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    Nature Brushes - Sample

    I'm in the process of creating (almost done) a collection of brushes with nature motifs. Thought it could be useful for more Affinity users so I decided to share one sample, the brush regarding the common ivy. Let me know if you like it and if it’s worth sharing the full collection :) Common Ivy Brush.afbrushes.zip
  2. Pedro Soares

    Snow Brushes

    Who likes to play with snow? :) This are the two brushes I made and normally use (light snow and heavy snow) when I want to get that winter look. You can also check how I made the brushes and how to use them is this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlxXqCCx9AM Hope you enjoy them, Pedro Snow Brushes.afbrushes.zip
  3. Hi everyone, I recently wrote a post on my blog covering my workflow regarding the steps I follow when I'm editing a portrait. I also made available a PDF file with the same checklist I use so you can download it. The post is available both is Portuguese and English. [PT] http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/lista-de-tarefas-edicao-de-retrato/ [EN] http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/portrait-retouching-checklist/?lang=en There are also other articles talking about Affinity and other free resources. Let me know if it was useful. Cheers
  4. You're welcome briandrum. Seems you're doing everything right. My other suggestion is that you play with the Strength value to see if you can minimize the problem. As an extra you can also use FX effects to get some more realism (I normally use Colour Overlay and Bevel/Emboss). Nevertheless and as stokerg mention, something is not working as it should. We don't have consistency using the Displace Filter. Hope you can get the results you need.
  5. Hi briandrum, welcome to the Forum! Did you use a black and white copy of your image with a slightly Gaussian Bur filter applied to it as your displacement map? I find this to be the best approach with the best results. I can give a look at your file if you provide it.
  6. Pedro Soares

    opening pictures

    Hi Tonitanz, welcome to the Forum! The problem you mention is real and something several users are facing, just like me. The solution I know about is to use the latest Beta version where this issue seems to be corrected. You can also expect to be fixed in the next public version.
  7. Hi Gnobelix, Thanks for the feedback.
  8. We are in the same road, some of us are a bit at the front and others a little at the back but we're all heading in the same direction even if we carry different "luggage". You're very welcome!
  9. Your welcome, 1. When you create Artboards indeed they get to have a automatically created Slice. Since you didn't specify it in the first post I thought you were working on a single board with different layers. If you duplicate an Artboard, in fact it doesn't have a slice created for it and this maybe a bug. But you can have a different approach, instead of duplicating the Artboard just draw/create a new one. This way it works. Don't forget to give different names to each one (flyer, banner, etc). 2. Regarding the issue of the added pixel here and there, I think when you're talking about pixel perfect alignment you must activate the Force Pixel Alignment function. When you work in mm you can have half values but this is not the case for pixels. In pixels based work you are working in 1px full increments. This is my suggestion, you can try and see if it works for you. Regarding the placement of the toolbar, you can in some degree place it where better suits you but indeed it's not the same has Adobe (don't see it as a good or bad thing, it just different despite there area some issues in this area). But what can I say, I'm left handed... Regarding the other "issues" you mention, Adobe and Affinity have different approaches and for me this is an healthy thing. Most of the cases is a matter of getting used to it. And despite many things being the same, I like they didn't copy Adobe, I think we need new and sometime better ways of doing things. I'm also wanting for Publisher but before judging let us see what Affinity can bring to the table, maybe we get a big and good surprise. Cheers!
  10. Hi ianstudio, I just came across your topic. I just saw it today so I'm gonna try my best to help you out but you could also wait to see if someone from Affinity could help you more. First my recommendation is that you take a look at the official tutorials. You can check them here (just scroll down and look for the section - Saving, exporting and sharing for Affinity Designer and Finishing Off for Affinity Photo): 1. Slices. Regarding the automatically creation of Slices I never experience that. Independently of how many layers I have when I go to Export Persona I must go to the layers panel inside the Export Persona mode and click the Create Slice button. I must say that I prefer this way. I rather decide for myself which layers or objects I want to export. Besides, it's as easy as a click. 2. Layer duplicates and Slices, yes they are independent and if you gave them different names they'll appear with different names in the Export Persona mode, both in the Layer panel and Slices Panel. But as I said before the slices are not created automatically. At least as far as I know. 3. Units. When you create a new document one of the things you should set is the document units. Imagine if you set it to mm, every object in your document will reflect that choice. Nevertheless if you want to enter px values in the Transform panel you can do it but after you click ok, the value are showed in mm, the document units you set before. When you go to export the object size will be correct be it in mm or px. Don't forget that if you gonna enter a different unit of the document in the Transform panel you must specify the unit (substitute mm for px or whatever unit you're using). I think it's just a matter of understanding how things work. By the way, I left Adobe from the first Affinity beta versions and no way I'm going back. Last month I even wrote an article on my blog with my experience. You can go check it if you want. This topic is very important since not everyone understand this concept so I'm gonna see if I can make a tutorial covering it. Don't forget that my help is based on my personal experience and as far as I know. The Affinity team may have something different to say. I really hope I could help. Cheers,
  11. Thanks Roger C. I'm always glad when I can help. I believe we should keep an open mind and a continuous desire to learn.We should also not forget that for a specific problem we could have more than one solution. This was mine. Kind regards,
  12. In this tutorial I cover how to create a custom filter to extract details from your images. In this tutorial you'll also find the use of Macros and a bonus for you to use as you like... ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdaySWNEpY0 The language in the video is portuguese with english subtitles. Hope you enjoy the video :) Pedro
  13. Pedro Soares

