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  1. I also waiting a tool like shape builder… i tried the vectornator tool… and he is not able to work with line. You need to have closed spline. so I hope it AD have a shape builder, he will be more like illustrator than vectornator.
  2. Whether it's 1.11 or 2.0... I don't think that's the issue. I mean, we don't know what's going on. We think there might be some big changes... or not. Or if some problems will finally be solved (bounding box, expand stroke and the other...). I'm kind of joining the grumblers. It's hard to project yourself in a workflow knowing that there are functions that are really missing to be efficient. I'd like to get rid of adobe products... but today, it's still complicated to use serif products in a workflow that uses a lot of other apps like rhino or c4d. I think that paying is not a problem. But the lack of visibility towards the future of the products. Because in the end we never know what is really planned.
  3. From what I read version 2.0 seems to be a great advance! Support of DXF will be very useful !
  4. it's announced, iPad version will be out this summer. https://affinity.serif.com/fr/publisher/ipad/ maybe with new version of designer and Photo.
  5. Hi, To promote our honeycomb panel : Beelite. I develop a candy dispenser with two different thickness 10 and 16mm. I used affinity Photo iPad for the basic sketch and develop the mechanism (basic). And the rest was made with Affinity designer Die and print. 3DD10 3DD16 I have to use ArtiosCad (no for the design) to make it produceable on a plotter and make a 3D Previz. All pieces have to stitch each other (especially for the V-Notch 45°). Final product :150x150x150mm.
  6. Hey, I found a short preview on youtube from a China channel. I thinks it's not an official preview but it's seams to be a advanced build from designer on iPad pro ! I hope some news very soon.
  7. When he talks about WWDC September 2017, He means the Yearly Keynote for the iPhone. I also think that affinity Photo is best vector apps on iPad... And i guess that we are a lot to wait Affinity designer iPad. Drawing with full vector apps on iPad... i can't wait. i hope it's gonna be soon.
  8. Yes it's a good idea. it should be very useful. I got another idea. Pressing the screen with 3 fingers (or 2 ...) to show up a circular menu with different shortcuts (like procreate or Cinema 4D). It's can customizable in an option menu. It's very frustrating to use the small pop-up with only copy-paste's option ...
  9. Thanks ! I hope it's going to possible in the future update.
  10. Thanks for the answers. Is it possible to move the topic to features requests (to keep the history of our short conversation) ?
  11. Hello, i’m using affinity photo since 2 weeks. It’s an fantastic apps, we can really work with it. The vector are so incredible and better than other graphics apps ( I can’t wait for affinity designer for sure). But i don’t know if it’s a bug. When I’m working in mm, the units are still in pixel ( I use each time de unit picker and I lose a lot of time). I would like to know, if there are an option to put mm in default unit ? Thanks for the answer.
  12. Ik vind het mooi ! misschien donker blauw in plaats van zwart ! (zoals ING logo) !
  13. Hello everybody. I share you my last project. i work in one printing house, and all of my notepads are full ! and you know, how cost one moleskine ! So I got the cheaper idea : create and print for myself at lowest prize ! I choose 10x15mm. Pantone 012, 032, 072U. For the paper i take 320 Rives textured for the cover and inside 150 Offset paper ! i also have the idea to create hole for my business cards ( i lose them every time !) on the last pages ! I use Affinity Designer to create it ! i use the last beta for the Pantone support. I wanted to have best CMYK reproduction, because my Digital press can make a conversion (better dan if AD make the conversion). Thanks for watching ! and thank for sharing your opinion ! Clém
  14. clem

    Free fonts

    Thanks for Typewolf. very useful ! i keep it in my signets. I'm agree with you all about dafont (and co). But sometimes when you need a special font and you want to customize it… it's work. When you go on dafont en his friends. this is your last resort ! ;-) And don't forget, everybody can't buy fonts on linotype or font.com. If you want Helvetica Complete Collection or full Gotham, it's very expensive.
  15. clem

    Free fonts

    Good ideas ! i will add my free fonts collection's website ! Dafont - everybody know this website Font-squirrel - Good font for web. Google Font - Good font for web too ! lost type - Really good font for decoration and title. It's free but you can paid for commercial use. freetypography.com - An selection of free font. Adduzeedo -Friday Fresh Free Font - Every friday you can download an selection of free font. Creative Blog - Good selection of free font !
  16. hi there, happy to help you. i coming back to upgrade the ressource ! because with the Affinity designer 1.3.2, we can use the navigator( in the previous version, AD doesn't keep the transparency). Download this .ZIP with the ressources before to start: Crop mark 1 - Add 10mm on your document for the bleed. (like in the first step of my tuto) 2 - Press shitf+CMD+M to show the media navigator. 3 - Right click, add folder and select the folder that you download previously. 4 - Drag and drop at right place and this done ! thank
  17. clem

    icon for web

    hi, I create some icons for my personal use ! So you can download it and use it for your creation ! if a got time, i will upgrade the AD file. Download it here ! thank for watching.
  18. Yes, you right it's a good idea to do like this ! maybe more simple for some user ! Thanks for your tips !
  19. Hi hi, so cute, i like it ! I like the water's look, good job !
  20. hey ! i coming back your show you my work for this company. Everything is done with affinity designer and print for real. I made every mock up with Affinity Photo without problems ! Thanks for watching ! you can check my work on bechance. P. S. I'm really exciting to see Affinty pages for DTP… because to using text tools in AD for long paragraph, it's still hard. Clém !
  21. Thanks, It's old school way… But i hope in the future it's gonna be fully integrated in AD tools (like the spot color, because here i put 400% black, but for the prepress process, it's not good). and more simple !
  22. Hi AD Buddy. I give you my library of crop mark for Affinity Designer. this print sign is ready to print. for this example i use A4, but you can use for every format you want. i'm Working on version of this crop ca be used with media library palette… but, it doesn't work with AD file. Step 1 : Setup your page. Add +20mm to your format and set the marges at 10 mm everywhere to define you format with it. everything outside the marges is the bleed. Step 2 : Add your crop mark. Now add you crop mark on the four corner like this : Don't forget to use snapping tool to be snapped on the corner. Step 3 : Add color bar and name project. You can add this informations where you want… me, i put it on the top and the bottom Don't forget to name your project. Step 4 Create or add your creation. Let's start your creation, or add it… if your creation is already created in another document don't forget your bleed… Step 5 Export Don't forget to check this case… because i got some problems with AD and font embedded. thanks for watching ! Crop mark.afdesign
  23. ahah nice, i like the wales shirt ! i would like one, in white please ! ;)
  24. Hi there, i'm coming back with news icon for mac ! Of course you can download it here ! Thank for watching !
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