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  1. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey again guys, That's what I've been trying for days with different versions of my backup – unfortunately without the desired result. In fact, I have always used this workaround as my reinsurance because I constantly create backups of my system and wanted to avoid unnecessary collections of folders (usually I'm a hoarder, don't ask for my download folder …). It's pretty convenient to store everything in one place or even one file. Admittedly, this time it was a fallback. I wanted this to be more of a rhetorical question, related to why there hasn't been a single mention or official statement – neither from users nor from Affinity – yet (I get there's a lot going on with Publisher right now). Well, now it almost seems like I'm literally the only one who works with this panel. Makes this kind of a weird situation now … Yeah, that's it, the essence of my post. I hope Affinity is drawing conclusions from this case. Probably not. Unfortunately and conclusively, I also received this clever suggestion from Affinity: […] we recommend beginning your collection once more […]. Okay, oh wow, thanks, that didn't cross my mind at all until now. But of course I got a lot of time and patience left to rebuild all colour swatch libraries and assets (several lost presets in Designer) and name each of the 30+ adjustment presets manually because why the hell should the app inherit the filenames when importing, as is the case with brushes? I guess it's the final verdict then. After two weeks of desperate recovery attempts and copying various folder versions from Windows to Mac and vice versa I'll scavenge my backup for single files. Damn. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  2. MrDoodlezz

    Usercreated Adjustment Presets – 1.7

    Hey guys, it's actually less about whether this panel is used by how many people than why the presets were deleted – and more importantly how to get them back, if that's possible at all. If you don't care about the potential of this palette and think it's stupid: Thanks for stopping by, this thread is irrelevant to you. Just close this tab instead, go ahead and save your time. If you are mildly interested though, read on. The palette Adjustments exists since the beginning of the program, users (including me) who have been working with the program for several years have spent a lot of time building their library. I suppose most Photo users so far didn't have to work, knew or didn' t want to work with LUT presets (or lookups, as they are called in Photoshop). Or maybe they don't have predefined guidelines like gradient maps that they use on a daily basis. LUTs are a very convenient, clean and easy way to give images a distinct look in under half a second with just a click and without countless additional layers. The Adjustments palette is the only convenient way to create them in Photo, preview or save them. (The same applies to all other types of adjustments in the palette). Unfortunately, Photo does not have the function to drag and drop preset files into program-folders (like demonstrated in the link above), which are then automatically recognized and imported into the program, a double-click on the .cube files does not work in this case either. Thus, if one would not want to use the Adjustments palette, one would have to create a folder on one's machine, navigate there again and again via Photo in order to open one of the LUT files without knowing whether the look with the image works the way one imagined it to. As already mentioned, adding a LUT adjustment layer is much faster and more effective than running a macro – especially for batch jobs with 50+ images and time constraints. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  3. Yeah I got that, but in that sentence I was specifically talking about the adjustment palette.
  4. Hey guys, why doesn't anyone talk about the lost adjustment presets after the update? I can't be the only one missing all his presets, can I? Since the update about two weeks ago I have had massive problems recovering any of my adjustment presets. (Screenshot of the palette is attached in case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Yes, I opened a photo and clicked on the labels – they're empty.) Under the section LUT alone there were 35 presets that I personally saved and collected over months and years! I already had similar experiences with older beta versions of the apps, where certain folders could be copied so that all user-defined settings are available again. But it doesn't seem to work this time. To be honest, this situation makes me more and more disgruntled. I wonder why this palette, which was included in the programs from the beginning, has no export function yet. Damn, even the crop tool has a function for exporting defined ratios. Even later implemented functions like macros or assets can be exported! Why not curve or white-balance presets?! Now excuse my little psych-out. Fortunately I have a Time Machine Backup, but even if I recover the data from it, I can only work with the penultimate officially released version – but that's obviously not a solution, who wants to work with an outdated version if there's a shiny new release with better features? This btw. isn't just related to Photo, but also Designer. And it's not only on Mac, but also on Windows – I checked. So if anyone has a solution to this problem, please - please- share it with the community! Or just let me know if anyone else has this problem. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  5. Hey nwhit, you can export most presets (brushes, procedural textures, macros, swatches and so on) via the drop-down of the respective palette. Afterwards you can import them automatically via double click/right click or again by using the dropdown menu. However, there is absolutely no way to export user-created presets from the adjustment palette. Some versions/years ago there was the possibility to move the above mentioned folders, but this doesn't work either – much to the frustration of many users. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  6. Ah, I see. Thanks for the screenshot! Though I thought it would be more like a general preset manager from which you can literally export anything. Hm, that would be pretty awesome …
  7. Hey R C-R, do you mind sharing a screenshot of this panel? I'm having a hard time finding it for some reason. Other than that … Oh boy, you're saving my day right now. I've been trying to get my user preferences back somehow all week, but so far I've only been trying to get them back by restoring different folders under …/Users/USERNAME/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/user – and unfortunately that didn't work at all. Now I have restored the last version of the Photo-App itself from my Time-Machine-Backup and also the folder under Library and behold – I have all my individual user preferences back! If I could now export my 35 custom LUT settings as one package instead of reloading them individually it would be a real bliss … hence my previous question: where the heck is that User Presets Panel? Is it maybe beta exclusive? Cheers and have a nice weekend MrDoodlezz
  8. MrDoodlezz

