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  1. how can we avoid it? Some documents work just fine, despite having tons of artboards, and some just dont.
  2. Hi, please add (the option to add) a shortcut for renaming Layers (maybe under the selection tab?). Being able to rename the selected layers with a shortcut speeds up the workflow tremendously, as I experienced it with Sketch, Lunacy or Figma. This would cut mouse paths since you create and select layers with the mouse and keyboard, having to move to the right right/left after creation just to rename the layer really makes the whole process more slow and more technical than creative. This is something literally every design tool has, except the Affinity Suite. And if multiple layers are selected, why not rename them all at the same time and then just put a {n} behind them (where n is a number for each layer)? The argument "why should you bother naming your layers in the first place" is out of question, since that is essential at the stage of exporting. Having to go through all your layers and groups, clicking three times each just to rename while looking for the right one is really annoying. Besides that, the technical side of implementing that would really be not such a big task like literally any 1.7 feature. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello, today I tried to log into my affinity account, and it says: "Your account is frozen. Please contact the customer support" in German. So here I am. Whats happening? Why is it frozen? Have a nice day, Leo
  4. the beta is waaay more stable than the regular version when it comes to documents with a lot of layers. You should definitely update the regular version.
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