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  1. Affinity Publisher is a excellent, stable program. I started using it two weeks ago and powered out a 118 page cookbook - one of the more complex books that can be made. Publisher handled it like a champ. There are some things that would make it better for serious users. A pre-press function needs to be available. When exporting, Publisher will warn of a text overflow but no indication of where to find it. That involves a lot of scrolling. A page number at the minimum would be nice. Sending files to the publisher will sometimes kick back the an image is below 300 DPI. That's a lot of looking to find it. The Resource Manager is "helpful" in a small way. It would be nice to be able to sort the DPI list so one doesn't have to look through the whole thing. Something better would be to test and trap low res graphics and at least raise a flag. Publisher is new and it's a great version 1. I realize this is the start and there's plans for more and better things down the road. I ask the above be considered.
  2. Open your saved PDF in WIndows Explorer and see what the file size is.
  3. Yup, shows as a dashed line. While that is helpful, let's say 30% of the pages have specific element. Maybe a logo for example. If the lines were persistent I could scroll through the document and position those. I realize I could set the master guides and do the same thing. That's workable. Appreciate the reminder they exist.
  4. One can pull a guide line down from the upper ruler and also from the left rule. This is helpful in aligning a text box or element to a specific place. But when moving to the next page these lines are gone. Many layouts require a specific location from page to page and it would be helpful if these guidelines are persistent page-to-page until changed. Hope that made sense.
  5. Okay, we can call off the dogs with my sincere appreciation for all you that jumped in to help. Writing the extra paragraph in WORD and copy and paste from there works, but it's a work around. Work around's bug me and I couldn't shake the feeling this was operator error. So I went back to create a paragraph in Notepad again and copy/pasted it to Affinity. Yep, there's that text mess again. This time I see the left indent was set to 24. Well that explains that. This is repeatable so something buried somewhere in the Notepad plain text is forcing that. That's for a later time to chase down. Again - thank you everyone!
  6. Thanks, that was one the first thing that came to mind but everything is zero across the panel.
  7. Yes it does - straight text with no formatting. Weird. Yet, I can copy and paste from a Word document without this mess.
  8. Agreed, it's a great program and I've retired InDesign. I'd like to see some better docs for the various paragraph controls and what they do and when the are activated. Publisher is a complex program and requires better docs (and not just a hep file). Thing's work just different enough that if someone comes from a different DTP program they can get lost or trapped. A lot of tricks have to be discovered and that's not good. Otherwise thumbs up!
  9. I'm about the same size - 110 pages - with 80 in place so far. The sluggishness has mysteriously resolved itself for now but it's not as snappy as it was when started. I can live with it and hope for an update. You may have a bad install or something else going on in your system. Publisher has been rock solid so far except for the slowdown.
  10. Someone help save my project. I have been building a cookbook for a non-profit. It was being done in InDesign but Affinty Publisher is so much better so I started over. Today I had to add a paragraph of text to it so I did it in notepad then copied and pasted into the Affinity page. Everything is jammed into one column on the right side. This has worked for the past couple of days with once or twice this doing it but it then stopped. I can't see any paragraph or character setting that looks out of whack. Picture attached. This is a time critical project so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Affinity staring getting sluggish yesterday when selecting text or element boxes. The time between selection and activation can be 2 or 3 seconds. It just showed up with no reason. Nothing new was added to the system (which is all SSD). Rebooting provides no relief. The Affinity file size is only 241 mb so that shouldn't be a problem. I also have open MS Word (copy and pasting to Affinity). I occasionally open Photoshop CC 2019 and ON1 to work on a photo to be placed but they are closed when the processing is done and I have been doing this for the last 10 days without any negative effect. Memory use according to Task Manager seems fine (8 gb on system). I really like Affinity and I'm testing it by complying a 100 page cookbook for someone. Final size is an estimated 110 pages and I'm about half-way so more potential sluggishness is a concern. Anyone else seeing this?
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