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  1. Mt.

    Tiling and Blob brush

    I would like to second that: a Blob Brush would be a wonderful addition! ;)
  2. If you guys create this Pencil Tool option in Affinity Designer's preferences, I will say goodbye to Adobe Illustrator.
  3. Thanks for the tip, retrograde. However, like MEB mentioned, I wanted a way to optionally remove the anchor points whenever a line was drawn using the Pencil tool. Thanks, guys! ;)
  4. I have done so, thanks. It's the only thing holding me from purchasing this great program.
  5. Thanks, MEB! Will that option be available soon?
  6. Hey guys! Is there a way of removing the anchor points whenever I draw a line using the pencil tool? I could not find that option in preferences, but perhaps there is one? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm not a Vector geek, but I love VECTOR! The problem is I don't like anchor points showing up on every line I draw. I love to draw freehand and instantly get that vector smoothness, but without anchor points on the way! I used to draw vector in Flash for that reason. It would be really nice if AD had a pencil tool like Adobe Flash's (with all the stroke options) .A vector paint bucket would also be great! I have searched the program to see if there was any way I could remove the anchor points but could not find it anywhere. Thanks!