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  1. Thanks! Ready when it's ready, good answer Already ordered the english version, so the ball keeps in the game.
  2. Excellent! So that's probably the workbook Milós Micatek mentioned. Any news on when the german version will be available?
  3. WELL DONE, your fonts should replace COMIC SANS in any application that is using fonts. Your work motivates me to learn how to useGLYPH or GLYPH mini, so I finally can realize my font ideas. For my fellow MAC user: Beside GLYPHS, there is also a other font creator, which is freeware as long you don't want to use the fonts commercially. Forgot the name of the app, but I could dig the name up out of my email inbox. LOCK GUIDELINES, would be wonderful as a option.
  4. Thanks to all! Now I managed to get it done, thanks to your advices and ideas. I converted the Text into curves, made a copy of that group. Then I changed I took a guideline and changed the angle of the text. Then I placed the guideline where I want to have the cut and subtracted then with some rectangles letter for letter. Then I did that on the copied text group (and ungrouped them before doing the substracting). The OUTER SHADOW FX of the upper part (bigger piece of the text) is ok for creating the shadows on the lower piece. But that might look bad in case the text is going to be on background that isn't all black. @ALFRED Indeed English isn't my MUTTERSPRACHE, my fellow Designer from Scotland. Thanks for correcting my question. I had a sleep-deficit when I posted the thread. Insomnia does influence my cognitive abilities in a negative way, especially my verbal articulation and my writing skills. But it does boost my creativity, since it boost my Apophenia and Pareidolia, which comes handy when I use those "visuals" in a painting, design or drawing.
  5. Yes, the title sounds (appears strange) strange :) I struggle to create a similar effect like this (BEYOND is the word) : 600x.jpg I want to create that effect completely in Affinity Designer so I can use the Outer Shadow FX.
  6. What's on my mind? Who are you? The thought police?!

  7. Constructive Critic or suggestion. With less detail it would be easier to recognized in small formats...like the thumbnail to the bigger version in here. My opinion. Simplicity seems to be more effective as logo that does leave a brandsign inside of the mind of the people.
  8. I have to bomb this as well, since a shape builder tool would be very much be appreciated. :)
  9. Hi dear fellow Affinity Designer Creativeheads, I am new on the forum. My question is how can I create, for example, a Flower Of Life or Triqueta shape? In Illustrator, there is the circle tool, where one can create circles around a circle by typing in 360 degree / 3 and then copy the circles around the main circle...but in Affinity Designer I haven't figured out where is such a tool. Any ideas are appreciated :)
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