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  1. Running iPad 10.5 pr0 (2017 model) Affinity Photo Version 1.6.12 iOS: 12.1.4 Tried closing out app, then obviously relaunching. Even tested out colors in filter persona, only to get the auto remade options, it’s as if, my manual customization dials have been removed from the app. What’s going on here? Please see attached image for proof.
  2. Some kind of visual indicator (colored dot) somewhere on the workspace, that lights up, whenever a layer or a smart selection is inverted. I’ve made countless errors, because I wasn’t aware the selection I was on, was inverted. @stokerg comprehends what I am expressing, and understands the benefit. Get to it serif! I created a thread here: In other news, The Verbe released a YouTube video showing the new adobe photoshop for iPad. (Potentially, to be fully revealed at the rumored iPad event being hosted later this month) we shall see. I saw saw some stuff there that reminded me of AP. Serif, get your guns out, we about to go to war with these dudes!
  3. @stokerg Unfortunately touch only gestures does not work, Affinity Photo senses your wrist or side palm of your hand, mistakes it as a long press, brings up colour picker. I have Apple Pencil & iPad Pro 10.5 I reported this last year, hope they get around to fixing it.
  4. @stokerg Yes, invert selection option. Ah, so history studio is location. I rarely use history studio. I mostly just tap back button or undo. So outside of that, whenever I have a smart selection - active (the marching ants) it transcends layers, can affect any layer that’s chosen. Which I use for duplication of a specific area, or erasing within or outside of a specific area. So outside of history studio, there is no way, at a glance, to notice (the marching ants are inverted) @toltec and @DM1 You jackasses.. lol. Had me in laughter over here.
  5. You can add them back from the settings in the main board (mainboard meaning when you’re outside of your project) go to interface and select “show undo / redo buttons” they express this in the new video (which is in your tutorials)
  6. I appreciate the nice little touches added to 1.6.9 Example: The new lit up snap to edges, the new lit up icons when copying pasting etc.. Way more visual indications which is great, helps the flow and gives us awareness. Did serif add any kind of indicator to show when we are inverted or not?
  7. Hello, I have my gestures set for touch only, I still manage to erase with my finger when using eraser tool? I don’t recall this happening before? I use eraser tool all the time. I tried turning on and off “gesture for touch only” and both instances still allow me to erase with my finger??
  8. I too would like to confirm this is not working. I tried exporting to my affinity folder I have in my iCloud. Nothing happens. Instead I’m being asked to select a folder, leaving me with the impression, it wants to import, instead of exporting. maybe the programmers can look into that aspect of the code. ”expecting import from the cloud onto affinity, instead of exporting form affinity, into the cloud ”
  9. THE PROBLEM: While typing on another app, even at times while I was typing up the problem here in Affinity, I noticed mistypes, delayed response to my tap of a button. That’s when it hit me, troubleshoot. Not going to detail all the trouble shooting I did, it was for naught. The real issue here was this: Even though your ipad screen looks clean, feels clean (non greasy) it may still gather some kind of invisible film. I sprayed my screen, wiped it down with micro fiber. Problem fixed. That simple. Moderator you may delete this thread if you’d like. First: Powerful update! Just powerful! Thank you. Hey, I don’t know how you manage to pay your employees, with so many free updates. I’m more than willing and will happily pay for a future super powerful update. I think you guys more than deserve it and I want you around forever so.. keep hat in mind. Doesn’t hurt to charge once in awhile to meet shareholder expectations or pay off some bills. I’m pretty sure the community agrees here. Just don't go Adobe monthly sub way. Once in awhile, it’s understandable. Anywho’s... I’ve watched the new gestures guide. Mostly still the same. Specifically for rotate image, gesture still the same - my issue is here. THE BUGs: ROTATION CONCUSSION: Rotating the image around with two fingers, while I’m zoomed in on or not - is sporadically making the image jump into wrong coordinates. Example: While rotating, the image would instantly move vertically upwards as if I took two fingers and flung it, in that direction. UNRESPONSIVE: Same example, using two fingers to rotate or pan the image, Affinity Photo totally unresponsive to touch, gestures. This reminds me of similar issue I had last year after your first update. Rotation is set to on in tools, gestures used for gestures only in tools. TROUBLESHOOT: Closed out app, Closed Background Apps, Restarted Device. Update triggered this issue, working fine before then. SPECS: iPad Pro 10.5, Latest iOS 11.4.1, 238 gigs available.
