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  1. Is there a working oil painting filter, effect, or plugin that works with Affinity Photo? I don't mean a sequence of steps with tools, I mean a one stop effect. Thanks.
  2. I use Affinity Designer for tshirt design creation and also for craft stuff I do for my wife for kids birthday parties and school things - I love Designer and I use it 99% of the time. I use Photo for specific photo things that I then pull into Designer. Sometimes you want a one click effect and see how that works. Saves time. I do do long hand things with brushes and stuff but sometimes a filter is all one needs or wants.
  3. Let me explain. Under Windows I have Paint.net installed and it has a nifty pencil sketch effect and also oil color effect, which are both pretty much single click, and they work great 99% of the time. Something like that for Affinity Photo... I have Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher licenses for both Mac & Windows (yes I bought one of each for both platforms). At home I use my macbook mainly, at work I hae a Windows box, and knowing how expensive Macs are if my macbook ever dies and I can't afford to replace it I know that a Windows lapotop is cheap. Anyhoo, I was surprised there was no built in filters like this for Affinity
  4. I just purchased the Mac Publisher license through the preorder link, but when I go through again to buy a Windows one it gives me a voucher code and when I click redeem voucher it says: Error: The code you entered has exceeded its purchase limit. All I want to do is to buy a Windows license too at the preorder price. Is this not allowed?
  5. Hi. Maybe this is simple but I am not getting something. I have a page that I set the background well outside the page size but the printer is printing a white margin type of space and a larger on at bottom. Designer is set to no margins. I am not sure why I am getting this cutoff. Is this strictly a printer (HP inkjet) issue? IF the background texture and the graphic at the bottom wer well within the measurements of the page, why am I getting this white space on the edges and a larger white space on the bottom of the page? Thanks
  6. Oh I just printed from the ahdesign file
  7. Bleed size is all 0 should I make it... what?
  8. I do tshirts on Amazon and other POD which is my main use case for Affinity. If I manage to sell enough in future maybe a new Mac is in the cards, but I planned on turning that money into Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc first so I guess I'll just rough it. Actually my 2011 macbook exports the designs to PNG pretty quickly. It's not like I'm making 3D movie stills or anything. 16gb of RAM and SSD are the big things that keep my machine relevant. Just that, you know about obsolescence etc. It happens..
  9. Thanks for the well thought out response. Actually, if I can't run it on the bare OS I'm not interested. Having all those layers including a secondary OS... I've used VMWARE and VirtualBox and all that stuff in my previous IT career and even in software test9ing (where I am now) and honestly it would be nice to see linux versions but without them I'd just use Windows or Mac. At one time I was so anti Microsoft (post Windows NT SP 2 fiasco) that I used Linux as my laptop OS at the software company I worked for and used Windows in a vmware vm to use things like Outlook mail and MS office apps. I had that flexibility in my job they let me do it. It was a small company and we were ALL nerds with nerd cred, from the VP down to the lowest laptop provisioner... If when the times comes I can stay on Mac I will. If not I will use Windows. All I was saying is that it would be "nice" to have that other option although I understand the reasons why they are not doing that. That being said whjile I bought Mac and Win licenses I use the Mac licenses the most because I prefer the Macbook. (early 2011 i7 with 16gb RAM and new 500GB SSD I replaced the old drive with a few months ago - non retina running High Sierra - not upgradable to Mohave, dammit - but that doesn't matter)
  10. Yeah but I was just adding my 2 cents (or Pence) since this thread is so long anyway. I think there is more to that market than pie charts can tell. People like me who are in all three markets but would get the Linux version to be free from the other two, if that choice existed. As I also stated, I pretty much know it won't happen...
  11. Typo, I just fixed. Mac & Windows - you can see from the rest of the message that if there was a Linux version I would buy that, which is what I was trying to say.
  12. Let me just add to this already voluminous post that I purchased both Mac & Windows licenses for Photo & Designer, and will do the same for Publisher. I dislike Windows with a passion and I love my Macbook, but it's aging and won't last forever. Macs are expensive. If there were Linux versions of these I would buy them, if just to free me from having to eventually replace a Mac or run Windows. I know it's not going to happen, so I'll eventually just look for another newer used Macbook when the time comes, but I can dream...
  13. Trying to select multiple master pages for duplication but using the command key with clicks or selecting the first master then holding SHIFT and trying to select the last master does not select all masters. It only lets me select one at a time. Surely a bug?