    How to Extract Detail

    Hi John Rostron, Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna try as you suggested and implement the tip of zooming every time it's pertinent. For my upcoming tutorials I'm also using a new workstation where I have a better/bigger/higher resolution display so I believe it will improve the quality of them. Thanks again, Pedro
  14. Pedro Soares

    How to Extract Detail

    Hi Vasto7, I'm really glad that my tutorial could help you in some way. Thanks for the feedback. I invite you to keep an eye on my Youtube channel and Blog because new posts and tutorials are coming... And by the way, my last blog post was about a quick tip both for Affinity Photo and Capture One regarding retouching and has another two Macros you can download Cheers
  15. Pedro Soares


    Hi Yousuf123, Hanzz made a very good point, you have to use a PNG or other format that supports transparency. But why don't you work in only one file making your design in one layer and having the t-shirt on a background layer. It could be easier and faster even to see the result as you work. Cheers
  16. Pedro Soares

    Workspace Bug?

    Thanks for clarifying Chris_K. Hope to see a fix anytime soon. Cheers
  17. Pedro Soares

    Workspace Bug?

    Hi, First and if this case has already been mentioned in another topic I apologise. If this is the case please point me in the right path If not here's the problem. I have my workspace bot in Affinity Photo and Designer arranged ir order to have more working area. I also prefer to have the panels/tools more to the left side since I'm left hand and I tend to rest my hand more on that side (using a Wacom tablet). So, and since both apps give me the possibility to arrange the workspace as I want, I decided to have most of the panels aligned and closed in the top of the working area (see the attached files). So far so good. The problem is that when I have to use or call a dropdown menu or a dialog window they appear beneath those panels (img 2 e 3) when they should be on top (img1). When this happens the options in those dialog are not visible. The strange thing is that there are panels appearing on top (few) and the most part appearing beneath. Is this a bug? Is there a way to correct or it's better to go back to a more tradicional arrangement having panels in the left and in the right? Thanks, Pedro
  18. Please scroll down to the end of this post to see the latest added tutorials. Thanks. Hello Everyone, In the last couple of weeks I shared in the Forum different topics related to video tutorials I upload to my YouTube channel. To make it more practical, I'm gonna share them and new ones in just this topic. Feel free to scroll down and find all the videos I already uploaded. If you want to know a bit more about me and what to expect, then keep reading. Photography (and design) is part of my life for more than twenty years. I began working in the advertising industry in the 90's and from there I covered many different areas from the creative process to production. Today I mainly do portrait photography, fine art, special assignments and some design projects. In the last years and as a certified trainer, I began to share what I've learned and continue to learn in workshops. I mainly cover Portrait Photography, Black & White, Digital Workflow and Retouching. For the love of sharing my passion about photography, I decided to start making video tutorials and this is the reason I end up here. The amazing software the Affinity Team made gave me the enthusiasm we normally have when we get a new toy. For me it's been a fantastic experience and discovery of new ways of doing the same things in a different, and many times better, way. And this experience is what I want to share with you. This is also the reason I'm going to cover more the Affinity apps in a photography scenario. But you can expect more, a lot more... I'll also be covering photographic tips and techniques and other software that I find relevant to my/our