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  1. thank for this. I tried it a few on some images. The issue is that in the video the curves really blow out the highlights and shadows to the extreme. I think that's part of the trick. Then the built-in feather properties of the mask blurs out in pixels, not %. In Photo I am not able to push the curves to the extreme. If I do then I can't blur to a desired range - only to 100%. If I type in 200% then it starts to look more like the video but then I get a strong vignette effect around the entire image, not just where I painted. If I lower the Gaussian blur to say 88% then go back to the curves I really can't get that realistic effect that I am looking for. I think what's going wrong here is that I'm blurring the overall effect : Blur * (curves + mask) not curves * blur (mask). I'm only guessing. Hope I can fine tune this. I really like this sculpting. Or I suppose it might be same thing to paint with a very soft white brush on a dodge/burn layer (overlay of 50% gray).
  2. Also I really want to be able to feather masks (as I am able to in Photoshop's mask properties). Right now I can apply a Gaussian live filter to the mask but it just doesn't create the same effect I'm after. Please take a look at this video - I want to be able to do this exactly. What ends up happening is that I end up vignetting the whole image.
  3. As a longtime Photoshop user coming into Affinity Photo for pro work I wanted to suggest improvement for Photo's curve adjustment tool. Curves works great but I think the picker tool needs to be able to instantly pick on the curves graph as I click on areas in the picture. Right now I can add points but I have to wiggle left or right in order for the point to be added, and then I might accidentally pull the curve up or down slightly when all I wanted to do was to select a point. Use case for this is that I might want to select all the color areas in a face and protect those ranges. Or select a few area in a landscape and pull all those areas up and down. I mention this because I can easily and quickly do this in Photoshop but this is one of those things where I really struggle with in Photo. However I have an idea for making curves better in Photo than Photoshop. What if I could lasso or shift-select a given range of points I have made in curves? How amazing would that be. Then I can pull a select group of points up or down and this becomes quite powerful. Think of this like the ability to move a selected group of vector points in Designer. You can't do this in Photoshop. Perhaps you can just pull up the points or stretch the selection - I'm referring to all that you can do in Designer with selected vector points.
  4. I wrote an earlier note about my preference to keep using the MAS versions and have more frequent updates, and to use the betas only as new features not as bug fixes. I think maybe it was perceived a bit negatively and that was far from my intent. I love all the Affinity products and even like using the betas but my preference was to have more regular updates on the MAS and Affinity store versions. 1.6.x to 1.7.x took a year and the betas were the more useful versions, and the different file formats created a slight mess on my end. All this is just a slight complaint to be overcome by the massive increase in productivity you have given my design life. Right now there are three products, and with StudioLink it almost seems a Boolean multiple of nine versions - Photo Beta editing in Publisher or Publisher Beta - but I know you guys have it better organized than that as there are really two systems, Photo Beta/Designer Beta/Publisher Beta and then the store group. We are just waiting on Designer Beta so that the beta system works all intact. But let me offer another suggestion here - if I am to now use the beta system of apps can you guys make it easier to export all settings to the betas. Right now in Photo I have many groups, thousands of brushes and macros etc, and I have to export each group one by one. Also I cannot export the presets that I have spent a lot of time creating them from LUTs (also would love to batch import LUTs as presets perhaps). I can export Macros and colors and I believe keyboard shortcuts (not sure on this one). To summarize, there is a lot of work to bring everything I have imported and customized into the beta. Can there be an auto import tool for all these settings and assets? This would really help in transitioning to the beta because right now I haven't done this as it is too much work.
  5. also this happens when I copy the entire full screen layer. Will try on the beta to see if this happens on that.
  6. it started with small thumbnails. I switched to bigger thumbnails and seems to be fixed.
  7. Hi I was using the common CMD-J when I made a layer selection. I thought that the CMD-J function wasn't working because the icon layer was blank (black actually but no image inside of it). I later realized that the CMD-J function does work but that the image was not updating. A minute later the pixel layer thumbnail did show there was an image there. It was just very slow to update.
  8. Hi Everyone, I reported this problem first yesterday. I was also annoyed but there is a simple fix. If you bought Designer or Photo from the Mac Store then you need to be aware that the store doesn't immediately update the apps. There is a seven day update cycle (you can change this frequency with a Terminal command - but still you have to wait a day). Best solution, and what I did, was to delete the apps and then reinstall from the Mac store. A tiny bit of a hassle but then all will work.
  9. I’ve also had years and years of InDD files. What I was able to do in Designer, even before Publisher was in beta, was export uncompressed PDFs from Indesign and then open the PDF in Designer - even easier now with Publisher. You can even try that with highly designed PDFs that you didn’t design and now adopt the layout. Nothing else does that so easily and becomes so editable. Of course there are glitches and one user here reported facing page issues. Easy to fix. My glitch issue is that text gets strangely kerned and I find I have to reimport the text sections. Or simply copy all text. Paste in a pure text editor and then paste back. It’s not as difficult as it seems and until the true InDD to AfPub converter is out this is really a viable solution. I have converted over a hundred documents this way and now don’t even use InDD, and with the new Publisher released yesterday why would I?
