working now. Cheers, Nancy
  3. I am using the latest AI version. I only have a 250 GB SSD drive for my programs, so I installed my Topaz programs on drive D:. I asked Topaz about it and they said to try it there. My Topaz programs are working properly, so I left it there. I did add that path to the Plugin Search Folders. Nancy
  4. I would like to be able to go to Topaz DeNoise from inside Affinity Photo. In the Photoshop Plugins section of preferences I added the directory where I have installed DeNoise, but even though I have checked "Allow unknown plugins" and restarted Affinity, no plugins are showing up. I am using Windows 10 and AP 1.10.4. Thank you for any help you can give me. Nancy
  5. I just noticed that the brushes that I have installed are no longer available. I haven't used any lately so I don't know which update did this. Also, the free assets of snow, rain, etc. that I downloaded from Affinity are no longer there. Is this normal when you apply an update? If so, is there a way to retain them? I've done updates before and never had this happen. Nancy
  6. Thanks for clarifying that. I don't do it often--mostly I am exporting a smaller version, and I have been resampling only when I export, not earlier. Nancy
  7. Thank you for the explanation, Timo. I was talking about doing it to make my document larger, but from what you say it sounds as if I can wait until I am exporting and just increase the pixel size then--and choose my resample method. That is good to know. I've copied your explanation into my notes for future reference. Take care, Nancy
  8. I've been reading posts about upsampling because I want to find which method to choose to get the best results. However, I notice that you choose a resample method when you resize a document, and then again when you export it for printing or viewing. Is the file being resampled again? If I select Bicubic when I resize, this doesn't necessarily come up as the choice when I export--the export resample is the method I used last time and I have to change it to Bicubic. Thanks, Nancy
  9. Thank you for responding. I've been playing around with some of the other styles and filters that you mention in the tutorial and have learned a lot. Affinity Photo is a great program and there is always some new technique to learn. Nancy
  10. To save a color or gradient to a palette: On the Swatches panel, select a palette from the palette pop-up menu. Do one of the following: -click an object, then from the pop-up menu, click Add to Swatches and choose to add color from fill, stroke or both. Select Add current color to palette. Use the Stroke/Fill color selector to target the color. Thank you very much. I looked in the Help and I searched online and in the forum, and I just didn't get it! Once you extract this little part from all the rest, it all becomes clear. Nancy
  11. I have been trying to follow the directions here but when I get down to saving my gradient, I don't know what to choose from the Swatches menu that opens from the hamburger icon. 1. open a document 2. new fill layer 3. gradient tool--change the colours 4. move tool--select the fill layer 5. Swatches tab and click on hamburger icon--there are 14 choices and I don't know which one to pick. Am I on the right track? Thanks, Nancy
  12. Hello Carl, I just discovered your tutorials and "Making Your Own Styles" is just what I was looking for. I wanted to save gradients. Something odd happened when I went to apply them and I thought you might know why. When I open a blank document and place a photo in it, then click on the gradient style I created, it applies perfectly. But if I open a photo, or drag a photo into the workspace, and click on a style, it doesn't apply. When I go to the default styles and click on one of them, it does apply. I was wondering what it is about the style I created that is different and won't apply to a photo that has been 'opened' as opposed to 'placed'. I hope you can help. Thank you. Nancy
  13. Thank you. That helps a lot. When I was searching for previous posts, I never thought of the word 'optimize'. 🙂 Between resampling and unchecking the embed options, I got the file size down considerably, but even at 80% quality the 425x400 px photo is slightly pixelated. I'll experiment with different combinations of settings and keep track, while comparing the results with Photoshop Elements' 'Save for web'. Maybe then I can set up an export preset with these settings. Nancy
  14. Hello, Before using Affinity Photo I used Photoshop Elements. It had a really useful feature that I haven't been able to duplicate in AF--Save for Web. I often prepare photos for use on our website and I want the filesize to be as small as possible while preserving the quality. "Save for Web" does that but if I lower the quality in AF while exporting, the pictures are very pixilated, even at 100%. Is there some other export option that would let me preserve the quality while still reducing the size of the file considerably? Thank you, Nancy
  15. Thank you Thomaso and Ianrb. I followed the directions and have it working now. Nancy
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