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  1. I ordered mine on Thursday afternoon via the Affinity store and it arrived Friday morning: amazingly fast given we are in rural Dorset! An absolutely lovely book which will be very useful not only in getting fully to grips with AP (after many years of PS and PSElements) but offering a lot about new techniques too. Congratulations to all those who made this book.
  2. Thanks Toltec for the fast response, and for sorting me out on the Restore issue. For the other item, I think changing my tools to display in a 2 or 3 column arrangement is making it easier for my eyes (and you get the foreground/background switch)! Regards, Chris
  3. I'm enjoying getting familiar with Photo (on Windows 10) it but have two simple questions please... 1) If I minimise an image by clicking the top right hand "-" symbol after I have undocked the image, there does not seem to be any way to restore it. 2) Is there any way to increase the size of the Tool Icons in the left hand tool dock (at least while I get more familiar with them)? Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. Many thanks for that Alfred, and sorry I forgot to say I was using AP! It does seem a strange behaviour and thanks for your tip about the Transform Panel which I hadn't discovered. And thanks too Toltec! Yes, it looks as if Placing is a much more appropriate way to do what I want and gives me full control. I know I've got a lot to learn but AP already seems much more powerful and flexible to what I'm used to.
  5. Hi, I'm using the 10-day Trial on Windows 10 so this is my 1st post. (A long time user of PS Elements and other software.) I'm dragging an extra image from a Windows Folder in as an additional layer with exactly the same dimensions/pixels/dpi/etc as the Background pixel layer but I am finding the new layer it is being scaled around 223% larger than the background layer. I haven't found anyway to make it scale to 100% when being dropped. Neither can I find any way to resize this new layer other than laboriously dragging the corner. I assume I'm missing something obvious! Regards, Chris