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  1. Ok as I understand I can also install it on three PCs ... the important thing is that they are used only by me for commercial purposes .... do I understand correctly?
  2. So practically only one license can be used for commercial purposes .... if this license is inserted on other PCs always in my possession .... they can be used but not for commercial purposes. Basically a commercial license = 1 pc Even if "I knew" that usually a program can be installed both on a fixed and on a notebook and be both valid for commercial purposes .... obviously installed on other PCs it is no longer valid commercially .... this usually it happens with the other software that I use
  3. Hello, I should change workstations soon because my pc is having problems with the motherboard, On the PC that is having problems I installed all the Affinity suite (Photo, Designer and Publisher) regularly purchased. I would like to know how I can deactivate the licenses from this PC and activate them on the new one. I also wanted to know if the 3 licenses can be installed not only on a fixed PC but also on a laptop ... or should other licenses be purchased? Regards
  4. Hello, having a monitor and k1200 board that support them..i wanted to know if the affinity photo can be used with 10 bits.
  5. I mean the automatic panels of other photo editing programs .... panels that create masks from brightness levels and then through a slider you change the mask to expand the editing area .... example the videos on the Tk panel that seems to me do this. I understand that there is no such automatic panel but I wanted to know how to do the same thing in a less automatic but effective way anyway I hope I have been clear now
  6. In some videos on the net I have seen "plug-ins" that allow you to select areas of brightness (luminosity masks) through special macros .... then they manage to change the tones of the mask to include or eliminate some unnecessary areas .... like a sky or a foreground. as I downloaded a mascro that creates the luminosity mask in Aphoto I wanted to know if you can then modify it to increase / decrease the areas you are interested in modifying
  7. Hi , Pauls I meant when creating brightness masks ... that is, you choose Lights 1 for example and then you want to refine the mask to take more or less modification area on the image.
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible to modify a brightness mask created through automatic macros so that I can decide which area to work on more and others less. I have seen non-affinity photo videos where the masks can be modified through levels of curves, levels etc. to vary the intensity of the mask and consequently the area of intervention
  9. Hello, does the focus merge function also provide for automatic noise reduction or should the stacking command be used to reduce noise?
  10. I didn't remember asking for it already..... sorry I tried to manually align the images but, since the stars move radially, fixed a rotation point, I don't remember the combination of keys to rotate the whole image
  11. Hi I wanted to know if there is a way to align two nocturnal images of the Milky Way. I tried the stack function but unfortunately it aligns very well with the mountains and not the stars I tried the panorama function but then I don't think I can reduce noise like the photo merge function with stacking. How could I do?
  12. It's a real shame because the workflow would be much faster with a macro that does everything automatically .... hopefully in the next version of Afphoto
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