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  1. Okay, thanks a lot for your help! I want to note that I completely retyped everything (with only 1 decimal place) in my 2nd post though, so that means it didn't adjust the decimal places that weren't displayed to me. This is a little bit confusing... Have a nice day!
  2. huh, that's really strange, because to me it looks like it is. Is there any place where I can activate more precise value display? EDIT: found it in the settings. Now I'm seeing what you are seeing.
  3. the coordinates have integer values, I just rescaled everything (artboard, content) to have integer values and the slice borders are still horrifyingly inaccurate. surge_bmp00153.afdesign
  4. Hello, dear Affinity Team, this is driving me nuts right now. These are simple graphics, but the slices won't be in the correct size. There are no Shadows, no hidden elements etc. I hope that this will be fixed ASAP, Have a nice day! ________________ System: Windows 10 Pro, v1803, Build 17134.471 Affinity Designer - v1.6.5.123 Stable
  5. Hello, today I tried to log into my affinity account, and it says: "Your account is frozen. Please contact the customer support" in German. So here I am. Whats happening? Why is it frozen? Have a nice day, Leo
  6. Hello, affinity Photo Is crashing while developing raw. Photos where shot during the evening, on a Smartphone (LG V20 Korean Version) in 4k. But when I even see how the program is starting, I think a fast patch might be a good idea... Edit: Seems like affinity photo is even worse than Chrome when it comes to eating up memory. Major difference: Chrome restores my tabs when it crashes or the PC is out of power. Looking forward to solve this problem, Leo
  7. Idk how it is with the Mac Version of Photo, but this problem exist since the first windows beta.
  8. Thank you, Sean! BTW: Is there a time plan for small stable updates, or do they get released just as soon as they are available?
  9. Hello, Affinity forum members! I'm using Affinity Photo mainly to stitch and edit panoramas, usually 4k, but up to 8k. For this I'm using photos I made with my Sony Xperia Z3, and in-game Screenshots. But last ones sometimes go horribly wrong. Currently, I'm trying to stitch a Panorama with screenshots of an in-game sunset, and they looked pretty promising, but Photo crashes every time I tried to stitch them. I tried to leave some Photos out, restart my PC, restart the Programm, stitch another one, which works fine btw, and it still just doesn't want to stitch them. As this is not the first time I experience crashing with Photo, and although I'm reporting it always and leaving always my email, I never got a response. -- I'm from Germany, so the errors are not translated into English, but the error codes are in the report, so hat shouldn't be a big issue -- So today a bit extended bug report: It alway goes like this: 1. Choose photos 2. click on stitch 3. stitch dialogue shows the loading symbol 4. loads a few seconds 5. stops loading, shows the error code 0x80004003 6. with a click on "OK" the error and Photo are closing Sadly, I've got no clue what to do, so a response would really help me a lot. -- PC Specs -- Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit) i5-4670 8GB DDR3 clocked at 1866Mhz MSI Radeon R9 380 4GB, clocked at 1000Mhz -- Photos Used -- .png format 4096x2160 8.85MPX all photos are attached. have a nice day, Leo