  10. Is the a way to trace the perspective lines, and no human error allowed? (basically, program won’t let you step out of the line you are tracing)
  11. Purchased AP & AD (and whatever you release next, even if I don’t need it) When will you release an Animation app for iPad? Currently using rough animator, which is impressive for a guy that doesn’t code and created it because he is an animator and needed something for his mobile needs. Serif, you however are a full fledged creation powerhouse equipped for such innovations. Everything you drop comes with a ticking time bomb. Ready to blow. Animation app - when? (Stop messing around) PS. Your commercials are beyond amazing! Mad love for you serif. I truly hope you surpass Adobe.
  12. Again, I wouldn’t know. I am new to all of these things. I am literally just finding out this function even exists. Never dealt with this part of AP before. I just started Affinity Photo (photo editing in general) around June/July of last year - 2017. Truth is, I use AP on and off, depending on my needs. (To illustrate my points/concepts) I’m starting to use it more now, and hopefully I’ll understand it more. Your question though is geared mor toward a person whom understands photo editing, terminology.. etc. One day I’ll be there. In meantime, Affinity iPad Student = Baby with AP in every sense of that term
  13. Sorry to revive this post... but it’s back. (image below) File size in .PSD format 10.91 mb Serif, was this ever resolved? Today’s date: April 18th 2018 My original post - the date I created this thread, regarding this problem: July 19th 2017 Specs: ipad Po 10.5 iOS 11.3 Available Space: 205.19 gb No running apps background.
  14. UPDATE: Changes shown, when that “controllers” area you brought up was changed to random. Thank you. Would had never noticed controllers. I kroyvmoving the other stuff, but does not reflect in the Brush image shown up top. Controllers, definitely handled that. Should find my way now. Damn @Alfred you really are next level. I’ve learned tons from you brother. @stokerg thank you, I cam just imagine the amount of heft, as a moderator, having to check “every single” comment on all the posts, to all the threads, for all the categories in the forum. Thank you. I will look into the pressure, as it will help. Thank you sir. This is thread is ok to be closed. Thank you Alfred. This is because I don’t understand these things. I’ve just learned how to create a Brush. This stuff you guys are pointing out, is a foreign language to me. However, after you’ve brought this up, when I add values, the image of the pixel for the Brush I created, shown up top (the neat look) doesn’t move, and so, I don’t know, when I change values, if it’s becoming chaotic or not, the way I’d like it to be. Are you able to point out, where I should set the values, or where best to begin, so I can reach the closeness of my my goal? Thanks guys
  15. @stokerg @Alfred thank you guys. Here you go. (Brush image up top, does not move as I adjust certain settings, thus I’m not sure how things will look or if I moved past what I want it to look like. With that said, pictures below so I can get clarity from you pros. Thank you.
  16. (SOLVED) Future users - scroll down several posts for results. Neat Brush is killing my design, comes across fake looking. What I mean by neat Brush? Better explained in photo. Help please community.
  17. @Alfred as always you are beyond helpful. This worked. I ended up creating one from scratch. Never created a brush before. I’m hoping you have the answer to this one as well. When I google it, I keep getting resizing results. i just need to need to know where can I locate the pixel dimensions of my particular layer. I feel like I should know this, but I can’t for the life of me find where. I know if I choose the move tool and select one of the grab points, it will show it. Thing is, it doesn’t stay still, when I select it, it drifts, thus scaling and changing dimensions, never allowing me to get the “exact” pixel measurement, which is what I need, exact info
  18. Do we have this? Just probably under a different name that I’m not aware about (daub or something)? Thanks
  19. This happens to me almost everyday. I would suggest for dev to replicate, try having a document with many layers and the following conditions: For me at least... when I have around 15 - 20 layers, working about through each one, jumping out of one, into the other type of workflow, and accumulated hours (5-6 straight) this scenario, the OP expresses starts appearing for me. It doesn’t not come alone. I also get the marching ant line starts to disappear while it’s up. I have exit the file, then re-enter, and then there goes my marching ant line. These two two occur together hand in hand with me, if one occurs before the other - it’s already established, the other will pop up, just a matter of time. Running iPad Pro 10.5 (2017 model) latest public release iOS 11.2.6
  20. Thank you. I’m registering what you are saying as, bring down the hard edge of the brush. I tried doing the technique you mentioned @Alfred unfortunately, I must be doing something, I still get the picture frame edges of the canvas itself showing. Stull working on on this one.
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