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  1. Mr Somerfield, thanks so much! Looking forward to the incremental update!
  2. cjc3636

    A lot of bugs in 1.7.0

    @fde101Awesome to hear! Thanks!
  3. Here's the Library instructions from a previous post from a board member: I haven't tried it, but it looks good Thanks to paschulke2.
  4. The only way I rolled back was to check Time Machine snapshots and see if pre-update Affinity Photo (1.6.7) exists in Applications folder. If it does, then delete 1.7.0 and go back to Time Machine and bring it forward. You can also try to bring it forward from Time Machine and select Replace when asked if you want to keep them both. You also need to check for all Affinity Library folders in Time Machine, if you need to keep your UI settings. (A post in this forum has details on the path, if you need it, though hopefully search on Mac will pull that up). Best of luck. I'm just an amateur with compositing for fun. I can't imagine the stress this crashing / slow update would cause a pro.
  5. cjc3636

    A lot of bugs in 1.7.0

    I say this with the upmost respect, but I am hoping Serif addresses these issues with a incremental update soon. I've used APH for 3 years as an amateur hobbyist composite maker. Lots of layers is necessary, but 1.7.0 as installed on my system just bogged down to becoming unusable. I am hoping I'm not 'legacy-ed" at 1.6.7.
  6. cjc3636

    1.7.0 Weirdness

    I'm hoping they fix this. My App Store/Update icon will have a red 1 badge TFN, I suppose. I really was hoping I'd lurk onto a solution here. Until I find one that seems to work with a wide range of Macs having the 'slows', I'm sticking with 1.6.7. But now all the tutorials that are coming out are now....not for me. I'll be okay.
  7. cjc3636

    Roll back to 1.6.7

    Thanks for the tip @paschulke2: I'm running okay now with the settings, which really aren't that different from default, anyway, But I'll keep a screen shot of this for my 'mac toolbox' and for future reference..
  8. @m-b; thanks so much for the tip. I've screen capped it and will keep it ready when I reinstall in a week or so.
  9. cjc3636

    1.7.0 DOES NOT WORK!

    Chris B, thanks for this tip. I'll try in the next week or so to upgrade again on my 2012 mini. I figured it was something like a setting that would get ironed out. Right now I'm still in the middle of a few trial-and-error efx projects in 1.6, so I'll wait until I'm done with that before I reinstall. However, as we go forward, I'll keep watch on this board to see how users with configs similar to mine are working out.
  10. @mwblythe: I've been there. And sometimes, even good strategy fails. (Time Machine and APFS aren't buddies, let me say!). Hopefully Serif will terminate these bugs and we'll all be crushing it on 1.7 soon. Best of luck!
  11. @mwblythe: I was able to get 1.6.7 from a time machine snapshot. Now that blew out my palette settings, but at least the snappiness was back.
  12. If OP is on a iMac Pro.. then this issue is not *me* . I've rolled back to 1.6.7. 1.7 release was just slow in Zooming images in the main window, selecting (soloing?) individual layers with CMD-Click (then it would eventually stop working all-together and just display a checkerboard). These files are 20 or so layers with efx that 1.6 deals with with no issues . I'm gonna just lurk now and wait until a new updated .01 release is available. This one isn't ready for primetime, I'm afraid.
  13. cjc3636

    Roll back to 1.6.7

    I had the exact same issue.New 1.7 was just buggy and slow, to the point of just becoming a problem. (Zooming, soloing (CMD Click Layers to see just 1 layer) all bugged out and stopped responding . Gonna wait until I see better results from 1.7 users on this board . Hope you get your issues solved soon!
  14. Best I can tell I’m okay with min system requirements. I’m on macOS Mojave. The lag may just be a side effects of my setup. I don’t have time now to dig in. I will hold of on. Updating again for awhile. And to any roll backers: Duplicate any af document before u save in 1,7. 1.6 won’t open I.7 overwritten or re-saved documents
  15. Sorry. I wish I did. I just rolled back with the snapshot.. But even that method blew out my settings . Hope you get a solution .

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