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  1. Hey petejack, since you're a HUION user as well, maybe you can confirm the not-working-right-click explained in the thread as well? Many thanks MrDoodlezz
  2. Hey there, I was talking about this as well in this thread as well. Maybe you can get your hands on a HUION tablet as well and test it’s compatibility? Regardless of what the settings you mentioned above are set to – it’s just not working. Greetings MrDoodlezz
  3. Hey guys, any news on this? I guess the right-click issue got solved … but now there's a much bigger issue. For me, with the latest release, the stylus tip itself as a input isn't recognized on the canvas any more – though I can use it on the toolbar and pretty much anywhere to select. Basically, the tablet is therefore completely inoperative and unnecessary, as its main function no longer works? What's going on? 😢 Greetings MrDoodlezz
  4. Hey Mark, yes, it is currently activated. If I disable it in the driver, there is no variation in line width in version In the current beta version there will be no stroke at all. But I'd have the possibility to use the right click. Basically it's like … Windows Ink activated = right-click unavailable but stroke/variation of line width available Windows Ink deactivated = right-click available but stroke/variation of line width unavailable As if you can't have both line width and right click. Which is a bit frustrating and blocks the workflow, because I have to switch constantly between mouse and graphics tablet. Hope you get what I mean. 😅 Greetings and have a nice weekend MrDoodlezz
  5. Hey community and devs! Problem is the following: I am not able to use the right click on the buttons of the stylus of my HUION display tablet in the complete Affinity Suite (latest release as well as beta). The right click doesn't get recognized. I have already tried experimenting with the preferences, but have not come to a sufficient result, but to the realization that it could be related to Windows Ink. I have already written in more detail about this here, a topic about a similar problem. I'm using the latest release of OS and drivers as well as both latest release and betas of the Affinity Suite. Display tablet I'm using: HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Now in the beta, the option to set Windows Ink has now been removed - but the problem still exists for me. Any thoughts/idead/workarounds/solutions about this? Greetings MrDoodlezz
  6. Hey folks, I'd like to come back to this. The reason for this is that the latest version of Affinity Publisher behaves exactly the same as it did in version 1.7.2 of Affinity Photo – or rather the editing behaves the way you would intuitively expect. This is probably because Publisher also has a separate text frame panel. In several videos from Affinity it has been mentioned that the file formats of the different applications are practically identical. Therefore it is also possible to build a shape in Designer, copy it to Publisher, convert it to a text frame there and at the same time keep the shape and colour and then copy everything back to Designer. This leaves me a little bit puzzled and I think that the same behaviour should be available directly in Designer. Every additional shape is unnecessary and hinders the further processing of the document, e.g. if you change the text frame the shape for the background colour would have to be adjusted as well. Maybe not with the range of options as in Publisher, but the option to switch between text colour (fill and outline) and shape (also fill and outline) would be very helpful to have in Designer! Cheers MrDoodlezz
  7. All right! Lucky you I guess. 😄😢
  8. Thanks for you answer. So you can actually right-click via the pen-buttons in the layer panel and at the same time have pressure sensitivity when drawing with these settings? Let me give you an example. Could you try to draw something, then right click on the layer in the layer panel and select »Rasterize to Mask« for example without changing anything in the settings? On the other hand you're working with a Wacom, pretty sure they use other ways then Huion. So it would be very helpful if someone with a Huion tablet could try as well.
  9. Hey guys, so if I understand you correctly, you unchecked the box inside the Huion driver? If I unchecked the box, I still have pen pressure registration as well. But unfortunately I get the bug that right or middle mouse buttons on the side of pen do not work (in the layers palette for example) anymore or are at least not registered as such. However, if I enable Windows Ink in the driver again, the mouse clicks work fine, but I don't have a pen pressure registration anymore. Drives me nuts. 😖 However, if I enable Windows Ink in the driver again, the mouse clicks work fine, but I don't have a pen pressure registration anymore. I have tested it with another program (Aseprite) – there the clicks are registered correctly! Can you maybe test and confirm this on your site? I'm working with a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 and the latest version of the driver. Cheers and thanks MrDoodlezz
  10. It's been a while since I've thrown some stuff in this topic. So here I am. 😁 Does this tie perhaps distract from my hairstyle which is slowly but surely becoming untameable? No? Oh well, worth a shot, wasn't it. 😜
  11. Hey Daniel, nice illustrations and good choice of colours! My critique would be that these logos are very detailed and displayed very large. You probably want to check them at a small scale as well, maybe even as a grey or pure black and white variant. Let's say you'd want to put the lion or the joker on a business card, key ring or ballpoint pen. For the lion design I notice subtle differences (errors) in shade and some white clippings. I get those clippings from time to time as well, try changing the orientation of the stroke to middle (double the stroke width) and place it inside of the white shape – sometimes that works. Love the colour scheme for the goat.
  12. Oh, now that I'm thinking about it I got it – you're absolutely right! Yeah, now these two options make sense. Guess I was a little blind sided today … 😵
  13. Hey Garry, thanks for the explanation of the boolean operations. But that's not exactly what I meant, I'm familiar how they work. I was talking about the drop down menu under Layer resp. Geometry. 😉 So it's rather what's done with the new shape after the usual boolean operations. I don't see any difference between these two options in the way they work, yet here they are … Deivide_Separate.mp4
  14. Hey folks, I'm just wondering what' the difference between the two options in the Layer → Geometry menu. At first glance they both seem to have the same function – maybe someone can enlighten me? 💡 Cheers and … wash your hands MrDoodlezz 😄
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