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  1. A "marquee selection" of objects on the page by using the Move Tool doesn't work for my scanned pdf. I scanned pages from a music book and created one pdf file of all the pages. These are not separate objects within a pdf page since they were scanned. When I select the Move tool and get the arrow, clicking anywhere on the image just selects the entire page. It's fine, I can rotate by hand showing a grid to help me align the page to straighten it, then click on the artboard and crop to omit the blank areas. Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes, I know how to do that. But, when I read your statement, "if you select everything on the page (using a marquee selection...)" I was under the impression to actually use the marquee tool to select the entire page or portions of it, and then be able to rotate, which does not happen. I must select the pdf image (not the artboard) in the layers panel to be able to rotate. Perhaps I misunderstood your explanation.
  3. walt.farrell, Thank you so much. I opened the pdf in Designer, clicked on the image and experimented. All as you said. If I click on the artboard of the image instead, and go to Pixel Persona to select a rectangular marquee, I am able to select a portion, but see no object group with a bounding box with ability to rotate.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not needing to isolate any part/image/object within an individual pdf page, just the page as a whole. I'll just rotate by hand as needed. Thanks again.
  5. I appreciate the replies from both of you. I only needed to straighten and crop a few of the pages from the multi-page pdf file, and I don't need to do multiple pages at once. It is not a batch process I'm speaking of, just being able to select pages in the pdf file one at a time. What led me to think it would be possible is that when I saw the multiple dartboards that showed up, clicking on the down arrow of the dartboard would reveal the individual image for that specific pdf page. I thought crop would be available since I was only selecting the individual image in that layer. As to straightening the image from any of the corners, I'm aware of that feature, it's just easier to have the straighten tool. The ability to have the crop and straighten tool when selecting the individual image from the drop down of the art board it is in would be beneficial.
  6. I have imported a pdf file with multiple pages into the macOS desktop version of Photo, Designer, and Publisher, and the crop tool is grayed out in all three apps. If I open single pdf page in Photo, then crop and straighten tools are available. In Designer and Publisher, only the crop tool is available and no straighten. What I wanted to do was straighten and then crop a few pdf pages and then save in the same pdf format. Photo has a great straighten tool, but it's not available for any pdf with multiple pages. Is this possible?
  7. Callum, I'm on macOS 10.13.6, and have been on this version for quite some time. The issue of "download", "install" had not shown up until recently, with no new OS updates being made, therefore, it is improbable that it is due to the macOS version since it appeared fine prior.
  8. Patrick, Totally understandable. I was getting tired myself. It seems to be an issue with MAS, not Affinity. My Affinity Publisher updated with the prompt when opening it, but this one was purchased directly from Affinity. Not sure if I should have purchased Photo and Designer direct, as well. Thanks for the response, and may God keep all of you and your families healthy & safe!
  9. Old Bruce, I appreciate your input on what happened. It would be beneficial to know it was moved so I can find it. Although, I still think it was relevant on this thread.
  10. Jeremy, I did do that. It still shows as "Install". Thanks anyway.
  11. Patrick, I see you removed my comment on the update from Mac App Store. My comment was neither a bug nor asking for help for Affinity Photo itself. I still see several posts here as to issues with the update not showing up, yet those comments are here and have not been removed. Would you kindly inform me why my post was removed?
  12. I have all 3 Affinity apps: Photo, Designer and Publisher. I bought Publisher direct from Affinity, but Photo and Designer from the Mac App Store. Today, Sunday April 19, 2020, under the "Updates" tab, neither app is listed. When opening the apps, no indication to update. Under the "Purchased" tab, I can search for Photo and Designer, and both have an "Install" button. I clicked on "Install", opened both apps, and they are updated, but returning to the MAS "Purchased" tab still shows "Install" buttons for both instead of "Open". Is it correct to indicate the status of both apps this way?
  13. It has a "scale" by percentage, but the preview is useless. When selecting borderless, the preview shows that the crop marks reach the edge. At that point you would think it would print the way it looks, but when printed it enlarges the entire image and still has a border.
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