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  1. Thank you for replying. That's kind of sad... Also, I posted this topic in the wrong forum. It should have been discussion forum, not bug report.
  2. Hello good people. Evaluation of APublisher would be on a completely new level if those two personas become avilable. I'm curious where is the holdup? Please don't tell me they will become available when the Publisher releases.
  3. Hello there, thank you for you reply. Could you do all that without selecting layers in the list? Issue is that I need to do it in the artwork, not like that. Why? Because I have many groups and 100~200 layers and can't click select that way. I wasnt to marquee drag and select multiple layers that are located in different groups. Even If I could click on each item on the layer menu, I wouldn't know which one to click, so I have to seelct it from the artwork window. But anyway, I figured it out partially. I have to click and hold ctrl and then marquee drag select. Unfortunatelly selecting many layers this way is also selecting other layers left and right.
  4. I would definitely like to see a proper isolation feature in Affinity that allows work not jus preview. It is obvious for working on complex projects.
  5. Hello all. Like I said in the title, I want to move elements/layers that are located in the same place in the artwork but are part of the groups with other elements located in other places in the artwork. Things get complicated here because I simply cannot find a way to move specific layers without moving entire groups. In Illustrator you do this simply by using direct selection tool (node tool in Affinity), select anything you want and move where ever you want regardless of which group those layers belong to. How do I move things in Affinity apps that belong to different groups??? I know that I can double-click and move each element within a group, but there are many elements below that one I also want to move at the same time, but they belong to different groups. How do I move them all together without moving entire groups? (and without ungrouping elements)
  6. Hello all. Right now AD allows adjustement filters to be used which is awesome since that way we can quickly change the colors of our artwork. But the problem is after having such layer on top of the artwork because color information is different and further adjustements are difficult because of it. It would be good if the adjuctement layr could be somehow merges with underlying layers. RIght now the only thing I can do is rasterize layers but that is obviously not what i want.
  7. In time, Affinity software will certainly get it's fair share of the market. However, I'm also fairly certain that big companies will stick with Adobe simply due to their pipeline workflow that includes different areas. A single subscription of $49 for the entire Adobe package (that seems to be expanding) is the only choice, since great many job requimenets include adequate understanding and experience with Adobe software. Affinity is only a small part of that. It's the same thing with 3D software. Industry sticks with Autodesk for production, while there are many newer, modern, rising stars out there that surpass it on the functionality, simplicity and price levels.
  8. Yes Sean, I completely overlooked the node shortcuts. My bad. I presumed that pen tool shortcuts would perform the same as node. Thank you for pointing that out.
  9. I asigned shortcuts for curve break and curve join for both Affinity DEsigner and Publisher, but the shortcut key doesn't do anything.
  10. Hello. It is really mind boggling to me why frame tool doesn't allow non-fit scaling in the custom position that is not maximum nor minimum fit? The proportion option "maximum" and "minimum" fit almost never match my needs because the position is either centered or (if use anchor points) position is fixed to one of the sides. The "no scale" option in the frame properties should be no-fit scale, because why wouldn't I want to scale my picture? Also, Picture Frame tool and Vector Crop tool are conflicting one another. Vector crop is good for Affinity Designer but Publisher is supposed to centered around Picture Frame tool, no? Long story short, the point of this thread is: I need a tool that will allow me to crop the image the way I want and allow me to scale image with frame. Currently Image Frame tool can only do fit scaling and that is not useful to me. RIght now, if I want to scale the image, I have to do it seperately and then scale the frame seperately to get what I want. InDesign frame tool is perfect, it allows me to scale anyway I want, plus the fit to frame and fit to image.
  11. @walt.farrell Thank you for posting. I was expecting that all images that are in the same folder get replaced but they didn't!? I'm on the .174 version. I have included the screenshot.
  12. After installing new Publisher beta, for some reason all my images are now "missing". Unfortunately I can't replace all images at once, but one by one! The first problem is that pop-up window of explorer doesn't show me which image needs to be replaced, and second problem is that other images don't get automatically replaced after updating one image from the same region that contains all other images as well. This may not be so obviously important when you are designing a brochure with 3 images. But if you are designing a book or encyclopedia with hundreds of images, finding a "missing" image for hundreds of times is absolutely unacceptable.
  13. And another problem directly related to this is "Add" boolean. If you selected all these curves and click on Add, you will just get this never ending process window that renders the app unusable.
  14. All big things have small beginnings. I know that after some time Publisher will be on par with Indesign.
  15. Yeah I also made a topic with the same question a while back.
  16. Sorry for the stupid question, but I really can't find any news regarding updates that take place? Thank you.
  17. Isolating an object is very useful when working on objects above the background. Illustrator's simple solution double click works wonders. Unfortunatelly alt+click in Affinity works more like an isolated preview since any other click outside of the object itself will cancel the effect.
  18. In Publisher, pencil tool. Look at the picture posted in the OP.
  19. But for some reason I can't close the curve made with pencil tool. Any ideas?
  20. WTH! FInally the ability to edit/redraw curves! You have no idea how happty this makes me! For me this was a serious flaw of AD, and it's finally here. I made a suggestion about it for AD a year ago.
  21. I just realized that any color image changes to monocromatic color image if it has a fill color. How cool is that! If you know any other cool tips like this, please share them.
  22. No, the original frame was the size of 2 text lines. You can test this yourself in 5 seconds. Just make a text block with text. Cut any text of character, paste it and you will see what I'm talking about.
  23. Hello all. This is a small problem I encountered while editing my page. When I have a text block and from that block I cut words, then paste while nothing is selected, I get a huge box that goes out of screen. I highlighted with yellow on the screen capture where I cut the part of the text, and when I pasted, the big block marked with red color appeared. This is inefficient. In my experience with Indesign, the pasted text should have a text block that matches the size of the text.
  24. RIght now there is an option to "import styles..." in the text styles pannel options menu. So I'm assuming there is or there should be an option to save text styles on a file, but I can't find it. Is there such option yet? If there is no, I think it would be great to have that ability for the sake of convenience. With each update, all interface things get a reset. So having an option to restore styles from a file would be useful, as well as restoring the entire UI layout.
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