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  1. I share your pain. If only Photo had DAM, then Affinity Photo would be all I needed. Well, not quite - I would still need better printing functionality. So I still need to use Corel Paint Shop Pro for the things that AP lacks (having dropped Adobe).
  2. I'm pretty new to Affinity Photo, so maybe it's just me, but I can't make sense of crop and rotate in Develop. I loaded a raw image, wanted to rotate it 90ยบ counter clockwise (from horizontal to vertical orientation) and crop it a bit. When rotating (by dragging outside the crop rectangle), it crops the image to the original orientation (cuts off top and bottom), leaving blank space on either side. I'm trying to find a video on YouTube that answers this but so far no answer. Thanks, Bart
  3. Apparently this tool only works when it detects the color red. I tried to use it for a "green eye" in a dog photo but it did nothing. Is there a way to correct when they eye is not red?