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  1. The same thing happens during exports in the export-persona. Hitting ⌘+S and trying to run exports cause Affinity Designer to stop responding. It's happened to me several times.
  2. Izzy

    Beach ball of death after adding a font

    This issue has surfaced with me a couple of times. I currently use an external display with the settings set to default for display. Switching to scaled, and adjusting for the middle 'default' setting doesn't resolve my issue. and even slows down my systems 2D interface animations dramatically. The problem doesn't seem to always be an issue - but once it starts happening in any of my documents "that's it" - "this is my life now' XD - please help.
  3. I would like to draw some attentions to the camera raw abilities PS has. Which I have grown accustomed to using, where you can develop with added grain which is very different from noise. Instead of simply adjusting luminosity of single pixels spaces underneath, it seems to find averages based on the values. So larger grain creates this beautiful effect that destroys details, but without making the image look ugly. creating soft edges without seemingly "losing focus". It's one of my favourite features to use when creating artwork and binding together different layers with different pixel densities. It's also an important feature when emulating a lot of vintage photo effects. giving you that VSCO look.
  4. Hi there Some of the files I send to print require more bleed on the bottom. The export document has all this extra unnecessary white space, which did not appear in the previous version of affinity designers exports. I've attached samples, hopefully they help resolve the issue. bleed-test.afdesign bleed-test.pdf
  5. @MEB Thanks for the response. I may have brushed over this too quickly. I tried what you are referring to you before adding my post, and it didn't originally apply to everything. For example fonts would continue to maintain aspect ratio, and shapes like a simple rectangle didn't when grabbing the corner - and resizing it. despite having selected 'preserve aspect ratio" as the default. Just to make sure I wasn't being silly, I tried again, and it seems to work =D Didn't think to restart the app, which may have made a difference.
  6. Make a character panel that can be snapped to the side-bars (much like layers, effects, styles etc) This makes global & multiple character & paragraph style changes easier to implement.
  7. Glad I found this, its also been bothering me a lot. The shift key modifier should either preserve aspect ratio by default with all elements, whether they're pixels layers, vector shapes, text, or placed graphics - or vice versa.
  8. This should work in both Designer and Photo. When you click on a layer to have the layers panel scroll to, and highlight, the selected layer. It's very inconvenient to scroll up and down looking for the object you've selected especially with more complex documents.
  9. I don't have a single document that doesn't use smart objects. It's the best way to manage multiple deliverables that all use the same resources... and when a client makes a change to one element it propagates to all documents. Also ensures the layouts are much smaller, especially when you keep all your revisions for archiving.
  10. This is a feature I've grown to love in illustrator. If you have multiple shapes that have been 'combined' to make one object you can double click on it. From there you can click on a part of the combined shape and delete it without having to remove it by deleting one node at a time.
  11. Offsetting paths. Currently I've resorted to expanding the stroke, but the trouble of having to manually having to delete the inner nodes (especially on more complex shapes) can take up a lot of time.
  12. Feature currently available in Photoshop & Illustrator. Very Useful when you design something with a bounding/text box and decide later you would prefer using Point text & vice versa.
  13. I've had a similar issue with Affinity Designer, using the new version 1.2. Importing a PSD the "point text" imports correctly, importing "paragraph text" the font sizes shrinks to a point that it isn't legible. I've attached a psd so you can recreate the results. The left column the text is rasterised, the middle column is point text and the last column is paragraph text. paragraph-text-bug.psd