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  1. Claude_ch

    DxO Nic collection

    Now with it's instant crash of the program, the same for Topaz Studio and others.
  2. Claude_ch

    Plugins cause crash in

    The same happen for Nik Collection, it's worse now. PS : I know there is a problem with nik for a while now
  3. Claude_ch

    Nik plugin updating fonts

    @MEB Thank you for the answer, I hope a solution will be found ;)
  4. Claude_ch

    Nik plugin updating fonts

    Hi, With the it's a little better now, you see the Nik plugin launched and you can work with it but the updating fonts box appears with a spinning wheel that never end on the front of Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo is blocked with this "updating fonts box". You need force quit the app :( Thanks
  5. Hi, I have the same Mac Pro with 10.14.3 and I can enable Metal compute acceleration. Maybe is a Mac OS 10.12.6 thing ?
  6. That happens when I upgraded to High Sierra. I need to remake the authorize global thing in "Plugin Support Folders" and now works again.
  7. Claude_ch

    Curves Adjustment (Affinity Photo 1.5.1)

    the bug is still present with 1.5.2 :(
  8. Claude_ch

    Curves Adjustment (Affinity Photo 1.5.1)

    Hi MEB, I noticed that finally option/alt or cmd or shift with arrows keys move the handle, but the same bug happen with right arrow.
  9. When I try move a handle on the curve ajustement panel with the cmd - arrow keys, all works except with cmd - ➞, jump directly on the extreme left side :(