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  1. I found a solution, for a non destructive (not really, but oh well) way of warping, you have to embed the document and record the macro for your particular object, so everytime you change design you apply the macro and voila it's warped.
  2. Hi MEB, Thanks for your answer, I'm in a similar problem, I purchased affinity photo, I'm using embedded documents to put my illustrations to mugs but the mesh warp tool rasterizes the embedded document, so I cannot change the illustration in real time and that means I have to warp every design tweak I want to visualize. Is the a way to warp the embedded document without rasterizing it? I'm attaching an image so you can see
  3. Hi! I just purchased affinity photo and designer, using Place embedded document works alright for doing what I want in my mock-ups, but I want to apply a pattern to a MUG, but the warp Mesh Warp Tool rasterizes the whole embedded document, is there a way to warp the embedded document without rasterizing it? That would enable us to apply a design to circular objects and have instant results as how is going to be.
  4. I have a question, if i want the more grungy sky from a darker image be my sky in my ligher image, how can i achieve it? In photoshop i used to use apply image and then use it as a multiplied mask so only the shadows from the sky show. but i can't make a mask from an applied image in affinity. I tried using luminosity masking but that didn't work