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  1. I also find the Quick Grid function good, but not very good. For my use cases it is simply not precise enough and I find the delay when changing the distance to each other irritating, especially when it is a matter of a few pixels or millimetres - then it becomes slightly frustrating, because as soon as you release the mouse button to move closer, for example, the process is automatically confirmed/completed. I find your ideas very well documented. However, I would find it even more intuitive if a kind of pop-up opened right beneath the mouse cursor as soon as the system recognised that I wanted to use Quick Grid. You could then define exactly these settings via the pop-up. It could look like this and would increase the accuracy by 100% (clearly I'm not a UI artist, so treat this as a mockup): Or, for a slightly more compact version just for manipulating the gutter, since you can get the first frame snap to the document grid can to control the number of frames horizontally/vertically via the keyboard anyway:
  2. Hehe, it's a test of whether anyone here reads this conscientiously at all. You passed. 😜 Thanks, I'll take care! It seems that this is not necessary at all. I remember that in previous versions and updates my LUT files and other adjustment settings were unfortunately always forgotten/lost and I had to retrieve and copy them again myself into the new structure. This time it worked with the transfer.
  3. You have just saved the day for me – thank you for this super simple workaround! Just two question: Where does this install the files exactly?
  4. Do you actually mean buy or download? If you have bought the app, it should – if I understood Affinity correctly – still be displayed in your purchase history. Just like the desktop software in the App Store or on the Affinity website itself. This problem is indeed very frustrating, but at least there now is now a warning dialogue. It is beyond my grasp not to integrate such a dialogue right from the start in a version jump with a lack of backwards compatibility and especially a time-limited demo. πŸ˜‘
  5. You are right about that. So that would be one of the 4 workarounds I haven't used yet, and probably even the one that requires the fewest clicks. But these tricks are not as intuitive or comparable to the method we know and use from the other tools. I don't understand why this learned habit is broken for a single tool. (In fact, it is broken in at least two places I know of: The Crop Tool and the Tiltshift option within the live filter Depth of Field. Unfortunately it also does not pick up the function of adjusting the opposite sides at the same time when holding down the ⌘-key. Probably I’m super picky with this … oh well, what can I say, I do like precision.) Now if the selection were automatically detected when switching to the crop tool or offered as a potential crop, that would almost be an acceptable alternative. I saw this or a similar request as well somewhere in the forums. Haha, I know – aber der Spruch musste jetzt noch kurz sein. Und ist doch nun mal am Ende des Tages auch tatsΓ€chlich so, oder nicht? 😁
  6. And of course, I know that there are probably 10 workarounds for both problems, of which I probably already use 6. But – as is the case with workarounds – they need more clicks, and each click takes time, and time is money. At least for simultaneously cropping opposite sides would be holding down one single additional key instead of 1. creating a shape 2. create rulers for that shape and 3. finally switching to the crop tool and crop.
  7. Hey everyone, I honestly don't know exactly how to describe what I've been missing for a long time (actually since day one of Photo) other than the title. But I can try to describe what behaviour I would expect. As you can already tell from the title, it's about the Crop Tool. From certain other tools I am used to being able to click on the top and bottom and left and right centre nodes of a selection, a shape or an artboard and adjust the element symmetrically by holding down the ⌘ key. Here is a short demonstration of what I mean by this (Sorry for the poor quality, but I didn't want it to be a big clip): Crop_Tool_function.mov You could say: Β»Why don't you just move the active area so that it snaps into the middle?Β« But here's the thing: Snapping to the centre of the current canvas for some reason does not work with the cropping tool – only document edges and rulers are recognised. All other elements in the document are ignored as snapping candidates. For some reason these two functionalities (simultaneous crop opposite sides and snapping) apparently never made it into the crop tool and I really don't know why because these to me are the most basic functions I use on a daily bases – to crop equal parts from the sides or to snap to elements/candidates on the canvas. I really miss these – am I the only one? πŸ˜”
  8. Thanks for the answer in this thread as well. Fingers crossed it'll all work out before the offer ends. 🀞
  9. Thanks for the update, Patrick – I really appreciate it, it takes care of some of the concerns!
  10. Well, the inconvenience, time invested and number of clicks to create a new address. The fact of having to use such a workaround in order to take advantage of a 30-day trial period should be reason enough. One would assume that potential problems, such as those that are taking place here on a relatively large scale, would be taken into account before the release of a software package. It's not like Affinity is starting from scratch with absolutely no market knowledge, let alone Serif, so it could be a marketing strategy. In any case, I'm very confused about how the release unfolded.
  11. Oh wow, yes! That makes so much more sense, a very nice example of how a test phase should actually work. Also, there is still no statement from Affinity, neither officially nor unofficially, I guess. I don't have a test phase then? Cool cool cool, that's just great.
  12. In another thread I asked about the trial period: Will the trial be reset when the MSI/EXE becomes available? Right now I'm down to about 12 days, although I can't test anything because of the installation problems.
  13. I guess Affinty's lack of response indicates Β»noΒ« for both questions? Nevermind, found something here.
  14. Two questions, that I think are related in some way (I hope they haven't already been asked. If so: Sorry for the repetition and please point me into the right direction) : Is it foreseeable whether the MSI version will be available before the end of the current 40% offer? (14.12.2022 if the info I read somewhere is correct.) Will the trial be reset when the MSI versions become available? Because I currently have an activated trial version and only have a couple of days left, but am stuck with the MSIX versions, which for one reason or another can't install on my operating system (even after trying several options discussed here in the forum). Or will the trial version expire without me even having the possibility to test it? 😞
  15. Of course it could be a mistake, but I am extremely sceptical this time. This kind of notification about the lack of compatibility with earlier versions of the apps was literally there in the earlier minor upgrades and betas! So what made them remove it, just not integrate it or forget it? With such a big announcement and release plus additional costs, I think every screw should actually be in place. Also because this upgrade was in the works for how many months/years?
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