    Lost Keyboard Shortcuts [1.7.0] (split)

    Hey guys, Sorry, but I have to go further and add more issues related to this … For me the problem doesn't just affect the shortcut presets, it's not just Windows but Mac as well, and not just Photo but also Designer is affected – this means all my custom presets like LUT, gradients, styles, assets, basically everything custom added/configured was reset or is now missing. I also found a topic where someone was missing crop-tool presets after upgrading as well. Since I already had a similar problem with the user configuration when switching from beta to public release a few years ago, I took a look at my notes. There's a folder /Users/USERNAME/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/user (located under MacOS), where normally all these settings are stored, unfortunately the restoration of this folder did not change the situation. This is genuinely, genuinely frustrating! I can understand that in many cases the settings have now probably been irrevocably deleted and I can imagine the team has a lot on their hands right now so soon after the release, but please try to figure out how people can get their settings back in case they've got a backup. Cheers and thanks MrDoodlezz
  9. Hey fellows, I'd like to agree here. This function would be great to edit existing files with many individual elements that look the same but are separated and would otherwise have to be selected individually. A small workaround to at least change colours universally could be to use the function of global colour swatches – however this would only work if you started building the document from scratch. Therefore I would also be happy if this feature would be implemented sometime. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  10. Ah, thanks for the citations, R C-R. Sorry for the question, I must have skipped that in my searching earlier. I really hope these options come sooner rather than later - they are extremely helpful to me! Cheers
  11. Hey guys, what happened to the construction mode? I was very happy that these options were implemented, but I can't find them in the current beta. Has the mode been moved to a new category or has development been paused or even cancelled? That would be a shame, because it already looked very promising. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  12. Hey guys, the alignment/snapping of the frame with objects on the canvas has been missing here for quite some time, if I remember correctly I already asked for it several years ago – because almost all tools have the possibility to constrain each other, except the Crop Tool. I would really love to see the option to align the crop frame to objects on the desktop soon – it would be incredibly helpful to save further steps and workarounds in the workflow. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  13. Hey sun1, that's exactly what I'm missing right now. I currently have to make changes to about 20 icons, all of which are created in standalone documents. I know that the artboards (which I love in general, but whose handling could be optimized as well) would be ideal for this, but instead of spending the next 45 minutes merging 20 + documents into one file with correctly named artboards, it would be easier and (exceptionally) more effective to arrange the windows to keep track of them. Maybe the next updates will bring something to clean up our workspace or our documents? Sun1, you'd add a few tags to the OP to make it easier/faster to track and find. Cheers MrDoodlezz
  14. Ah, sorry, I should have written in more detail: this time I was talking about the content, i.e. figures and elements within the Artboard-Symbol – the content (like you would expect from a Symbol) is mirrored for every Artboard-Symbol instance. But as you state that guides and grids aren't even though synchronization is active, I would definitely consider it a bug, but at least very, very inconsistent handling of Symbol-Children or what ever they're calling it.
  15. Right, that's exactly what I was expecting. But at least this way you could create a mass of Artboards in one step instead of duplicating and arranging them in Designer afterwards. If I understand correctly that's what Walt already mentioned above. You can create Symbols of Artboards. It saves the grid and guides as well, every time you place everything is there. Though there are other problems with this workaround: The synchronization of the already placed Artboards must be deactivated so that the other Artboards do not have the same content. However, if you want to make universal changes to the guides or the grid afterwards, this is not possible, since the Artboards are no longer linked to each other due to the previous deactivation of the synchronization. Times artboards being mentioned in this post: 8