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  1. Over a month after the release and still the software on its latest version won't launch... Very unimpressed. I don't even want to update the beta in case it doesn't work anymore because it's my way to open my designer files now... Adobe breaks their softwares and functions a lot... And that was why I preferred affinity... But 1.9 update is very adobe-esque. Please... you got a beta working a month ago... Can you fix the main build too? Still crash on launch on 1.9.1.
  2. While I don't have a BSOD affinity crashing on splash with version 1.9 is all over the forum. If you search for it you will find links to beta versions that will most likely fix it for you.
  3. @Dan C the updated beta versions does help solving the issue for me
  4. @Dan C works on the second launch (first launch still crashed)
  5. it does launch for a split second like when I double click on it not a solution for me unfortunately.
  6. Yes I am on the latest version for both my 940mx and the intel integrated graphics (both from late january 2021)
  7. We're many with the exact same issue. The crash happens before it's even looking for fonts. So I guess it's when looking for hardware or something? Getting the preferences? With all the users crashing I hope they made it a priority as it's been a few days that went without an official statement. Some are locked out their apps since the update.
  8. I assume you mean program is not starting? Try looking into the forum (desktop issue). There are several post with possible workaround. But we're many in the same boat waiting for a stable update.
  9. You can look into various 1.9 crash post here. I made one where I detailed steps I took trying to fix it (worked for some) but for me nothing works. I'd say if you have the link to updates in your browser history try uninstalling affinity and go back to last stable version. Which is not 1.9.
  10. any update on the situation? The softwares are broken on many computers and I was lucky enough to have access to older versions but I am excited about the new features. I understand that it can be complicated to find a solution.
  11. simply hold CTRL while clicking on the software so when it launch it will pop up a panel. Click clear and try again. For me the app crash before this is possible (1-2 seconds into splash screen) so it won't work. But hopefully it does work for you.
  12. windows is up to date and I am running windows 10 home. I will have to see if it works at the office on Monday but I don't really want to go through all this at work. I already lost a lot of time at home since I have work to deliver on Monday. I think I will wait for Serif to make a proper fix as we're a ton of people who cannot access the latest version right now
  13. I am having the same issue... and many of us. Try updating all your drivers. You can also do to appdata find the app and add a line at the end of the "PerformancePreferences.xml" file (the line is the following : <UseHardwareAcceleration>False</UseHardwareAcceleration> and you should add it right before the last setting line. If its already there change True to False). You can try opening it while holding control and if a screen pop up click clear. But if you crash from splash screen it might not work. If none of that work you can join me and wait till they fix it 😕
  14. Changing the parameters from appdata didn't worked. All my driver's are up to date Tried holding ctrl key but nothing happens (holding it from 3sec before pressing till program's splash screen open and crash then I wait a bit and let go) Tried running as admin Tried running on Intel GPU instead of my 940mx - doesn't work Tried rebooting several times, fresh install from 0, ... I'm really out of solutions for that one and since I had work to do I'm back on earlier version for now. Just lucky that I can do that... Some who just bought the software are stuck with a bricked software.
  15. You mean turn GPU acceleration off by setting it to false in the preference document? Didn't worked no.
  16. 1.9 isn't working for some. You can try updating your drivers, starting it while holding control button on your keyboard and hit clear if a window appear... But if you're like me none of them will work. Rolling back to 1.8 is the only fix that worked for now. I am sure they will fix it soon.
  17. go back to the update section/download page and download a previous version. You will have to uninstall publisher for that. I also had to revert all 3 softwares (Designer, Photo and Publisher) after updating them because they won't work no matter what I try.
  18. Yeah as mentioned above I keep it down few seconds before pressing the icon and while clicking it. Then I keep holding it but the splash screen shows up. I even tried with a different keyboard just in case. Doesn't work for me unfortunately.
  19. I can't see how I can hold ctrl the wrong way I mean... it's a simple button. is it right control or left? If I do the left one nothing happens. If I hold the right one clicking does nothing
  20. Hi, I've read a couple of reports of the issue and each suggesting several ways to workaround it. It doesn't work for me. I didn't wanted to jump on another thread as they all suggest different things and doesn't seems like its an isolated problem but the working solutions does seems like it is not one solution fit all. So here's my issue: this morning I had some work to do and instead of going the adobe way I thought I'd use some of the new features from affinity 1.9 as they're exactly what I wanted to use for my project (and wasn't available in 1.8). I have been using Affinity since 2017 so I am quite aware of their product line and I love them. Usually pretty stable. But missing tools have kept me subscribing and using adobe for most work. 1.9 really sounded like a blessing covering some of the areas I really wanted affinity to cover. But after updating it won't open. Splash screen goes on for 2-3 seconds at the most and shut down. Nothing happens next. My specs : I have an Ideapad 700 from lenovo. GPU- 940mx (up to date, last drivers were from end of January 2021) CPU- intel i7 Ram- 16Gb Windows 10 home (updated) What I tried: holding control while opening the software - nothing happens going in Appdata to remove GPU acceleration for every apps - doesn't help tried launching using GeForce 940mx and integrated intel graphics - doesn't change a thing uninstalled/reinstalled/rebooted - nothing works I tried launching as admin - won't help Launched in compatibility mode Win 8 - same issue I am not sure what to try next. I know its a matter of time before it gets fixed and I cannot wait to use it. Great list of features and its the most exciting update you guys made in the past few months (maybe years) to me. Can't wait to try it!
  21. thanks Walt I have tried holding ctrl for a few seconds before clicking and keep holding it after clicking. The splash screen show up, crash... and I am still holding the button. 30 seconds later nothing was showing up.
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