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  1. MrDoodlezz

    Creating a handwritten font with Designer

    Oh, didn't know about this one yet … gotta try it next.
  2. MrDoodlezz

    Creating a handwritten font with Designer

    Hey, I didn't know the FontForge sub site yet. It's a bit too code-heavy for me, I can't quite comprehend it, especially from the point of "Workflow". I didn't expect it to suddenly be about programming. But that's not the point. I created my document after a video tutorial that follows this template, so it is also 1000 x 1000 pixels in size. Importing isn't the problem either. I already imported numerous glyphs, but at one point I thought there mus be a better, more convenient way. (And maybe with less coding involved? ) As I stated above and shown in the clip it's the way to get there until FontForge's file requirements are met and converting the line drawings + exporting from Designer is very tedious. I also tried BirdFont, but quickly returned to FontForge, as many features are missing from BirdFont or hidden behind cryptic icons.
  3. Happy new year guys! I am in the middle of creating my first font (handwritten) and use Affinity Designer for designing the digits. However, the process is very tenacious right now. Since I'm new to font development, this is my current approach and setup. I created a document with a growing number of artboards, one artboard for each possible digit, ligature, symbol, and so on. I created each digit using a stroke with slightly varying line widths at the beginning and end. The program into which the digits are imported works with PDF, SVG, EPS among other (to me unknown) file formats – that's okay, because I can output each digit with the export persona named accordingly. SVG is the recommended file format. But I do run into some problems: The exported digit-files MUST NOT be exported as a path with a stroke The exported digit-files MUST consist of a single shape. The exported digit-files (even if points 1. and 2. were taken into account) as SVG are created with a white box in the size of the artboard around them, which lead to another step of selecting and deleting something manually that actually wasn't created in the first place while designing the digit. (The document is set up with the check for Transparent background under the Colour dialogue) I would have guessed now I can select all contents of the different artboards via shift+click in the layers palette and convert them with a single click on "Expand Stroke" - but this is not possible, because the selection is automatically limited to the artboards and not to the children. SelectChildrenOverMultipleArtboards.mov Furthermore, I would have liked to use an action/macro to merge the multiple curves of single letters like A, B, E or F into a single curve - but unfortunately the macro palette only exists in Affinity Photo, if I see it correctly. Does anyone have an idea how to convert the files without all the unnecessary additional effort/tasks? Cheers and have a nice day MrDoodlezz
  4. Hey Cédric, I totally get what you mean. But that's like … not the way construction lines are supposed to work, correct me here. In an exaggerated sense: the graphic is finished and I start drawing in the construction lines afterwards. Right? I understand the tool differently, rather to lay a foundation on which the design then builds on. Like a grid, just a little more precise and individual. I guess you know what I'm talking about, at least it's often used that way. I really do hope so! Greetings MrDoodlezz
  5. Hey guys, about the construction mode … this works only with Pen and Node tool right now, right? I guess/hope other tools will follow? Right now I’d like to construct a figure based around circles, but I can’t get either the mode to work or the lines to show. Or am I just missing something in the menus? In any case, the tool is already very promising! Without the option to actually access circle shapes and align them to the design shapes, it's a bit limited in its usefulness for now. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  6. Oh well, thanks for your kinda snarky appearing reply. Great suggestion, and yes, I’ve already tried latest available beta before even thinking about a post. I just wanted to make sure that I understood this new tool, which has a different name, correctly and express how happy I am that this practical tool is finally being implemented after more than 4 years of working with Designer. Cheers
  7. No way! Construction mode, huh? To me this looks an damn lot like my favourite plug-in for some not-so-favourite software I’d rather not mention any longer. Okay, maybe one last time: is this what Astute Graphics is for AI? But like … it comes as a part of the package? Guys if it is – and I think it is – I am infinitely grateful for this. I really am. It’s such a handy, mighty and convenient tool! Can’t wait for it to be fully implemented! Sorry, but this is like … like it’s early Christmas to me right now. Haha, this is awesome!
  8. MrDoodlezz

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Very cool additions coming to Photo (and Designer as well)! I see, you’ve also included some … stranger layer style presets to play around with as well, thanks!
  9. Hey, Lee D, Thanks for your answer. Resetting the app sounds a lot like deleting user data at first - do I really delete all my preferences, filters, actions, etc.? That's why I haven't tried it yet. I just tested it again, only to rule out that it wasn't just a "bad day". But no, I still get a black background and a resized image. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  10. Hey guys, today I encountered this strange bug : If I copy a PNG from the browser to the clipboard and then use the command "New From Clipboard" to create a new document, a new document is generated where the image is reduced to a black background layer and additionally scaled smaller instead of the original image on a transparent background. Has anyone ever encountered this bug and knows why this happens? I have already tested copying different images and from different browsers, always with the same result. Many greetings MrDoodlezz
  11. Hey, guys, this option is also missing in my current workflow, I use it quite often. I thought I might not have searched properly, but I think it is missing currently – actually there are some other special characters missing, I guess. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they will be implemented in some future versions. @machadodesign: Maybe add a few tags, so admins and users may find this request easier/faster if they search for keywords. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  12. I've already figured that out. Though, a new version is not really a reason to shrink the roadmap and therefore withhold information on existing inquiries that were already requested in previous versions more than a year ago. And that's quite a lot by now. My point is that it would be more efficient to comment on community requested features as concretely as possible and provide their status if they are already in development or not. Without accurate feedback, the invitation for inquiries (as promoted in every video) makes no sense. Otherwise the same feature requests will appear in the forum time and again (just like it happened to me the last time ) because maybe not everyone uses the right keywords or the option to tag to the full extent. Thus many requests are lost in the crowd. With a more transparent, fixed and up-to-date roadmap/thread (just as it was originally thought) the effort for requests and features on both sides – the community and the developer – would be reduced. But … that's not really what this thread is about anyway, thanks for your insight anyway.
  13. Hey folks, Sooo … what are the plans here? Can we get an update on this topic after more than twelve months? I'd be great to add more picture agencies, maybe some creative commons like Unsplash as well. Maybe the community can edit the list itself at some point? <- That would actually be awesome. Or alternatively we could express wishes as to which agencies should be available for selection. Btw. it's a bummer the publicly viewable roadmap has been reduced to a few items - so much so that many open questions or requested/required features are missing from the list. If I understand correctly it was last updated before version 1.6. Regards MrDoodlezz
  14. Hey everyone! Unfortunately I couldn't find a comment about this question. If there is already a topic, please refer to it. What about other suppliers of stock photos? In all applications there is already the palette called "Stock". Among it you can see a drop-list, but it only contains one item/supplier which is Shutterstock. Are there plans to add more picture agencies, maybe some creative commons like Unsplash as well? Or will the community have the possibility to edit the list itself at some point? <- That would actually be awesome. Is it possible to express wishes as to which agencies should be available for selection? Regards MrDoodlezz
  15. MrDoodlezz

    My graphic work and other stuff that I create

    Hmmm, is that so? Well, once in a while I want to be a lawbreaker as well. Then this time I just take the chance and the post simply remains as it is. Cheers MrDoodlezz