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  1. Yes I also thought about that .... as soon as I re-installed them I created the backup Thanks for the support
  2. Hi, I knew the procedure but I wanted to avoid loading again all the brushes I have ... I thought it existed separately to download and reload .... I reset all the brushes and installed everything again Thank you
  3. I accidentally deleted the basic brushes ... where can I retrieve them?
  4. Did I mean when I separate the group the images remain aligned? .... If they stay aligned it's perfect for me ... I thought they were misaligned separating the stack group
  5. Yes I know the function ... my doubt is once the alignment of the images has been created you should separate the group and then go to act on every single image .... but then the images remain aligned?
  6. I have two or more photos of the same subject (a car) a photo is with a rotated polarizer, one without, one with a flash shot and so on obviously all the photos were taken on a tripod When I use layer masks to cover / uncover the parts of the image that I need, it often happens that the images are slightly misaligned with each other .... in ps there is a command called alignment levels .... I, using affinity photo, I wanted to know if this function exists.
  7. Hi guys ..... is it possible to align 2 identical levels as it is possible to do with Ps? Slewing them and self align them like two identical photos of a car to avoid misaligned parts
  8. I apologize but I use a translator and therefore I don't understand some things immediately
  9. I apologize but I use a translator and therefore I don't understand some things immediately
  10. I updated to version 1.7.2 but the same happens
  11. I don't know if I'm wrong, but with a background layer (for example a portrait) wanting to change the color of my eyes I created a curve level and an hsl level then I made a group with these two levels and created a mask inside the group pressing Alt + mask theoretically the changes of the two levels should be seen only if you brush on the mask with the right white color? To me the background level disappears as if he didn't see the group didn't exist
  12. I bought 1.5 and upgrades to 1.6 I got for free .... how does it work in this case?
  13. But for Affinity 1.6 Photo & Designer users there are free or paid updates? ..... or do you need to buy back both versions of Photo & Designer 1.7?
  14. Hi I would like to update my pc that I use for affinity photo and 3D renderig, I currently own an I7 3 ghz 4 core with 24 gb ram, I wanted to know if the affinity program benefits from a CPU like the intel I9 14 logical 28 physical cores. ... to speed up the heaviest operations.

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