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  1. I am requesting a vector eraser in 2016~~ Still learning AD but this should be a must have feature!
  2. spnick

    Warp Tool

  3. @MEB I remember in one of the tutorial you can hold ALT key and do the boolean operation, to get a editable result. Is that what you are talking about? Or they are different animals?
  4. Thank you @MattP, I am still new to the concept of path, shapes and what operations are suitable for them. I love the simplicity of Sketch operations and I also love the functions and exquisite result Affinity can bring.
  5. Thank you again MEB! I would love a knife tool :) Happy Chinese New Year to you! Regards, V
  6. Well, i just did this: create a circle shape, expand to curve, hit "break curve" first then press "A", delete anchor point. I really do not know how the break curve works. Do I select specific anchor point then hit "break curve"? Or it breaks all the curves? Thank you!
  7. Howdy, This could be just a silly ;) question, but how do I cut a path like the "scissors" function in Sketch/Illustrator? I tried to use the Break Curve function, but I cannot get the result I want. All I wanted is just to create a circle and cut it into half. Thank you for any answer! :) Regards, V
  8. Hello MEB, thank you for the solution! I kind of saw this technique in the tutorial. It did work ^_^ So there is no way to use the Boolean operator button in this situation?
  9. Howdy! I was trying to use boolean operator to make a ball with colorful stripes. I've attached screenshot. The circle is to be used as a mask The rectangle stripes are to be masked by the circle. But after I grouped the stripes, and tried to use Boolean operator, it won't work. The layers panel is also shown in the attached file. Please help! BTW, I really love AD!!! Regards, Beginner v

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