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  1. Yes it should. Now the marquee jumps to either the beginning or the end of the line. (When moving from one text frame to a linked frame.)
  2. The text marquee's position is a little unpredictable when arrowing up/down to next/previous text frame. I.e. it wont keep it's horizontal position on the row.
  3. Mofab

    View Tool sudden "jump" bug

    Confirmed. I use MagicPrefs.
  4. Mofab

    View Tool sudden "jump" bug

    Something similar (or same) happens for me. When clicking and dragging ”too fast”, the canvas ”jumps”. When clicking and pause for a 1/4 second, it's ok. Booth Hand Tool and holding Space. Switched between OpenGL (basic), OpenGL, Metal – no difference. Designer 1.6, MacOS Sierra, iMac 5K 2017.