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  1. I followed the tutorial on website. Problem I'm having is that is the if I try to apply one of the text styles that I created, nothing happens. It defaults back to Heading 1 and Heading 2. Seems like selecting other options (text styles) to scan doesn't quite work. Creating a new TOC doesn't solve the problem. Adding my text style along with the default styles already checked just causes nothing to be chosen, the option next to TOC in the top of the window goes blank, everything disappears, goes grey Screen shot below of before What happens after also selecting Chapter header which is my text style for each chapter in the book I am working on I tried different combinations but nothing works so far.
  2. I turned off sync or enabled Detach in the symbols panel as fde101 suggested. However, every time I paste in a lot of text, Publisher crashes. In further testing, pasteing in one small paragraph at a time works. Text flow into another page also causes crashes when pasting, as well as trying to save. I'd be happy to send whatever data the team needs to figure out and fix this issue.
  3. Very timely discussion. I'm having the same problem. Set up a master. Insert pages and apply a master to them. When I enter text on the pages, they show up in the master. Doesn't matter which of the several master pages get applied to Pages, the results are repeatable. My thinking is that objects on master pages can be applied to normal pages, not the other way around. Don't know if this is a bug or feature.
  4. floatingonair

    Max document height?

    I used Sketchup to make the original layout. Then imported the resulting pdf into Designer to layout interior items with labels. Sketchup does a very poor job of keeping text relative to items. Zoom in and the text stays while whatever it is describing is someplace else. Very frustrating. Using these two apps in tandem has worked well.
  5. floatingonair

    Max document height?

    Doing a floor plan to scale which needs to be printed, so will try 200 dpi
  6. floatingonair

    Max document height?

    Thanks for the response. Thwarted by the physical. There has to be some way to get around this. Brighter minds enlighten me please.
  7. floatingonair

    Max document height?

    I'm working on a project and put in a height of 1300 inches as a custom size. However the height maxed out at 853.333 in. I tried a few times and the results were repeated. Is this a feature or a bug? Shouldn't I be able to do whatever in software as long as my hardware can handle it?
  8. I just purchased the Daub papers. Downloaded the zipped file, opened it and tried to import them into the Asset panel and it will not import the png files. Did some research and saw that it should be in some other format. What is the solution to this problem?
  9. Thanks for the quick response. Clearing out the conflict fixed the conflict only. Command+J refuses to stick for Duplicate. It keeps reverting back to the previous shortcut.
  10. I was doing a tutorial and discovered that the Duplicate function was set to Option+Command+Shift+S. I tried to change it to Command+J several times but that never worked. What do I need to do to make it stick?