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  1. This was found on the latest iPad version ( but also affecting desktop version. If you add a shape, and require a transparent inner area, FX layer effects are not displayed (needed outline), however they are shown if you change from no fill to fill in the inner colour. Workaround is creating shape with inner fill, applying FX, rasterising shape layer and delete fill colour using selection tools. Stuart
  2. Thanks for the info, I was misunderstanding the patch function, I have just read the inbuilt help on it and it confirms the blending. Explains other occasions why it hasn’t behaved how I expected it to
  3. I was under the impression that the patch tool with blend set at normal should just be effectively copying the pixels from the source so should be an exact copy. I don’t see where an algorithm would be involved.
  4. When using the patch tool, when the selection is moved there appears to be a blend applied to the displayed image, it is even more noticeable if you use the tool at the edge of an image. I would have expected the patched area to have exactly the same content as the copied area Stuart FullSizeRender.mov
  5. This issue where the “unable to load document” message is displayed is still happening intermittently Saving the photo from project option crashes the app Running Affinity Photo version on IPad (2017) D75A2EA3-7A1F-49AA-AC19-2343CC6602A5.MOV
  6. This is still happening with latest version (, no pattern as to when it will occur but no way to recover processed image. Is there anything I can do to help progress the issue? The latest failure was with an image that was only added in the last couple of days and had one editing session. Stuart
  7. I’m not sure if I can legally supply the LUT used in the video as it’s part of the Luma Fusion app, however if I try to open any file other than the recognised LUT files, it will crash. It obviously doesn’t expect to try loading a .png file a LUT for example but doesn’t handle it gracefully with an error message if you try it and exits the app.
  8. IPad 2017 running latest version 1.6.7 ( Load LUTs from Luma Fusion IPad app content on any picture causes crash, works ok with lut created in Affinity Video of crash, not that there’s much to see, attached 726CFB35-BFB1-40B2-AD0A-2B3E918AF5E8.MOV
  9. Although it doesn’t help the folders issue you might be interested in the FileBrowser app for IOS. It’s integration provides a “share with apps” folder/subfolder. I initially export my image to the share folder then using the FileBrowser I can copy/move the file anywhere including my Synology NAS. It also supports FTP, iCloud, OneDrive etc.
  10. Closing the app and restarting makes no difference. It was an image I had edited the previous day and was re-opening it. When the image was edited it was saved as a .jpg to my IPad via the sharing folders provided through the FileBrowser app. Will advise if (when?) it happens again Stuart
  11. Just had a further instance of the load document error on a different image, same error as before Stuart
  12. I far as I remember as had just finished editing the same image, returned to the main display and then tried to re-open it. Don’t know if it helps, just tried the “save a copy” option and I get the spinning line with the main display blurred out, it was then necessary to force close the app to restore normal use. Stuart
  13. I am trying to use Affinity Photo to manage all my current photo tasks but even using folders it is not straightforward. Ideally the ability to create/move an existing top level folder as a subfolder would improve the management. Having subfolders of subfolders would be even better. Stuart
  14. IPad version In develop mode if you cancel the action using the x button you get different issues depending on whether it is the initial raw editor you are using or not. In raw develop mode cancelling crop causes the image to be passed to the main editor with as a bare raw image with no adjustments In standard develop mode cancelling crop applies the actual crop but you can’t revert the change as it doesn’t exist in the history. Stuart
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