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  1. Hi Chris I downloaded the latest beta available and it seems to work fine ..... now open the NEF;) Thank you Tony
  2. exit the program when loading raw files nikon with the jpeg everything is ok
  3. I found that the program closes automatically even after converting the raw (which do not open) to jpeg
  4. Sure here it is .... is a test to see the cleaning of the sensor .... nothing that _D4N5606.NEF
  5. Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta - does not work How can you solve?
  6. Thanks Mark Ingram works. only one thing I tried to merge two night photos and I do not align the images using the perspective mode keeping checked aligns images .... it does so only with the scale wheel mode translates .... while in version 1.6 he does it either way. If I have to open another topic let me know
  7. Affinity photo 1.6.5 works perfectly ... even the previous beta version 1.7 worked well ... the last two versions do not go
  8. I also tried on a win 7 home and gives me the same error ..... I have to wait for the next update? .... or I have to perform some procedure to restore the operation?
  9. I meant Affinity photo 1.7 can work with windows 7 pro or do you have to switch to windows 10?
  10. But then you must use it with windows 10? with 7 pro you can not use ... I understand well or not?
  11. I tried all three solutions but it does not work the same: as soon as the loading of the characters starts, it stops responding. I'm not asked to send any error reports
  12. Win 7 pro On win 7 Pro the beta worked until last night
  13. Hi I would like to update my pc that I use for affinity photo and 3D renderig, I currently own an I7 3 ghz 4 core with 24 gb ram, I wanted to know if the affinity program benefits from a CPU like the intel I9 14 logical 28 physical cores. ... to speed up the heaviest operations.
  14. Hello I own a license of Affinity photo & Designer, currently it is installed on two PCs .... a desktop and a laptop I should sell the desktop to buy a more powerful PC and I would like to disable the license on the PC that I should sell ... how can I do? Greetings
  15. Thanks guys .... I thought there was a dedicated key to disable it ..... of course I had thought of the simple formatting .... but I thought it would remain on the affinity server that the license is still activated on that PC. Thanks again Hello
  16. Hi guys, how can I align images of astronomical photos (milky way) to reduce noise. I tried with the stacking function but tends to align the landscape .... I wanted to know if there is a way to align the stars not taking into account the landscape ..... like a mask that only aligns the sky and not the landscape . Is there any function that does this?
  17. Tony77

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.4

    The 3d LUT command does not work ... it gives me different results, how can I do? seems to work only by selecting the output .3dl and not with .cube or .csp
  18. Tony77

    LUT don't works

    Hello Me too, the 3D LUTs do not work I have the version
  19. I've been able to download free content but I do not work on macros ..... I try to call up the file "Uplift - Epic Skies.afmacros" but it does not appear during the search ... but in the folder is present
  20. I tried it on my laptop with windows 10 and downloaded free content .... on pc with win 7 pro no ..... i would not know the reason honestly
  21. Done but it does not work ...... but the content is also free for Affinity 1.5 owners? ... I bought it last year not now ..... I wonder maybe it's just for new users I do not know if I understand
  22. I tried but it does not work .... attached screen shot
  23. Hello where can I download free content? .... I installed version 1.6 but in the welcome message there is no link to download free content