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  1. Well, things were going well this morning, but the crashing has returned. It appears that it will crash when I do File->Open (the file will open but AP crashes when doing any editing). However, if I open a file using File->Open Recent, I can edit and save files with no crashing. I'm attaching the most recent Crash Reports. d46bbefb-c713-4d41-ab57-cb44876d2240.dmp
  2. I just installed a Beta update for Capture One 21 and rebooted the computer. When first run after a new install, C1 spends a few minutes configuring hardware acceleration, and I was worried this might cause trouble with AP Beta. However I spent about 10 minutes trying various things in AP (open/close files, several adjustments), and no crashing. All appears to be well now... Thanks, Bart
  3. I'm not sure what the Capture One thumbnail provider is, but I turned off thumbnails in Windows File Explorer (after restarting computer) and was able to open and edit files in AP Beta without crashing. I then turned thumbnails back on, and still no crashing. So I'm not sure if this is the thumbnails you were referring to, but for now it's working well. I have both Capture One v20 and Beta v21, but have not uninstalled either since AP Beta is not crashing now. One other issue: the Highlights slider in Develop Persona (under Shadows & Highlights) does nothing. So far, so good, but I'll keep working and see how it goes... Thanks, Bart
  4. I just used the GeForce app to do a Reinstall, which did an Uninstall before reinstalling, so I assume the driver was properly uninstalled before it was reinstalled. AP Beta still crashed when trying to open a file. I attached the crash report - file ending in 08319fa.dmp I kept trying to open files, and on the third or fourth try a file opened, I did some editing in the Develop Persona but it crashed after a couple adjustments. I'm also sending the report for that crash too, file ending in 8729.dmp Thanks, Bart ea316f77-2e59-4f55-b5a1-04d4e9578729.dmp a24f562c-158b-44de-8c9a-a69de08319fa.dmp
  5. Hi Chris, I've attached a .dmp file that was just generated. I am using Nvidia Studio driver 457.30, just installed yesterday. Thanks, Bart da2058e6-8945-4106-bf29-bde6b610d162.dmp
  6. Mark, I just tried Beta and have the same results as all previous betas - AP crashes instantly upon selecting a file to open (any type of file). My system is: most current Windows 10 update, Intel Core i9, 32 GB ram, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 super with current Studio driver (installed just today). If I go to preferences and set the Renderer to Intel UHD Graphics 630 I am able to open files, but that rather defeats the purpose. Please let me know what other information would help. I don't know where to look for a crash report.
  7. Thanks, Patrick. I'll try the newest Beta later, but assuming all goes well and the file opens, will I still be getting GPU acceleration? Also, if my GPU is unsupported, are there plans to add additional GPUs?
  8. I've tried a few different Beta builds, but in every case when I attempt to open a file AP crashes. My GPU is Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super, perhaps it's not supported, but would this latest Beta fix the crashing problem?
  9. Such amazing achievements for only 5 years! I used to be a software developer and I know how much commitment and hard work goes into it.
  10. Doh. I figured it had to be something simple. Thanks, MEB!
  11. I don't know what the heck happened, they used to work, but now only HDR Efex is highlighted: ...and here is the preferences dialog: Initially, the top-level Nik directory was showing in the Plugin Search Folders, but I tried adding them individually, but it didn't change anything. If I'm missing something very obvious, fine, but does anyone know what's going on here? Thanks!
  12. I have a bit of an odd question. I'm a guitar maker and photographer. Have been using Affinity Photo for 2 years, and recently bought Designer for a specific purpose: to design the labels that go inside my guitars (in the past I've had a couple graphic artists do that for me). I'm working on learning Designer, but am also wondering if there would be any advantage to having Publisher as well for this purpose, what with Publisher being on sale at the moment... Thanks for any suggestions, Bart Hovis
  13. I share your pain. If only Photo had DAM, then Affinity Photo would be all I needed. Well, not quite - I would still need better printing functionality. So I still need to use Corel Paint Shop Pro for the things that AP lacks (having dropped Adobe).
  14. I'm pretty new to Affinity Photo, so maybe it's just me, but I can't make sense of crop and rotate in Develop. I loaded a raw image, wanted to rotate it 90ยบ counter clockwise (from horizontal to vertical orientation) and crop it a bit. When rotating (by dragging outside the crop rectangle), it crops the image to the original orientation (cuts off top and bottom), leaving blank space on either side. I'm trying to find a video on YouTube that answers this but so far no answer. Thanks, Bart
  15. Apparently this tool only works when it detects the color red. I tried to use it for a "green eye" in a dog photo but it did nothing. Is there a way to correct when they eye is not red?
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