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  1. Hi Alex, you are absolutely right and I am an idiot. No idea why I had that studio deselected. Thanks! Cheers, Bene
  2. Hi, I am not even sure if this is a bug or not: when trying to create text in a box, the Frame Text Tool allows to convert a rectangular shape into a text frame (see pasted image). Once this has been done, its impossible to make any changes on the color of the rectangle ("the background"). It is however still possible to control other features such as the curvature of the edges. I checked the Designer and its the same behaviour there, so I guess its intentionally like this?!? If there is a way to still manipulate the box but not the text, its not very intuitive (at least to me). v. Thanks for the great beta!
  3. Ok guys, lets step down a bit here. As I wrote before, I am also looking for ebup export. However, I feel we are loosing it with complaints in this subforum. The beta is out for 2 days. Different people have totally different requests and feel that their favourite features are missing. Lets not forget that building indesign or any of the other tools out there also happened in a long process and not all features were there right from the start. In other words: if it was that easy to s?*t out a fully fledged InDesign competitor, we would have many of such tools already. However, it would be great to get some kind of idea (roadmap or so) on what you Affinity guys are going to focus in the near future. Integration with the other 2 apps? Import/export of Adobe formats for compatibility? Export function such as html or epub? That could help users a lot to make an informed decision when switching to Publisher is a realistic option in their particular situation.
  4. I was also looking for it. Creating an epub would be a most important feature for me.
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