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  1. Add the ability to resize multiple objects to a single size.

    For example, when the "Transform Objects Separately" option is enabled, add the checkbox «[ ] Each», to make all selected objects take a single size from the «Transform» panel.Transform-each_1.png.ce3ab9dd187145bb9831072c09f6b2fb.png


    So far, in the current versions, objects resize relative to the selected object.

  2. 3 hours ago, Ron P. said:

    It is where it's suppose to be. The Flip function in the Document menu, Flips the entire Document, not just a layer or object.

    There's another Flip Function found in the Arrange Menu.  This is used to Flip a layer or object. Notice the (default) Keyboard shortcuts are different for each.

    Yep, overlooked, my bad.

    But, butons are missed in toolbar.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Sean P said:

    With that said I can understand your confusion and wanting a way to get the actual pixel values into the file name, so I will pass it along to development as an improvement.

    I see.
    In that case, it would be useful to introduce other variables, such as the iterator "nn". For example, to automatically number exported slices. Or "mode", for specifying the color model.


    If I export to RGB png and CMYK tif for example.

    That would be really cool.

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