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  1. MrDoodlezz

    Insert actual date

    Hey all! Thanks Mark – I guess that's the field we're looking for! To be fair this is a very odd name for this kind of function and I would never have found it by that label. Considering the users who create documents that are not necessarily intended for traditional Print. For example digital presentation-slides or briefing PDFs that need a timestamp. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  2. Thank you for pointing this out – I was looking at this part of the user interface, but I didn't realize you could actually click it, that little downwards pointing arrow didn't work for me somehow.
  3. Hey, guys, I cannot see any topic or solution to my question: Is it possible to set the text cursor as the center of the zoom while being in an active text frame? (I'm not sure how else to describe it ...) For example, coming from »Zoom to Fit«, with Ctrl++ I want to zoom to the cursor position in the text of a caption. I know that you can zoom to the text frame with Alt+Ctrl+0 (Zoom to Selection), but not to the actual position in the text. Instead, Ctrl++ zooms to the center of the text frame. Or am I missing something? Having to start typing to zoom in feels a bit prone to typos and imprecise. Cheers and thanks MrDoodlezz
  4. MrDoodlezz

    Scroll Speed Pages

    Hey guys, oh yes, thank you! I just thought I was the only one who noticed it was annoying to only get one page forward in the 20 page document with a full pull. I thought it was my mouse driver, but all other programs adapt or scale the speed accordingly. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  5. Hey everybody, I am currently looking for the function to arrange file windows (or different views of a file) in Affinity Publisher. I know this feature was available in Photoshop, where I used it every day. Are there plans to add a similar feature to the Affinity Range? That would be great! In Photoshop there are the following arrangement options to choose from: Arrange → Cascade Arrange → Tile Arrange → Float in Window Arrange → Float All in Window Arrange → Consolidate All to Tabs If there's already a topic about this I'm sorry, I couldn't find it. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  6. MrDoodlezz

    Insert actual date

    Hello guys, I also searched for this feature today. »Saved« under »Document Statistics« comes closest, because you probably save the document as soon as you make changes. However, if you only open the document to export it as a PDF and don't make any changes, a field that updates itself as soon as you open it might be handy. In fact, I assumed »Date & Time« would be this field, but it's static and takes only the date at the time you insert it. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  7. MrDoodlezz