work. This is the case of Capture One Pro that will have also a special feature. Apart from this I'm also preparing some "extras" but that's for another time What to keep in mind: Every time I make a tutorial where I create a special resource, like a macro, a brush, a style, etc. I'll share it for free. You just need to follow the video tutorial or blog post to see the download links. Some tutorials also have a related post in my blog with more details. You can check it here: (available in Portuguese and English): http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ The tutorials are made in Portuguese but they have English subtitles. Nevertheless I make them in a very easy to follow pace. For that reason they are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The list I have for upcoming tutorials is long but if you have a specific topic you would like to be covered just let me know. You never know if your request is my next tutorial. This was the case of the Glow Effect video. I'm going to share them chronological so the new ones will be in the end of this topic. Finally my idea is to share tutorials on a regular basis so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first one to know about it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdrAaW4Zr9lYktQmt5O4VA You can also subscribe to my Blog where you can find other topics: http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ Sorry if I made this introduction to long, but it was important for me to share this. I hope you'll find each tutorial a useful resource and also a source of inspiration. TUTORIALS How to Create "Good Looking" Snow | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Free Snow Brushes How to Combine Text and Imagery | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Extract Detail | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Detail Extractor Macro How to Create a Glow Effect in Letters | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create a Winter Scene | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create an Anaglyph 3D Effect | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Anaglyph 3D Macro How to Create Light Rays | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Light Rays Style How to Make Amazing Bokeh | Affinity Photo Tutorial Mock-Up Design - Clothes & Shoes | Affinity Designer Tutorial Ribbed Glass Effect - The MDNA Cover | Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorial
  19. Pedro Soares

    Affinity Tutorials & More

    Hi Anna, It's an excellent suggestion. I already had plans to do it so let's see if between my photographic work I manage to do that tutorial in the upcoming weeks ;) Cheers, Pedro
  20. Hi psycleworkz, Just to let you know that this is one of my upcoming tutorials. It's going online in a couple of weeks. Cheers, Pedro
  21. Hi jer, I'm glad you like it and found it useful for your work. Its also important to me to understand if the tutorials I'm making are being helpful and built in the proper way, so thanks for the feedback. More will come very soon. Cheers, Pedro
  22. Hi Seneca, Thanks for the kind words. And I don't have intention of stoping here :) Regarding your suggestion, its something that already came to my mind and that I'm considering seriously. Let's see if I manage to get the time to do something worth it. Kind Regards, Pedro
  23. Thanks PaulAffinity, really appreciate your feedback. You can also find the rest of the tutorials I already made here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/36656-affinity-tutorials-more/ More to come very soon :)
  24. Hi Anna (and everyone else interested is this effect), The tutorial regarding the MDNA cover (ribbed glass effect) is finally online. You can see it here: Ribbed Glass Effect - The MDNA Cover I hope the wait was worth it ;) Cheers, Pedro
  25. Pedro Soares

    Affinity Tutorials & More

    Another tutorial uploaded and added to the list (MDNA Cover) Please see the link in the first post. Cheers, Pedro