  10. anyway... I'm still completely blown away by this new paradigm. It's a designer's dream and you guys went over the top on this. The only part that I'm still grappling with in the multi-mode universe is how to think of embedded Photo/Designer media placed, and using "edit document"... or using the personas? Also how to think of the individual Photo and Designer apps. Perhaps I will use them less in standalone.
  11. Issue is that MAS doesn't immediately update unless you run a Terminal command to increase the update cycle. Default setting is for 7 days refresh I think. So in this case deleting and reinstalling was the best cure.
  12. so the solution is to delete the current MAS apps and reinstall them. Now it works!!!!!!!
  13. Personas don't work!!! The app tells me that I don't have Photo and Designer installed and I do. Am I supposed to buy these products again???? Please help.
  14. counting down... I'm ordering pizza and watching tomorrow's live webcast!!
  15. One second thought I feel there should be a button that quickly expands out the pages thumbnails panels and quickly closes it. A lot of slow dragging back and forth to see the expanded view of the thumbnails.
  16. you're right - sorry - I didn't realize that. Great to know!
  17. The one feature I think is needed is the ability to quickly arrange pages/spreads. Right now if I have 50 spreads and then want to rearrange the order it's a bit of a painful process dragging one before the other and another one after the other, etc. To be fair, it's the same pain in InDesign. But why can't there be a full screen view of the spreads as large thumbnails. It would really help speed up the ordering process. This is more of a feature request than a bug I realize but felt it was important to bring up again.
  18. If this is the build then the personas still don't work, but I'm guessing that won't work until the actual version. I have the MAS versions of Designer and Photo - or do they need to be the Affinity Store versions?
  19. This would be very useful to me as well. The ability to pick any layer and right click and then select "convert to embedded document" would be fantastic. If I place an individual image I am only given the option to "replace image." If I do want to make an embedded document out of the image then I have to create a new Photo, Designer or Photoshop document and save in their native formats. This is a tedious extra step and wonder why it's necessary. Then I can place these file and it will show up an as embedded object. The usefulness of this is to be able to apply effects such as shearing, or any type of size transformation but when I "edit document" I see the document without these transformations. This is great for mockups.
  20. Perhaps the release candidate will have the personas enabled. I have Photo and Designer 1.7 installed. I can't wait to use Powerhouse... I mean Publisher.
  21. Amazing and thank Affinity, Adam and his team. This has been a much anticipated design platform. Very exciting. I didn't get the pre-order offer but wrote to the email on this thread. Can't wait to final release but I should mention that even though it is stated that these betas are "not suitable for production use" they are absolutely suitable for production use as they are more stable that the other software I have used by that other software company, and more feature rich. Consider - I can actually design multipage documents graphically, not just use a glorified word processor. One thing I am very much looking forward to is those Designer and Photo personas actually working. I really want to use Add, Subtract, Intersect, Xor and Divide functions in Publisher through these personas. This is the one function I wish were working now especially in creating fancy charts in my documents, not in Designer but in Publisher.
  22. It would be really great to have a thumbnail view for spreads similar to what Adobe Acrobat Pr or PDF Expert has. In this view, the only function is to move spreads around, especially in large documents. You can move spreads around currently in the spreads page but it becomes difficult to view and arrange the document entirely in this view. Affinity InDesign doesn't offer such a thumbnail view either. This would really be a simple, unique and badly needed feature in my opinion.
  23. Will there be support for color fonts in Affinity, especially Affinity Publisher, in the near future? A year ago there were just a few of these fonts but now there are many, and I have a few in my collection. I've played around with these in InDesign and I'm hooked - you can do amazing things with these.
  24. Hi there is a simple bug on text selection on all Affinity software - Photo, Designer and Publisher. If you start with the text tool and then select a font you want to use the font selection reverts to Arial. This exists with the Art Text Tool as well as the Frame Text Tool. The only workaround is to start typing in Arial and then change the text selection - and while this workaround works it really slows down my workflow, and honestly it's really quite annoying. This was not the case in previous betas and also with the MAS versions. Please fix.
  25. Perspective skew is one of the very basic things I need to do, not only as a raster but as a vector. As a user said above, without this feature it is hard to ditch Adobe Illustrator. I can do without the other Illustrator features but not this one. Rasterizing and perspective skewing in Photo does work of course but then your artwork looks different once you bring your raster back into Designer and combine with the other pure vector forms. Or you can to create a super high res raster and that adds significantly to the image size.
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