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  1. After installing latest version, when I try to open a filter, the following message occurs. see below. Happens to all filters. This filter was for GRFX Studio Pro AI.
  2. I'm definitely not getting it. It looks so simple. I open my picture and see it as a layer in the layers panel. I then open my b&w photo and it replaces my photo in the layers panel??? So weird. I already inverted the image and saved it as a jpeg.I don't see the photo at all. It was replaced by the B&W photo. It should have shown what you have, the tiger and the mask unter it. Confused.
  3. I've created a layer mask and mask using the shapes however, that was not my question. Can you take that B&W jpeg and make it a mask ?? If so, how?? Thanks again
  4. I want to invert the image changing white to black and black to white
  5. Can someone walk me through taking this photo and creating a mask from it, please. I'm so confused. Basically, want to create masks from various black and white images. Mask2 is the desired effect.
  6. I wish the upgrade would refine the Refine Brush tool. I own PSP 201`9 Ultimate and they have a Smart Secectiopn Tool that is awesome. Don't get me wrong. I love Affinity Photo and use it instead PS.
  7. Can anyone change the pink Crown Victory color to a deep red easily???
  8. I downloaded the latest customer beta and it updated the previous customer beta. When I click on the icon to load it, the new logo opens and it says it's ;loading fonts and after a few seconds it closes down. What am I doing wrong???? Rudy P.S. into task Manager it's not there. The previous customer beta worked on my PC. I'm running Windows 7 Home 64 Bit
  9. Just downloaded the latest neta and now it will not load. The main Logo Windows shpws up and the disappears. I went into Task Manager and it's not there. DUH? Please help. Going back to my purchased version.
  10. I have an Affinity Photo User manual created from their help file if you want it. I have a Word or a PDF version
  11. I've been using PS since ver 1 and Save As/Export doesn't bother me either. All the main tools are there.
  12. I use a canon ix6520 for my color photos and Canon East Print EX or QImage Pro to print my photos. My Canon does borderless printing however I'd like to add an inner border, if you may, to the photo son that when a print a 4x6 with an inner border, it will show up on the print.

    1. Fixx


      Yes, you can add white are around image, or you can scale image in print dialog to make it smaller to add white border.

    2. rudyp16


      Thanks. Used the cross-hair method using rectangle. Works fine.

  13. Don't see where you can add a border in Effects. I see inner and outer shadwos and a few othet things but no border function. Am I missing something? Thanks
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