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  1. Hi @All Media Lab, It is not possible to add your EU VAT Number to an Affinity Store account or purchase at this current time. Should you wish to place an order with your EU VAT number, please contact affinity@serif.com as these orders are currently handled manually.
  2. Hi @Eduard van der Pol, welcome to the Affinity forum. Our software licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Mac licence to install on MacOS devices. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses. This is not possible as we have not launched Affinity Publisher for iPad, it is only available for Mac and Windows.
  3. Hi @strawbs1989, welcome to the Affinity forum. WebPlus X8 is no longer available for purchase. The download link on the site is solely there for anyone that does own a licence, to be able to download it again should they need to.
  4. Hi Walt, This usually occurs when a VPN is being used, or a browser plugin (or similar) is showing your device as being in a different location. Currently whilst working from home and using a remote connection, all sites think I am in Ireland all though I am very much still in Nottingham. The good news is that the currency will default to that of your Affinity Store account once you are signed in.
  5. Hi @macchinario, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately we did stop shipping books to Brazil due to high number of book that were damaged during shipping or lost. We now only ship to the countries listed in our store. This similar post on the Forum offers a few alternatives suggestions; https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/57061-work-books/
  6. Hi @asiyu0809, Welcome to the Affinity forum and I am sorry to hear this. If the issues still persists, please contact affinity@serif.com and we can look at other ways to help you place an order.
  7. Hi @lisa renal, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Our trials do not require a key, and you need to select the "Continue to Trial" option on startup.
  8. We do not give advance notice when our next promotions will be, but to ensure you do not miss out when there is one, you could sign up for our newsletter. https://affinity.serif.com/newsletter/
  9. HI @JSim97, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Please contact affinity@serif.com so that our team can assist you with this.
  10. Hi @ioBilly, welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately it does not appear that PayPal does not accept payments from Colombia, you could you try purchasing with a Credit/Debit card, or contact affinity@serif.com where the team can help you setup as bank transfer. With regards to the price increase, we set the price in US dollars for sale within the USA, from there the price shown in other countries and currencies is set by Apple based on a matrix they use for their own App Store. We have no control over that matrix or any updates Apple may make to it, and they have recently updated the pricing of our apps in their store for Colombian Peso, South African Rand, Indian Rupee and Russian Ruble. The prices shown are the new prices for the foreseeable future. Our Affinity Store matches the Apple prices to ensure the sale price the same for both stores.
  11. Hi @Mike pars9ns, welcome to the Affinity forum. Our Legacy accounts have now been archived, but it is still possible to access certain information. The apps can be downloaded here. There is a link at the bottom of that page if you need older versions. Product keys can be requested through this link. Please be aware that this forum is for Affinity related questions, and should you require any further advice for our Legacy range of products, please use the CommunityPlus forum.
  12. Hi @Starfire, welcome to the Affinity forum. We do not give advance notice for when our next promotions might be, but to ensure you do not miss out when there is one, you could sign up for our newsletter. https://affinity.serif.com/newsletter/
  13. Hi @SIgor420, Were you to purchase one of our apps from the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store, you would not be permitted by Apple or Microsoft to transfer those purchases to another account or user. We too, do not allow users to transfer their Affinity Store purchases to ensure users are treated equally irrespective of their purchasing preference.
  14. Hi @austrocrates, welcome to the Affinity Store. Apple's Family Sharing is an App Store feature and as such will only apply to purchases made through the App Store. You would not be able to use Affinity Store purchased with the feature but if you are having issues getting Affinity Photo to work with Family Sharing, please see this link or contact Apple directly for assistance. https://support.apple.com/en-ie/HT201088
  15. Hi @finesse5613, welcome to the Affinity forums. The answer depends on whether or not the employee has bought the licence to be used privately, or for commercial use. As a private individual, they can download, install, use the licence for personal use, on each computer that they personally own or control. If they bought the Mac licence, this relates on on to Mac computers, and only Windows computers if they bought a Windows licence. If the employee bought the licence for use at work, then the licence could only be used within the work place either: (a) by one specific individual on each of the Windows Computer(s) or Mac Computer(s) (depending on your purchased license) that they use, own or control, or (b) by multiple individuals on a single shared Windows Computer Mac Computer(s) (depending on your purchased license) that you own or control.
  16. Hi @Donna Wolfe, welcome the Affinity forum. The licence that we offer can either be used by a single person, or on a single computer. If you install it on a single computer, anyone may use the licence on that single computer. If the licence is for a single person, that person may install the licence on as many computers as they may need for that single person to use. Hopefully this answers your question, but if it does not, please give more context as to how many users there would be and on how many computers the software would be installed upon and I will be able to give you and answer specific to your requirements.
  17. Hi @KenKelly, welcome to the Affinity forum. You can use an Affinity app licence for Windows on any Windows computers you own or control personally. More information can be found here: https://affinity.store/help/
  18. Hi @Hootie, welcome to the Affinity forum. I will not touch too much on the templates and clipart points you raised as it has already been covered, however I can add that we are looking to make templates available for Affinity Publisher in the future. If however you find that the following.. ...has not improved, please email affinity@serif.com and we can see if we can figure out just why that may be the case for you.
  19. Hi @Oux, The site is designed this way to prevent people from avoiding paying VAT/Tax on purchases where required. Please contact affinity@serif.com for further assistance and advice.
  20. Hi @th_studio, We have been unable to replicate this and we have not had anyone else report the same issue. Everything, as far as we can see, is running normally. Is this happening in all browsers, and on all devices you have tried? If you have not yet tried, could you, and let us know the results? Hopefully we can figure out why this may be happening to you using a process of elimination.
  21. Hi @Garofallidis Tilemachos, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. Please contact affinityreturms@serif.com and our team will be able to assist you with this.
  22. Hi Joesh, As wonderings mentioned, this is not possible and if you bought one of our apps directly from our site then you will be eligible for the free upgrade (you wouldn't even need to sign in, apps bought through our site would tell you there is an update available on startup) I have checked our Store database and there are no users with an account using the email address you used to create your forum account. I assumed that the first part of your email address is your first and last name, and I was able to find someone in our database that uses that name, however the only "order" on the account was an Affinity Photo trial applied to the account today. My instinct based on my experience of such situations is that you most likely bought our app from the Mac App Store and not our site, but if you would like to contact affinity@serif.com with as much info about the order as you can (ideally an Order Number) we can look in to this a bit further for you and figure out exactly what you need to do to update your app.
  23. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Sevinc, Purchases made directly through our website are bought to own without any annual or monthly subscriptions.
  24. Hi @Cesare Magnani, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately licences cannot be transferred and it would no longer be possible to cancel your order as our refund period is 14 days and purchase in question was made in July. We can however help you purchase a licence for you friend as a gift, and if you would like us to arrange this, please contact affinity@serif.com.
  25. Hi TezND, Welcome to the Affinity forum, please see our response to your tweet. For others searching our forum with similar questions... Please contact affinity@serif.com where our customer service team will be able to advise which offers are available (if any). This is not a payment method that we offer. No, those product lines have now been discontinued.
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