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  1. Hi.....spent a while trying to figure this out. I have an image on my iPad which I need to rotate by 90’ and then crop. When I rotate it in affinity photo and then export it, it exports in its original position, not the rotated position. So I thought I’d rotate it in photo on the iPad before I import it into affin. photo.It looks rotated in photo but when I import it into affin. Photo, it reverts to its original position.....is this making sense? It is probably something VERY simple, if you could direct me to where I can find out how to do this I’d be grateful.
  2. Is there away of moving the ruler yet?
  3. sambikeart

    pink line when painting

    Thank you
  4. Hi....In trying to set up pen pressure in affinity phoot for iPad, I've now got a pink line which joins where my pen touches the screen and where the paint mark appears (does this make sense?) how do I get it back to where the paint mark appears where the pencil actually touches the screen....
  5. sambikeart

    copy and paste

    Thanks...must say I'm loving the iPad version...means I can have a design programme with me at all times as the iPad is so light
  6. sambikeart

    copy and paste

    Thanks for the help.....do you know if you can have 2 images open in the iPad version...so I can copy from 1 image and paste into the second?
  7. sambikeart

    copy and paste

    I've spent a fair bit of time and can't find out how I can select a part of an image, copy it and then paste that part of an image....also can you have 2 images open at the same time to copy and paste between the images in Affinity on iPad pro Cheers
  8. Using affinity photo on my Wacom companion windows 10, using the paintbrush the HARDNESS control does not appear to alter whether the edges of the paint mark are hard or soft, they stay as a hard edge...... is this normal?
  9. I have opened a PDF document in Affinity Designer for Mac, several pages long. and imported a JPG file (a signature) which I have placed on the page. Everything looks fine...the box which appears around the signature when you click on it does not cover any words on the page and the whole page looks fine.but when I export as a PDF, I can see the jpg file but the rest of the page is greyed out (you can see a vague hint of the words). The other pages of the document are OK. Should I be able to edit/add to PDF documents in Designer?
  10. sambikeart

    can't import image

    OK...just restarted machine and this seems to solved the problem
  11. Hi I have Affinity Designer 1.5.4 on my iMac...haven't used it much but just working on a design now. Tried to import a JPEG....went to the picture logo on left and go the import window but it's stuck on the circling wheel thing...so closed programme and reopened and tried the PLACE option in the FILE dropdown....again the circling wheel ...been like that for about 10 minutes. Don't understand why I can't (like with other Serif programmes) phone a helpline. Anyway Serif....any suggestions how to solve this problem ..
  12. thank you...I knew it would be simple!!
  13. Hi, Been playing withAffinity Photo on my iMac and cintiq 21x but I can't figure out how to set up pressure sensitivity in the programme. My cintiq uses pressure sensitivity fine in photoshop and artrage but not with Affinity Photo. The only reference I can find to help me in the forum says... "Make sure you have Pressure selected in the Controller's drop down in the context toolbar of the Brush Tool." which may be about Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer...not sure. Anyway as I can't work out where 'Controller's drop down in the context toolbar of the Brush Tool.' is, I wondered if someone could advise me thanks Sam

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