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  1. Thanx Alfred! Yes, I am very familiar with short cuts. Wonder why I could not use ⌘D to deselect. I cannot make the marching ants go away. As far as the selection I had the image selected. It says "pixel" in the layers panel. I did not have actively identify a pixel layer & I did not find anywhere to activate that feature. Everything did work as soon as I erase white paper. If the background were a color like blue or pink, how do I erase it? Use delete? I am used to making a layer mask in CS6 then use the brush tool to remove (black) or add back (white) the background. How do I do that in AP⁉ I have not figured that one out yet. I make very precise selections in my photos so it would help to master that masking quickly. Now for the next step adding a drop shadow‼ I just downloaded Affinity Designer last week and I have not used it since I am still mastering some basics in AP I love learning I am just a little slow due to the differences in terms and workspace... I am getting better. It all looks so easy in videos but actually doing it takes time to be make it automatic vs step by step. It sure slows down the pace! Giggles ... guess I am slow at my age anyway‼
  2. Thanx, toltec‼️ I tried it and I did not have to invert‼️ Actually, I did invert and it took the image away so undo a few times to get back to the original color selectionand was able to delete the background. Your second option was not working until I went back to filters and erase white paper‼️ DAH‼️‼️ Selecting white was so exact it missed the jpg artifacts so now I am trying to figure out how to refine the color range with selected sampled colors I tried holding the shift key to increase the color range but it did not work. Sigh... getting there!
  3. PeggyIn717

    Paste into Selection?

    Thanx, unfortunately that is not the info I am seeking. I am not looking to paste from one AP document to another AP document. I am trying to paste an image I made in Keynote into a new AP document. That image was copied to the iPad clipboard. I can paste into Pixelmator & other apps, however, I cannot paste the same image into an AP document. Does that clarify my question?
  4. THANX, dupguy, for your reply but I do not have the issue of the lost transparency attribute. Sorry I guess I misunderstood you. I have only used 29GB of 50GB of my storage. I do have my iCloud Photo Library optimized for storage and have not lost any transparency attributes. I do recall back a while ago after I cropped a transparency image it changed to white. So I am careful not to modify a transparency once I add it to PHOTOS. This may no longer be an issue I just have not tried it. When I export from PHOTOS to my desktop I use "Export Unmodified Original" and have not had any issues. For a while the exported originals had a side cars with the modified images showing up in the form of a document, that could not be opened as an image file, show in the Finder window. That was maddening, however with the last update they do not show in Finder. I hope I understand better, or perhaps we are talking about different things‼️⁉️
  5. Hello, I am new to AP the & I am finding that if you are not savvy to the terminology it easily becomes major frustration. I found out how to made a color selection "Select Sampled Color" I have tried to remove/delete the background via a layer mask and nothing happens. I finally found the layers panel & I can see it there is a mask but it is not showing as a transparency. I tried inverting the selection. What am I doing incorrectly? I would love to find directions for simply creating an image on a transparent background. Instead I must search a number of directions ending up more confused. When I go to HELP the directions I seem to be getting lost in the workspace nuances & terminology. The directions I read do not make it clear to me exactly what panels, menus, tools or personas workspace I need. unfortunately there was no image to help orient myself to be sure I was where I was supposed to be. Then I go back to HELP to the workspace section and try to orient myself switch back & forth getting even more confused. In this case all I want to do is remove a white background with a floral image making it a transparency. This should be fairly easy but it is not working for me today. I did it in CS6 & I have abandoned Adobe to force myself to learn AP. I am struggling. I have searched help but there seems to be limitations of terms in the parameters of a search so if I do not have the correct terminology I am not getting access to the info. I just want to make a transparency of a floral pattern that is on a white background. It might be wise to broaden the HELP search "terms" parameters to include basic novice terms like "remove/delete background" "color selection" "make an image with a transparent background". Sorry for being inept at this...
  6. I cannot even get the folder to appear. I have checked to be sure the  IDs match.
  7. PeggyIn717

    Affinity Photo ipad questions

    Hi I have the  iPad Air 2 So far no issues. Perhaps there are some settings interfering have you tried Apple Support while they don't give support for 3rd party apps. They have helped me trouble shoot when I was trying to find out where my settings were the issue.
  8. "Dupguy" I appreciated finding your message. I am so excited about Affinity Photo for my iPad &  & I want them for my GO TO photo editing apps! I do not have creative cloud, never will, & I have abandoned my CS6. I miss some features & learning AP's lingo makes it more difficult for me. The forums are full of techno-jargon beyond my scope. The HELP seems info is comprehensive but missing lots of little things to make it clear to the inexperienced user, thus making it seem as if AP assumes I should know. JMHO I was struggling with COPY & PASTE & dealing with PNG transparencies. So "dupguy", while your message was very comprehensive, unfortunately, I did not understand the complexities you discussed. I do not think it is an  issue per se because I handle files using my other apps prior to the AP iPad release. Could it be crossing a PSD file format between apps issue? In an attempt to understand your info I decided to try to open existing PNG transparency files in AP. I discovered that I was able to open existing PNG transparencies in Affinity Photo that were in both PHOTOS & in iCloudDrive(iCloudD)-PREVIEW, unfortunately, not other iCloudD apps with their own file formats. These files were previously created either on the iPad or on iMac. When the PNG files were opened in AP the format was changed to an AP file with the transparency preserved & I am fine with that. COPY & PASTE to other apps. I found in AP I can export a PNG file to iCloudD , iCloudD-Preview, & another iCloudD apps. AND if I use the SHARE feature at the bottom of the export menu I can save to PHOTOS, copy to the iPad clipboard, send to mail, etc. However, I could not find this FULLY explained anywhere in the HELP info & admittedly I may have missed it. I still do not know how to PASTE or IMPORT directly from the iPad clipboard into AP either as a new document or an existing document. I am concluding this is a feature that while is highly desired, it is not yet available. I don't understand the Moderator message, but I am new to this forum & Affinity Photo. All I can say is that your message was not overly abundant with techno-jargon and it prompted me to explore & find the features I needed. So thanx!! Sent from Peggy's  iPad
  9. PeggyIn717

    Affinity Photo folder in iCloud

    I have no problem with seeing all my folders in iCloud Drive Keynote, Pages, Pixelmator, Preview, etc., EXCEPT Affinity Photo. There is no folder on MAC or iPad. I am clearly signed in with the correct ID (same in both places) What am I not doing correctly?
  10. PeggyIn717

    copy and paste

    I have not been successful in pasting an image into a new document from the iPad clipboard. What am I doing wrong⁉️ Also, would like to be able to add drop shadow & adjust offset & blur to PNG images on a transparency. My searches do not bring up any info in Help Thanx
  11. Agree copy & paste from iPad clipboard would be helpful‼️
  12. PeggyIn717

    Paste into Selection?

    Agree being able to paste is needed. I would like to be able to paste an image into new document from the iPad clipboard. I did not see any info about this. Did I miss something? I am on input overload‼️

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