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  1. Functions 7 and 8 imply the existence of the flag, this means that they can be turned on or off. #8 there are check box. If you have a small screen, then you can only use Color wheel. I find it hard to switch every time, it would be good to use them together. (as an idea)
  2. Thanks for the answer. I appreciated the boards-containers, I also like the function Clip to canvas, which removes everything outside the artboard. Hiding the artboard is necessary only in order to type in text or a large amount of infographics. It would be great if there was an opportunity to change the background color. I still have many ideas and questions! For example.. How do I manually search for fonts? How to download dictionaries for spelling for the Russian language? How to select a locked layer and unlock it without resorting to the layers panel? up. I realized that in the mode of outline can select a closed object
  3. 10. It would be great if you could download your library of lut-presets. upload each time, a very long time! 11. Double click on the style — rename (fast) del/backspake — delete style (add hotkey) 12. Please add hiding of artboards.
  4. 9.Color mix palette (drag and drop) How to you such implementation of creation of a gradient? (check gif file)
  5. 7. With borders (uncheck) 8. Full control over color
  6. Hello! During the use of the Affinity Designer, I noticed some difficulties in the work and would like to describe them. 1. It would be great if you could change the name when creating / editing a document. 2. The left toolbar can not be edited and configured directly from the preview window. The need for viewing - setting tools. And the top toolbar can! 3. Export all settings to a separate file. 4. One checkbox turns the normal search into a hotkey search and all menu functions. Give people the opportunity to set up a modal window in height! I have a big screen, but I do not see all the hot keys on the screen! 5. Make the gradient a separate modal window and add it to the studio. This will speed up the work several times!
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