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  1. Started with a transparent background document, not sure if this matters because the background in this case, is the mountain image. Then make the shapes with the standard tools, had to make the keyhole shape from a circle and and square shape. Then of course the big rectangle. Place keyhole shape on top of rectangle, then select both, right click the selections and go to geometry, Subtract. Then just lower the opacity of the layer, thats what I did, to your liking.
  2. I am not sure why your abr files won't import, I have imported numerous brushes from the PS palette itself and had no problem, although what eps brush files do you mean? That's the first I heard of this. I would shut down AD then see if this problem still persists. This really isn't that hard. You might have a glitch like you said.
  3. Just curious if anyone knew if gradient maps from PSD files are translating into AD/AP? I got a file that did not, the map color stops were actually at zero opacity and altogether wrong.
  4. I think its because back then last year, it was only Designer now its Photo too being absorbed by the same forum. The good thing is that we all know what app is being used when questions and comments are asked and therefore it doesn't matter.
  5. Sorry I can't replicate this. I did this with the pen like you said you did, and I still don't get the white lines (gaps?) Surely you have no stroke applied.
  6. I wasn't able to replicate the harshness of your white line gaps but then I don't know how you are producing your art. Here's mine attached. I tried to mimic your angles.
  7. Probably going to need a screen shot of this as I can't imagine where this jaggedness is. Can you please upload?
  8. On that note, pbass, I wonder what is priority? Do they tackle the artboards, plugins, and raw file people first, or do they do the infinite list of little requests like this thread? Personally I am the type of person that wants to do all the little things first, at least at the end of the day I can say I did stuff that I can show for it. That's just me.
  9. Okay so I am clawing my way through the channels palette/masks to try to get somewhere...I have gotten really close to understanding the craziness that is masks in Affinity. My question is, when you right-click the mask once it gets generated on the layers panel, there is the option to edit mask. About the only thing I can do inside the mask is paint on with brushes to effectively manipulate the mask. But I cannot figure out how to apply an adjustment here. I felt like I had solved the riddle of the Mask! But I didn't. sigh
  10. Just wanting to see if I can do a simple displace effect. I see that doing it the PS way is not going to work. I think the AP way is going to be much sleeker since are given the option to displace from a layer already in the file you're working in. Thanks
  11. I don't think there's enough information on the original post. Can you explain what kind of mask and what is your trying to do? Adjustments to highlights shadows?
  12. Sounds like Al Grasso wants to tell you how to develop your app. Let him come to work for you Serif. :lol: :lol:
  13. I did the layer drop zone way and I get a clean clipping mask, my finished image isn't like yours but you get the idea on the closeup of the edge and mine is cleaner than yours. Just use the drop zone method.
  14. UPDATE: It worked! Not sure why but the clipping mask object on top needs to be a solid filled shape and not just an outline! Which was why it didn't work at first. GOOD TO KNOW! I hope this can be fixed to where a path only with no fill can also work the same, the path only helps see the the objects underneath before you clip.
  15. I have multiple layers that have vast objects and intricate detail. In illustrator I can just set the clipping mask on top of everything and it will clip everything, really powerful feature. I tried to replicate this in AD and cannot do it. This is a huge feature for me and I would like to see if AD can handle this. How can I do this? I already tried the usual drop layers techniques shown in a tutorial video, which works great, but haven't figured this out.
  16. Is this what you're trying to do? The blue background is just to see the dog better with the white outline. I believe you want to cut the dog out with the outline included? To give it an actual "cutout" shape? Sorry if I'm confusing everyone more!
  17. As long as you have a good/fast connection, you will get to download eventually. For me it always seemed that it wasn't going to do it, but if you wait it out, it will start. For some reason the downloads don't start immediately.
  18. What I saw is that if you set the selection and it doesn't seem to function as it did the first time, it was because the active layer in the layer panel had become deselected for some reason. SO if this happens again, just make sure the layer is selected. Worked for me.
  19. From my experience, Vimeo seems to work best with a decent if not better connection.
  20. Ok so since AD has come along I have always heard that this must have art boards in order to be competitive. My question is how do designers survive before art boards? What are the advantages of using. Maybe I'm not using them to the full extent. Just curious.
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