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  1. Tex4aviation

    extremely slow working

    Thats absolutely correct, I miss the artistic side in ACDs and would really apreciate if AF would refresh their source code and think about it. Even people very brand new computers complain about the speed of AF. There are some youtube vid's where people compare Photoshop with AF and make remarks about the slow speed
  2. Tex4aviation

    extremely slow working

    Thank you for your kind analyses. Well I bought ACDSee AFTER I could not work with AF anymore. Quite frustrating as ACDsee is more expensive. But AF has more interesting features. There is one hughe advantage in ACDsee, I can browse in RAW/NEF Files. AF can't do that, so you need anyway a RAW preview software. So it must have something in the software code that slows thing dramatically with AF. I hope they can solve this problem
  3. Tex4aviation

    extremely slow working

    Standart Windows Fonts, nothing special or aded fonts installed. I am not working for books or so.
  4. Tex4aviation

    extremely slow working

    Acutally I have an I5 6 GB RAM 250 GB SSD As I said, with ACDSee pro no problem with the big files. It must be soemthing wrong AF. Even to only start it takes 20 seconds.
  5. Tex4aviation

    extremely slow working

    Thank you for your comments. My Lenses are all on the list. That is not the problem. The software works also with other files very slow. So again my question. What do you suggest to buy, specially also the grafic card would be interesting to know
  6. I can not use Affinity Photo anymore. With my new Camera NIKON D850 I get huge data files. I work on a i5 processor 250MB SSD and 8MB RAM. Should I buy a new computer just for that? I must say that I work now only with ACDsee 2018 and the workflow is much faster and have no problems with this software, so it could not be the processor or the RAM. What is the problem with this program? Also I wonder why Lenses and Cameras are not available, or did I not find it?
  7. Tex4aviation

    NIK Colection greyed out

    I developed the file first in the RAW editor then started to work in the develop part. but this does not work. You mean I must first save a JPG File then reopen it ? Thats a huge lost of informations, maybe with a TIF it works
  8. Tex4aviation

    NIK Colection greyed out

    I made another screenshot. It shows that all plugins are installed. only two seems to work. But in fact they work all if I import a JPG file. But it does not work with an imported RAW.
  9. In a imported JPG picture the filters work But when I import a RAW and work in the develop mode, only HDR is available. I work on a 32 bit RGB (HDR) picture. File size aprox. 90 MB. I copied the picture and made a new level to work on it. Can you help please Thank you in advance. Hans
  10. Tex4aviation

    Affinity Photo very slow

    I have exactly the same problem. Since I have my new NIKON D850 it takes more than one minute to load a RAW with 45 MP. AP is far too slow and I must switch back to ACDsee8 Pro version wich works smooth. I hope they can work on that problem.
  11. Tex4aviation

    Call for Camera Images

    Hi I just sent you a few RAW (NEF) from NIKON D850. Enjoy
  12. Tex4aviation

    Panorama stiching

    Thank you for your quick replies I made it on a tripod with NIKON D850 in RAW. Total pictures are 10. Overlap is about 15 % of each. The pictures are slitly slanted, but this should not be a problem. Normally I make my panos with "KOLOR AUTOPANO PRO" I just wanted to see how this Software works. In "Autopano PRO" it worked perfectly. I think Affinity can not include such a complex algorythm into one packgache. I can send all pictures as attachements, but they are 45 MB (RAW) each... would not work. I did a lot of panoramas even just by hand.With AUTOPANA it was never a problem.
  13. I just made a panorama from a lake, the result is strange and I can't use this picture. The horizon on the lake is not well stiched. Can you give me some hints to solve this?
  14. Hello I miss the possibility to have an overview/previev of all my pictures in a folder. Like I can do in Lightroom or ACDsee etc. It is diffcult to choose pictures by numbers. How can I do that? Thank you Hans