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  1. Ahh... OK I get it now. I thought it was random and couldn't understand it. The tip on the shortcut is great though. I hope this gets a look in at some point as it's so useful to be able to join paths quickly. Lots of ways to work around for now though!
  2. OK, I've done that, but even with reversing the curves, it appears to choose it's own paths to join, not the ones I have selected.
  3. Thanks MEB, I'll give that a go!
  4. I've been looking at this and this is probably the biggest issue I have with AD right now... In illustrator I can just select to points/nodes and hit cmd + j and they join. AD seems to force me to keep clicking + dragging, selecting and then clicking on the "action icons" which I find really hard to remember. Is there any easier way to do this at all?
  5. Ahh right, I didn't see the "paste style" option... Thanks very much
  6. Hi, I just wondered if there is a shortcut for selecting the eyedropper. I'm kind of used to the double click of a colour and then selecting another like in Adobe Illustrator. The behaviour in AD appears to be to click and drag on the eyedropper. It may be me but I find it a bit convoluted. Also is there a way to copy one object's style attributes and paste to another, rather than creating a style first and then clicking on it. I'll apologise now if I've missed something glaringly obvious, I usually do!
  7. Hi there, I've got a couple of queries regarding Affinity Designer. First off, is there a way to take a shape or path and increase the number of nodes on the vector? In Illustrator I've often used this feature so that I can break a shape down and split it. I know I can add points on a path but I'm after a way of dividing these points equally - if that makes sense ;) The other thing is colour management. I've always struggled to understand it, although back in the day when I did retouching I remember using profiles. What I'm struggling with is I did an Illustration in Sketch but got tired of it chugging along and crashing a lot, so I decided to recreate it in Affinity Designer. Whilst the colours are very near, it appears to me there is a slight shift in the colour. Now I don't understand how Sketch handled colour management and it may be to do with Sketch and not Affinity, but is there a colour management setting that would match Sketch's default colour to Affinity's? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :P
  8. Hi, I don't know if this is a known issue, when "live depth of field" effect is used - the image suffers corruption when the "preserve alpha" setting is on. My pic of my cat Oreo beautifully illustrates the issue :) I've attached my machine specs should it help. Screenshot attached Kind regards Mike
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Yes It's just a different way to draw for me. There is a particular task I am doing now which is becoming very awkward to get the fluidity in the curves I want to achieve. A couple of years ago I had some success using them in Inkscape, I tried that again yesterday and the app has to be the most unsatisfying environment to work in of all time - to make matters worse, it appears to run slower on OS X than it ever did! I digress. @Matt, that's great that you already have the architecture in place. Well I'll be happy to wait until you guys have the time to add them, would be very useful, as apart from Inkscape or 3D modelling software, no OS X app seems to have them.
  10. Hi there, I just wondered if Affinity might ever support these? Many thanks Mike
  11. Wow! that is soon much better. Is this official or a mock. Brilliant either way.
  12. Thanks for the information MEB. That's really good to know. Fantastic app btw.
  13. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I can't seem to make one node snap along a path like I can in AI. The alternative seems to be to either zoom in loads and align it manually which I don't particularly like to do as it's not very accurate or add a node along the node I'm attempting to snap to - this adds unnecessary control points too. any help would be appreciated ;) Thanks
  14. I've just seen this post, adding an outline fixes it for now - why didn't I think of that, would have saved my hair loss!
  15. This is driving me nuts :blink: I understand why and yes it happens in AI and Sketch, I'm working around it by combining shapes and placing them behind and sometimes pasting inside objects. Glad to here there may be a solution in the works. I'm not too worried about it in Affinity itself, it's on export it's causing me a headache as I'm doing web graphics. Here's hoping :rolleyes:
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