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  1. Bleed size is all 0 should I make it... what?
  2. Hi. Maybe this is simple but I am not getting something. I have a page that I set the background well outside the page size but the printer is printing a white margin type of space and a larger on at bottom. Designer is set to no margins. I am not sure why I am getting this cutoff. Is this strictly a printer (HP inkjet) issue? IF the background texture and the graphic at the bottom wer well within the measurements of the page, why am I getting this white space on the edges and a larger white space on the bottom of the page? Thanks
  3. I do tshirts on Amazon and other POD which is my main use case for Affinity. If I manage to sell enough in future maybe a new Mac is in the cards, but I planned on turning that money into Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc first so I guess I'll just rough it. Actually my 2011 macbook exports the designs to PNG pretty quickly. It's not like I'm making 3D movie stills or anything. 16gb of RAM and SSD are the big things that keep my machine relevant. Just that, you know about obsolescence etc. It happens..
  4. Thanks for the well thought out response. Actually, if I can't run it on the bare OS I'm not interested. Having all those layers including a secondary OS... I've used VMWARE and VirtualBox and all that stuff in my previous IT career and even in software test9ing (where I am now) and honestly it would be nice to see linux versions but without them I'd just use Windows or Mac. At one time I was so anti Microsoft (post Windows NT SP 2 fiasco) that I used Linux as my laptop OS at the software company I worked for and used Windows in a vmware vm to use things like Outlook mail and MS office apps. I had that flexibility in my job they let me do it. It was a small company and we were ALL nerds with nerd cred, from the VP down to the lowest laptop provisioner... If when the times comes I can stay on Mac I will. If not I will use Windows. All I was saying is that it would be "nice" to have that other option although I understand the reasons why they are not doing that. That being said whjile I bought Mac and Win licenses I use the Mac licenses the most because I prefer the Macbook. (early 2011 i7 with 16gb RAM and new 500GB SSD I replaced the old drive with a few months ago - non retina running High Sierra - not upgradable to Mohave, dammit - but that doesn't matter)
  5. Yeah but I was just adding my 2 cents (or Pence) since this thread is so long anyway. I think there is more to that market than pie charts can tell. People like me who are in all three markets but would get the Linux version to be free from the other two, if that choice existed. As I also stated, I pretty much know it won't happen...
  6. Typo, I just fixed. Mac & Windows - you can see from the rest of the message that if there was a Linux version I would buy that, which is what I was trying to say.
  7. Let me just add to this already voluminous post that I purchased both Mac & Windows licenses for Photo & Designer, and will do the same for Publisher. I dislike Windows with a passion and I love my Macbook, but it's aging and won't last forever. Macs are expensive. If there were Linux versions of these I would buy them, if just to free me from having to eventually replace a Mac or run Windows. I know it's not going to happen, so I'll eventually just look for another newer used Macbook when the time comes, but I can dream...
  8. Trying to select multiple master pages for duplication but using the command key with clicks or selecting the first master then holding SHIFT and trying to select the last master does not select all masters. It only lets me select one at a time. Surely a bug?
  9. I think turning off SYNC for all pages in that symbols panel might be my answer. After doing that it lets me check or uncheck background images on a per page basis without affecting the other pages. I will test this more to see if it truly is my solution. Thank you for pointing me to this feature it was buried and I had no idea what to even look for.
  10. Where is this symbols panel that is needed to make that work as you describe it?
  11. Thanks I will try to digest that later as I have almost run out of time here at home and almost ready to get off to work. I have the Windows version installed at work (Mac at home) and I may be able to play with it later.
  12. Why should I have to create a different master page "version" for every layout? It makes sense to create ONE and then make pages based upon that master and in EACH page you make it how you want to to look. In my case, I want to simply check off the background that I want in each page in the layers, but when I do all of the other pages and the master change to what I checked off. To me this makes no sense or logic and is unintuitive.
  13. I would love to look at your file but I downloaded it and when I try to open it it crashes publisher.