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  1. Thanks. What technique did you use???
  2. Can anyone change the pink Crown Victory color to a deep red easily???
  3. I have an Affinity Photo User manual created from their help file if you want it. I have a Word or a PDF version
  4. I've been using PS since ver 1 and Save As/Export doesn't bother me either. All the main tools are there.
  5. rudyp16

    Photo borders

    Don't see where you can add a border in Effects. I see inner and outer shadwos and a few othet things but no border function. Am I missing something? Thanks
  6. rudyp16

    Photo borders

    Hey Mark, I' asked for this also. Purchased Paint Shop Pro 2019 because it has a cool, slick, easy module for add a border, not the jerky way Affinity Photo woks. Check out the Trial version of Paint Shop Pro and you'll see what I mean. I love Affinity Photo and canceled Photo Shop CC which I used for years back in the version 1.0 days. Hope the put this in on this next release. Below is the PSP 2019 dialog box.
  7. The text toolbar does not fit all the entries across it. I have to click on the dropdown symbol all the way on the right of the toolbar to show ir in the drop down window. Is there a way to may it fit without having to show it in the dropdown? Can I remove some of the other entries in order to make it fit?? Thanks, Rudy If needed I can provide a screen shot
  8. Send me your email address and I'll supply you with a PDF or Word file for Affinity Photo. It's the complete help file 664 pages. rudy.pataky16@gmail.com is mine.
  9. Be sure you have your Pixel Layer selected and not some adjustment layer, etc. Go to Layers and highlight your Background (Pixel) layer. Let me know if it works.
  10. Thank you so much. Since I posted this, I found another way to do it. I used a selection brush and outlined the dress. I then brought up an HSL adjustment and used it on the selected dress. Did not affect any portion of the photo. I've been a user of Photoshop since version 1 (big buck purchase) and upgrading every year to a tune of 200.00. Played around with Photo plus over the years but always used PhHotoshop. That ended. Just canceled my subscription of Photoshop and purchased Affinity Photo. What a great product for the one time price. Have to learn the new UI and Affinity terms but using the tutorials helped me a great deal. Love this product. Tempted to write a detailed review on their Facebook Page. What do you think?
  11. Hi, Can I change a specific color in a photo by clicking on it and then clicking on a replacement color from the color panel. Example, my grand daughter has a blue dress on and I want to change it to red without affecting anby other part of the photo. I played around with the HSL Adjustment by selecting Blue and using the sliders however it changed other parts of the photo. Looking to Click on a color in a photo such as dress and then change just that color using the color panel. Is this possible?? Thanks, Rudy
  12. rudyp16

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks, Are there any Photoshop Plugins that will work in this product and if so, How do I get them into Affinity??? Thanks, Rudy. You can respond to rudy.pataky16@gmail.com or here.
  13. rudyp16

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey Matt, Trying out the Trial of A Photo and there is a difference in viewing an adjustment layer. In the trial, the 3 buttons, 1 Red and 2 hollow empty do not show up. Check this out. I'm hoping iot's a setting issue. Not showing up in my Trial Software.

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