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  1. Orville

    1966 Batmobile (AD)

    The original and best.
  2. I didn't mean for you to use raster, you can do highlights with vectors. It can be as simple as adding some shapes and using the screen blend mode rather changing gradients. Might help adding a bit of a blur on some (or not).
  3. It's impressive but skin texture lifts it to being photorealistic and that, as you know, is a whole load more work, don't think your poor mac would be happy doing it! I know what you mean about needing breaks from it, it's hard work.
  4. Looks good, loads of detail. Possibly a few more highlights would make stand out a little better?
  5. It's a really excellent work in progress and definately will be for 1.7 when it's finished but at the moment it's in between, not one thing or another. Not yet photo-realistic and not what you think as standard vector illustration either. Not meant to sound negative, he says he wants to do more work on it.
  6. Orville

    Banding/Artifacts Gradient & Blend Modes (AD)

    I don't know how to fix the problem but love the work so far. Just tried using Illustrator and it does the same thing, will do some googling.
  7. Orville

    Flat design Volkswagen van + tutorial

    I enjoyed all of your video tutorials. Nice that you don't rush through them and can also see some of your thought processes.

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