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  1. tarknz

    Workbook for Publisher?

    I agree with the above comments. A lie flat publication is much more practical when working your way through the exercises. I like the idea of ring bound as suggested.
  2. What is missing from this discussion is that besides having hundreds of native InDesign files (way too many to convert to PDF files and yes the import of PDF is great!) there are times when I want to send an InDesign file to a client or another graphic designer. I cannot reasonably expect them to own Affinity Publisher. If I cannot import native INDD files or export to INDD then my use for Publisher is diminished, regardless of how fantastic it is. InDesign is an industry standard and if Publishers wishes to match or surpass it then indd compatibility is a must.
  3. One of the key factors in my changing from the Adobe Creative Suite to Publisher will be its ability to import native InDesign files. I see the beta can open PDF files saved from InDesign. That at least is a half-way solution. Like many I have hundreds of InDesign files that I will want to access if I make the switch.
  4. Like everyone, the release is eagerly awaited. I'd like to quit my subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite but have to wait for the third part of the trifecta - Publisher. I am presuming that it will be able to import InDesign files?
  5. Its the end of 2017 and still no DXF/DWG import/export support in Designer. Another reason I tend to open Illustrator first!
  6. When - finally - Publisher is in beta format will there be a chance to be part of the testing team?
  7. What update is there on the Affinity Publisher beta? The years are rolling by ...

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