  14. Not sure how to explain this, but I am creating a journal type of book and I wish to have several types of pages with different attributes and since it will be over 100 pages, (some lined pages, some blank pages, and a miix of lined pages with different opaque graphic embedded in a staggered fashion) I need to add the "master" pages in different staggered order, not just a group of one together, then a group of another together one block... Adding one by one for a many page repeating project is pretty tedious. I'm not sure if I am the only person who would havre such a requirement or not, and I am not sure if I even explained it correctly. The only option now is to add one or a group in contiguous blocks of pages, which won't really work for me without having to do it one by one. This is fine for a few pages but go into 100 or more pages and it becomes a nightmare. I don't even know if this is possible to do what I want... I am having issues related to this here:
  15. This may not be a bug, but it's giving me problems. I might be doing something wrong, but intuitively I create a master page and every master has all of my background graphics embedded. I wish to have each "master" have a different graphic checked off and then I copy it to the pages in an order that I want so that each page in the regular page order has different orders of the background images. The problem is that no matter which one is checked off when I copy it out to the pages, the copy takes the first graphic as checked off and I have to go into each individually and select the graphic I want, but then ALL of the other copies take on that background selection attribute. Why isn't it as easy as each copy having a different background image selected where they do not change the checked off selection of the others? Am I making sense here? What is the proper way to do it if I am doing it wrong? Thanks. As you can see here, I am using different masters for the different page copies and no matter which image is selected in each page it makes ALL of the pages have the same image selected. Maddening. This can't be correct behavior? Am I doing this whole operation wrong?
  16. I think turning off SYNC for all pages in that symbols panel might be my answer. After doing that it lets me check or uncheck background images on a per page basis without affecting the other pages. I will test this more to see if it truly is my solution. Thank you for pointing me to this feature it was buried and I had no idea what to even look for.
  17. Where is this symbols panel that is needed to make that work as you describe it?
  18. Thanks I will try to digest that later as I have almost run out of time here at home and almost ready to get off to work. I have the Windows version installed at work (Mac at home) and I may be able to play with it later.
  19. Why should I have to create a different master page "version" for every layout? It makes sense to create ONE and then make pages based upon that master and in EACH page you make it how you want to to look. In my case, I want to simply check off the background that I want in each page in the layers, but when I do all of the other pages and the master change to what I checked off. To me this makes no sense or logic and is unintuitive.
  20. I would love to look at your file but I downloaded it and when I try to open it it crashes publisher.
  21. The workaround for me is to literally create a copy of the master that contains all of the backgrounds and then copy each master separately and then in pages (or master) change the background that is checked off in layers so that the other pages aren't changed as well. A LOT of work and silly to have to do when regular non master pages should be able to be manipulated independent of other pages and masters. What if you have many pages that you need to manipulate this and you only want to deal with ONE master image that contains ALL of the background images in Layers and then in the regular pages area you want to simply check and uncheck the used background image? You can't! Changing that changes it for ALL pages including the master in the master area. The only way I see around this now is to literally create a new master with unique checked off background image (or other unique attribute that you want) and copy that to the pages area, so this would mean that you need a master to correspond with EVERY iteration of page version that you want. This is silly! Trading one elegant solution for something that requires much work to accomplish! C'mon and tell me that this will be changed to accommodate the elegant workflow! That workflow is create your ONE master with ALL backgrounds in layers and then copy it out as many times as you need to pages, and then in EACH page simply go into layers and select what you need and ONLY that page is affected. This is how something like this should work and needs to work. (!!!) If I have a master with eleven backgrounds in layers and then I create 11 different pages based on that master, I ought to be able to go into each of these pages and check off the background that I want without it affecting the other pages. As it is now when I selected a different image it changes on ALL pages. The only way to not have this is to literally create 11 masters each with a different background graphic, or maybe have all eleven and check off a different one for EACH master and then copy EACH master to the pages separately. Silly!
  22. I think this is what I was trying to express in my own post and this sounds like an essential feature that is most definitely not working correctly. Local non master pages, when changed in some way, are making the change across ALL pages and this simply won't work. It's silly as implemented.
  23. This also sounds like what I was trying to express in my requests...
  24. When I go to any regular page and set the image I want to appear, in layers, it changes the image on every other page too, which is what I do not want. It seems that whenever I change the layers background image selection in ANY page it also changes in the other pages (non masters). Surely this cannot be correct behavior?

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