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  1. I would like to apologize in advance for my non-response to the three choices listed and my (somewhat) long reply to the subject of the poll. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote (I am paraphrasing here) that, “[Everyone] takes the limits of [their] own field of vision for the limits of the [universe].” While both yes answers provide a possibly positive path forward, I personally find the scope of both yes answers limiting. It is my belief that a Digital Asset Manager should encompass all the digital files a user stores on a computer system, whether stored locally or in a personal cloud, and encompassing either research material or personally created end-products. That said, my perfect DAM would allow me to catalog documents, spreadsheets, eBooks, audio and movie files, and so forth, as well as all my photographs regardless of the hardware or application used to create or process them. This DAM would catalog all the metadata embedded in any digital asset. For example, it would read and store Exif, XMP, IPTC, ID3 or Ogg Vorbis tags. It would also read and store the information in any sidecar (XML) files generated by the application processing the asset. The DAM would also allow file locking, version control, and the ability to open an asset in any application installed on the computer and capable of processing its specific file format. Additionally, this DAM would allow the creation of a user-defined schema to assist with managing the asset and to write that schema as a sidecar file that can travel with the asset. Finally, the DAM would allow the creation and storage of ad-hoc queries of all metadata associated with all assets. For what it is worth, there are several DAM systems installed on my computer, but each has a scope limited to a specific segment of digital assets. Non will catalog all the types listed above. Also, there are commercial products available that perform most of what I listed, but they are generally cloud-based, are somewhat team-oriented, and usually come with hefty annual subscription or maintenance fees. Full disclosure: As a now-retired Database Architect, Administrator, and Data Analyst my opinions on this subject are somewhat skewed.
  2. To which I would also request a "triangle" crop overlay. (A diagonal that bisects the rectangle into two triangles, and additional diagonals that bisect the two triangles.)
  3. This still appears to be an issue in version version 1,5,1,54. No, I did not choose to set AP as my default editor in the Open With... menu. I was, finally, familiarizing myself with AP. It was after playing around in AP after a day that I noticed my defaul application for .TIF, .RAF, and .NEF had changed to AP despite never opening any RAW files in AP. I did, however, open several TIF files from withing AP (not through Open With...). Jenn Z.
  4. I am a recently retired Database and System Administrator who is diligently working on rekindling a relationship with right brain activities. Currently involved in digital photography while also post-processing several thousand film negatives and transparencies, my goal is to create the necessary skills that will allow me to integrate graphic designs and digital artwork into whatever media (electronic, visual arts, print, etc.) my curiosity and efforts will take me. I will probably be an infrequent contributor, but I hope to use this forum as a valuable resource for expanding my skills.
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