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  1. Hey everyone, with the all-knowing alternatives to Affinity Suite (and also numerous other unrelated apps/applications), right-clicking on the name of the currently open file in the file window/titlebar allows you to see the location (unless it's a new, unsaved document). In combination with the option »open recent« (which also only shows the file name but not the file path) or the touch bar, which as well displays the last X documents, this would be incredibly helpful. Because … you know … we creatives sometimes forget where the current file or the latest version was saved to. 😅 My next workaround would actually be »Save As…«, which – in other apps – usually can be used to make out the location of the currently opened file. But here too, Affinity Suite seems to have its own way of working, which is not really comprehensible to me, as it shows the location of the previous/last »Save as…« operation, which is rarely the location of the currently opened file. I would be happy if this small feature gets implemented in a future release. 😉 Greetings Dennis
  2. Hey @Dan C, thanks for your reply and the detailed explanation on this issue. I don't know if it's too much to ask, but such a hint would be great as the last message before a thread is automatically merged, wouldn't it? »Hey X, this issue has been relocated with other similar issues within a new (internal) thread and it will be worked on further.« That's why we use tags, so that we can easily and quickly find all the threads that belong together, right? By silently moving/merging and closing a thread, users are just wondering why the problem hasn't been solved and it feels a bit like communicating into the void. But of course it is nice to read that the problem is not going unheard and is being worked on. Let's hope that at some point (sooner rather than later) there will be a solution to it. 🙂 Happy Weekend! Dennis
  3. Also, why the heck was my old thread closed and moved to solved when the problem clearly hasn't been touched in any way?
  4. Haha, oh wow, thanks for looking it up! ❤️ I hadn't even thought about how old it actually is. Sweet, hope you all brought cake – the issue is turning seven this year! 🎂🥳 Jokes aside, that's one year after the first release of Designer I mentioned this problem. At the same time I can remember some other good suggestions for improvement from the community, which were unfortunately completely ignored. Instead, more and more new – but mostly uncalled for – features were released without fixing the existing problems first. And if you ask after 6+ years, you don't get an answer – or as in other cases an answer from the moderators with a spiteful/annoyed undertone, in which they deny any responsibility instead of taking the users seriously and referring the issue to the right person. What’s the point of having a Feature Requests & Suggestions section in the forum if same are getting completely ignored? That's quite frustrating. 😑
  5. Hey @Gabe, I don't want to sound pushy, but this is actually something that's been logged for years. So … what's the status on this? 🤔 Cheers Dennis
  6. Hey @MEB, so what‘s the status on this? It’s been a couple of years … 🤔 Cheers Dennis
  7. Hey Affinity team, this continues to be one of my recurring pains with the entire suite, and as someone who loves navigating menus and input fields with the keyboard it drives me crazy. I've raised the issue some years before, but I can't seem to find it again here on the forum. The (mis-)behaviour is incredibly annoying if you are used to working with keyboard shortcuts – every other software has a logical sequence for jumping/changing the active field with tabs. As far as the whole Affinity suite is concerned, I only recognise fragmentary connections that do not correspond to any logic, and this is independent of the desktop operating system (Mac/Win). Sometimes the cursor jumps to the next field, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you get a hint or error tone. The key combination Shift + Tab, which normally jumps to the previous field, does not work either. Therefore: Please, it would be great if you could clean up the logic in the suite – even if it costs a lot of time, talking about creating tab-enabled forms in Acrobat. 😪. In addition, tabbed navigation also allows for better accessibility. I would love to see and improvement on this matter in a future update! 🙂 Cheers Dennis
  8. Oh wow, thanks for the macro @T V! And the video is a great reminder of the (slightly hidden) Duplicate Linked option – I had completely neglected it until now and am just seeing whole new possibilities for workflows! 😲 Thanks for sharing and happy new year! 🎉
  9. Very nice, great use of symbols – they are a very powerful and underrated tool within the Affinity Suite! Reminds me of my snowflake generator from a few years ago! ❄️ Happy Holidays and see you next year 😉
  10. Hey @Sean P, thanks for the hint about Save History with Document, that finally did the trick for me! In future versions I would prefer the error message to refer to this rather than just spitting out a (for us users) vacuous error message and that we should contact you – without giving a hint how. 😁 Greetings and a happy new year! 🎉
  11. Sure, but then I ask myself: Why pretend the forum is a platform for collecting suggestions for improvements and for new features that the community actually wants/needs, when apparently only the internal agenda counts and dictates which new feature will be implemented next or which bugs are getting fixed? 🤥 I really can't remember a single feature that was implemented due to requests from the community (however, if this is the case, it has not been mentioned publicly). To me, feedback/bug fixing on basic, already existing features seems less important than the next hot sh*t for publicity at the next Apple event. 😑 I don't just want to vent my frustration here, but also admit that many many new features are great and make the work immensely easier! 😉 But often it's the little things that were buggy from the start and finally need some love and tweaking. Greetings
  12. Hey guys, nice to see that I'm not the only one who would like to use the NumPad for shortcuts! 😃 After seeing many threads with great ideas like this one, I can't help but feel that a lot of the community's ideas are overlooked and ignored when directly approached by the moderators (»I'm not responsible for that matter and I can't/won't name/forward this to a responsible person ...«) so that Affinity/Serif only implements what the company and its employees think is important. At least that's how it feels. Sure, performance improvements are great and the (staff) euphoria about special features like astrophotography is nice. But I haven't had any problems with performance for years (fortunately) and – like probably a large part of the user base – have absolutely no use for astrophotography stacks. In fact, I had never heard of astrophotography before the update. Good for them! As a long-term user, at this point I'm frankly just disappointed. Submitting what feels like basic and easy to implement ideas and requests/improvements for features like this that end up gathering dust unheeded just feels like a dull waste of time by now. 🤔
  13. Hey @MEB, not sure you're still on it, but since you're active at some point I'll tag you. 😉 On Windows I still get the same results and suspect that – whether checked or not – »Scale with Object« is always active with saved presets and pasted styles. I have a design for which I want to create several complex styles that I can then apply again and again. Unfortunately, the styles scale completely randomly or multiply by multitudes even though the option »Scale with Object« is deactivated – what could be the possible reason to keep this behaviour in the apps, am I missing something? It is completely contrary to what I would expect from a list of preset styles. If I have to manually adjust the styles every time I apply them, I can save myself the trouble of creating presets in the first place. 🤔 Cheers Dennis
  14. All right. That might be efficient and I can understand that it is not possible to comment or give information on all topics at all times. Nevertheless, after a few years and several threads repeating the same old question, it leaves users waiting for any sign of their concerns being looked at with a sense of indifference or ignorance on the part of the developers. Just some user perspective and light venting/feedback from a day one user of the products and long time member of the forum. 😉
  15. Hehe, sorry, you were the first name that came to mind, I didn't think anything else of it. 😁 I'm not sure who to tag here, but I feel like these requests don't get proper closure. This feature request is not exactly new, there are at least four different threads on the forum about font management and specifically missing auto-activation (through interacting with/integrating third party apps). I feel that the issue is being treated somewhat shoddily, and maybe I'm wrong, but no staff member has ever commented on it. After all, the question has been unanswered since 2018 – maybe you can forward the topic to the person in charge or give me the right name to tag? 😜 Cheers and thanks MrDoodlezz
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