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  1. Thank you so much Meb, Keith Reeder and MikeW for your help.
  2. anything?
  3. Hey Everyone I have a question regarding prepping photos for posting on the internet to thwart theft using Affinity. I hate watermarks and fully understand that the only real way to prevent theft is not to post on the internet in the first place. When I hit export option a window opens up for converting to jpeg that looks like this Size: ___px by ___px Preset: Jpeg quality Resample: Bilinear Quality : slider 85 Area: whole document Don't export layers hidden by Export persona Estimated file size: 3.86mb What do you guys/gals enter for this option for posting on the net? What dpi is good for optimal viewing on the net but at the same time not optimal for printing if it's stolen? Thanks in advance
  4. First off thanks for the quick responses. Based on your responses I realize now that I worded my request wrong. I do have a set of nd and nd grads already. I have taken many pictures with smooth water and streaking clouds like the ones in the link. I have taken a long exposure of this rotting submarine but its the buildings in the distance that I don't want in the final pic. I want to achieve that B&W look where its just the sub with the grey background( Example: first links). The same goes for the (intentional) disappearing horizon in the other links. Hope that clarifies things. Thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding. -Harry
  5. Thanks for the tutorial. Its a great help!!
  6. Hello everyone. I am new to Affinity and a newbie when it comes to post processing. I take all types of photos but I recently got into long exposure. I have searched on the internet on how to possibly edit photos like the ones provided in the links below but came up empty. Can someone possibly make a tutorial or simply respond with a list of actions taken to make these types of photos possible. Minimalist shot with pier only . No horizon or distracting objects(how?) . photo credit: Darren Moore http://www.darrenmoorephotography.com/Monochrome/i-brDMJVh/A photo credit: Keith Aggett https://www.flickr.com/photos/keifereef/6669692521/ Another minimalist shot . Just horizon is eliminated (how?) photo credit: Darren Moore http://www.darrenmoorephotography.com/Panoramic/i-VW5cGTm/A Photo credit: Keith Aggent https://www.flickr.com/photos/keifereef/8197865240/ Thanks in Advance
  7. Thank you so much Lee. I will view the tutorial you provided.
  8. Hello Everyone. I am new to the forum and Affinity. I am really enjoying the software! I shoot a lot of Long exposure and I'm due to clean my sensor soon(been lazy). In the past before I started using Affinity I used a feature in Lightroom cc called Visualize spots which quickly helped me find the sensor dust easily. Does Affinity have this feature or something close to it? Thanks in advance -Harry