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  1. I'm experiencing a similar problem with the memory on my device. Even if I just open Publisher - with nothing else running - the memory jumps to 100% and my laptop shuts everything down. I've been experiencing increased delays when working in Publisher since the release, but since Monday I have not been able to work at all. I know, my laptop is around 5 years old by now, so not the best thing out there. But Photo and Designer and every other programme works fine. It's just Publisher which brings it to its knees without even having an open document. I have no idea why it's doing that, nor
  2. It could be my computer, yes. But I haven't had any problems with Affinity Photo or Designer. Ah well, I can live with it for now. Hopefully it goes away again at some point.
  3. Have been seeing it since Day 3 or 4. My target page count is 116, I'm now at 63 pages and Publisher keeps freezing and stuttering when I do ANYTHING in the file... It's a tiny bit annoying and I haven't found a work around yet.
  4. Weirdly enough, yes. Oh, I think, it's just a display issue in the panel. Other than that, the text looks fine. Sorry for the fuss.
  5. Document size, font and style settings are the same as in the project. The text is just a German version of lorem ipsum. But here, same issue, Publisher doesn't want to accept the hyphenation settings for "Deutsch (Deutschland"/German. hyphenation_issue_sample.afpub
  6. Hi guys. I already said this on twitter and then was told to e-mail the support - couldn't find an email address anywhere, so trying it this way. I got Publisher last Wednesday (June 19 aka release day) and immediately started on the layout for a project. Now, I noticed that, for my paragraph style, Publisher v. doesn't save my hyphenation settings if I try to change them from "No Change/Keine Veränderung" to "German". If I then close the tab and then go back to the style and look at the hyphenation settings again, it's back to "No Change/Keine Veränderung". And if I keep i
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