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  1. Appreciate I'm a bit late to the party on this, but I have a similar issue which I think may have the same root cause. My steps: Create a new document (without creating an artboard on document creation) Add a custom grid Create an artbaord within the document The custom grid I made is thrown away and replaced with an automatic one. I can't see why this would be a desirable feature, so I'm assuming it's a bug. Thanks.
  2. Oh my, what a list. Thank you to all those contributing to this, especially @Mithferion for kicking it off with so much hard work. So helpful! <frantically starts downloading fonts>
  3. +1 for this. And while we're on artboards, ability to create artboard from document canvas would be helpful. I constantly forget to tick the 'Create artboard' option on creation of a new document.
  4. I'd like the ability to flip an object or group around the rotation centre. If the rotation centre is in its default position at the geometric centre of the object/group, this is how the tool operates, and that's completely fine. However, if the object's rotation centre is moved, flip continues to operate around the geometric centre of the object, not the rotation centre. The use case is wanting to mirror objects around the centre of the document, but taking account of the offset from centre. I've looked at tutorials for using the symbols tool to do this, but it's far too heavy handed fo
  5. +1 for having rationalisation of the defaults for scaling. I appreciate that it's possible to configure this, but it just should probably be defaulted to one or the other (I would tend towards having to hit shift to proportionally scale a group, just as you would for ungrouped objects). However, as a configuration workaround is available, I'm not going to be terribly surprised or upset if this isn't prioritised.
  6. Maybe a bit late on this one, but I wanted to respond to the original poster's query, because I think he's describing something I've also experienced. I've played with this a lot because it infuriates me. I was drawing ellipses and getting the text on the inside when converting them to text paths, only to find that I couldn't move all the text to the outside, no matter how I messed with the little handles. I would always be left with one letter inside, as if the text was anchored there and didn't want to move. Then I started looking at how other people were doing this, and realised
  7. Thanks for the update, @Ben. I'll see what comes in 1.7 and then come back, possibly with a different requirement.
  8. From my personal angle, I'd be happy with a version of reset which permanently converts to curves, although I'd imagine there are others who would prefer something infinitely swappable. But that sounds complex to develop, and as a product manager (as well as designer; why have one job when you can have two?!), I appreciate there's always a trade-off to be made between development effort and benefit. This feature won't sell lots of copies of Designer on its own... Vitor's alt-click option seems a fairly slick implementation if it's not too difficult to code, although @Ben may (rightfully)
  9. +1 I'm having issues with this function, too. I understand that having the option to toggle between a rotated and a reset bounding box is a good one, but the issue I have is that when I reset the bounding box and then group the shape with another shape, the bounding box automatically resets to the rotated version. That makes it very difficult to accurately set the size of the grouped shape (which is bothersome when trying to unify the size of a set of software icons on a diagram, as I'm currently doing). Some ability to permanently reset the bounding box would be helpful.
  10. Hate to seem like a total suck-up, but this is a great release. I've been specifically waiting for some of the Designer stuff. Thanks.
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