    Indent to here

    Hey Affinity guys, can someone give us some details on this one? Does this feature already exist under another name? If not, will this feature be available sometime? Got another case today where it would've been extremely helpful! Greetings and thanks MrDoodlezz
  8. Hey guys, I worked all morning on a file that was based solely visually on a PDF. After one hour I saved the file and worked on it for another 2 hours. I just wanted to adapt the name of the reference PDF, searched for it in the Save As dialog and selected the file to avoid typing the file name manually (admittedly, I didn't double check, it was supposed to quickly save the file, but yeah I should've known better). I closed the document and left for lunch. When I came back I got an error message trying to open the file because it appeared to be saved in an unknown file format. Specifically as a file that was edited in Publisher but apparently saved as a PDF – when the file was saved, the suffix was also incorporated! Why doesn't the user get an error message or at least a warning dialog? How is it even possible that I could continue working for 2 hours in a seemingly corrupt document and didn't get a single hint of incompatibility due to wrong/double suffixes? Not even when occasionally quick saving (Ctrl + S)! But … luckily I remembered the solution from experience during my "Adobe-era" that by changing the suffix (usually hidden in Windows) manually you can sometimes get the file back to work. Adobe itself has found a solution: when selecting an existing file, somehow only the actual file name (everything preceding the .suffix) is inherited. Nonetheless I think this should be considered a bug! Cheers MrDoodlezz
  9. Hey, guys, oh yes please! It drives me nuts that the Resource Manager – such an important feature in layouting – is not a panel but a dialog box! As much as I am happy to have banished Adobe I need to say: man is a creature of habit. The palette in InDesign, always sitting in the top right corner above the layers, was indeed something that Affinity needs to adapt as quickly as possible! Cheers MrDoodlezz
  10. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey, Gabe, thank you very much for the statement – although not very pleasing. Sorry, but I have to ask again: so there is absolutely no way to restore your presets from a previous backup of the officially released version (no beta)? Not even after the old version has been restored and all presets are displayed again? Because that's the case for me. I can see them, but I can't get them into the new version. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  11. Hey guys, I have to come back to this topic because it's really bugging me right now. MEB, are there any plans to implement the function "snap to level/object" at some point? It's not very intuitive to create a guide that's only needed for 2 seconds, but which will hang around in the document afterwards, unless you open the Guides Manager and delete it there. Please … consider improving that! Greetings MrDoodlezz
  12. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey TealLight, the only way to at least see your presets again is, to restore the app inside your apps folder and also the user folder as mentioned by Murfee as well. At least this workaround worked for me, and I used Time Machine for this. I’m not sure and can’t check right now but maybe you’ll be able to actually export the curves preset? Cheers
  13. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Absolutely! On a side note: Publisher's StudioLink feature is very innovative and handy - however, neither my adjustment presets stored in Photo nor my assets created and saved in Designer are displayed in the respective persona. In other words, I have to switch between applications to get the full feature set of the other programs, which make them so special. This way StudioLink almost immediately loses some of its meaning. Well, it's like everywhere in life - there's always potential for improvement, let's hope for the best.
  14. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey again guys, That's what I've been trying for days with different versions of my backup – unfortunately without the desired result. In fact, I have always used this workaround as my reinsurance because I constantly create backups of my system and wanted to avoid unnecessary collections of folders (usually I'm a hoarder, don't ask for my download folder …). It's pretty convenient to store everything in one place or even one file. Admittedly, this time it was a fallback. I wanted this to be more of a rhetorical question, related to why there hasn't been a single mention or official statement – neither from users nor from Affinity – yet (I get there's a lot going on with Publisher right now). Well, now it almost seems like I'm literally the only one who works with this panel. Makes this kind of a weird situation now … Yeah, that's it, the essence of my post. I hope Affinity is drawing conclusions from this case. Probably not. Unfortunately and conclusively, I also received this clever suggestion from Affinity: […] we recommend beginning your collection once more […]. Okay, oh wow, thanks, that didn't cross my mind at all until now. But of course I got a lot of time and patience left to rebuild all colour swatch libraries and assets (several lost presets in Designer) and name each of the 30+ adjustment presets manually because why the hell should the app inherit the filenames when importing, as is the case with brushes? I guess it's the final verdict then. After two weeks of desperate recovery attempts and copying various folder versions from Windows to Mac and vice versa I'll scavenge my backup for single files. Damn. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  15. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey guys, it's actually less about whether this panel is used by how many people than why the presets were deleted – and more importantly how to get them back, if that's possible at all. If you don't care about the potential of this palette and think it's stupid: Thanks for stopping by, this thread is irrelevant to you. Just close this tab instead, go ahead and save your time. If you are mildly interested though, read on. The palette Adjustments exists since the beginning of the program, users (including me) who have been working with the program for several years have spent a lot of time building their library. I suppose most Photo users so far didn't have to work, knew or didn' t want to work with LUT presets (or lookups, as they are called in Photoshop). Or maybe they don't have predefined guidelines like gradient maps that they use on a daily basis. LUTs are a very convenient, clean and easy way to give images a distinct look in under half a second with just a click and without countless additional layers. The Adjustments palette is the only convenient way to create them in Photo, preview or save them. (The same applies to all other types of adjustments in the palette). Unfortunately, Photo does not have the function to drag and drop preset files into program-folders (like demonstrated in the link above), which are then automatically recognized and imported into the program, a double-click on the .cube files does not work in this case either. Thus, if one would not want to use the Adjustments palette, one would have to create a folder on one's machine, navigate there again and again via Photo in order to open one of the LUT files without knowing whether the look with the image works the way one imagined it to. As already mentioned, adding a LUT adjustment layer is much faster and more effective than running a macro – especially for batch jobs with 50+ images and time constraints. Cheers MrDoodlezz

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