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  1. Thanks retrograde and evtonic3
  2. That's just awesome thisldo, artistic and festive, the best kind of combo. I very much appreciate you downloading the brush and taking the time to post too! Sav
  3. Hello all I just posted a freebie brush download, Fabriano 3b, a posterised derivative of a brush from my new set. I really liked using it and would love to know whether you download it and how you use it. Thanks for looking. Sav
  4. Hello I really like the Paint Mixer Brush but have run into a couple of issues. Wacom Intuous Pro - (OsX) I have set up one of my Wacom pen buttons to toggle to colour pick from the canvas but have noticed on several occasions that after a while, sampling a colour causes the Wacom tablet to freeze in the app and everywhere else. Switching to the mouse regains control and sometimes opening the wacom settings panel brings tablet use back. Brush settings prefs are not saved (this may be a bug or if not, a feature request!) The last brush settings do not get stored, which means every time I switch tools or quit/re-launch then click back on the Paint Mixer Brush, I have to set up my brush up again - for example, reopening a saved painting presents a default brush with default settings rather than the last brush/settings used before quit. I think it would be more intuitive to have the last brush and user settings saved on quit. Another example - Auto Load Brush is off by default. More often than not I want this switched on, but if I choose another tool and come back to the Mixer brush, it is switched off again. This sounds like a small issue but it actually hampers painting workflow quite a bit. In photoshop the last brush settings persist until the user changes them, which is much better for painting. Perhaps there are settings I haven't yet found which would solve the issue though, I am quite new to painting in AP. Thanks
  5. Hello I recently went ahead and bought AP and am particularly liking the Paint Mixer brush, but in the last two days I've had a hard crash on my 5k iMac (24Gb RAM, El Capitan latest, but today's included the OsX 10.11.2 update.) I am also using a Wacom Intuous Pro (wifi.) Both times the hard crash happened after I'd been using the Paint mixer brush for some time, not exactly sure how long, maybe 15-20 minutes. The cursor suddenly locked up without warning as did all keyboard commands, so I couldn't even force/quit or tab to the finder. The only way to get out of it was to hold the power button down until the iMac switched off. This is pretty definitely very specific to AP, so far it has only happened in the circumstances described above, and that may mean it could be even more specifically an issue with the paint mixer, the wacom tablet, or a combination. That aside, lovely software, I'm not surprised you got app of the year! :D Thanks
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