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    Otacon reacted to Alfred in Affinity Store or Microsoft Store for Designer?   
    You can get the Grade UI kit via this link: https://affinity.store/checkout/?code=grade-ui-kit
    You’ll be guided through the steps to create an Affinity Store account if you don’t already have one.
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    Otacon reacted to toltec in Removing style from layer   
    Edit > Defaults > Revert.
    Bear in mind that you can save almost any style you want as a default style (Edit > Defaults > Save), so if you used it to save something odd, that is what you will get. 
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    Otacon reacted to AffinityJules in Removing style from layer   
    Hey! I wish I knew the correct procedure to do that as well. What I do is hit UNDO in the edit section, it's the only method I know works.
    I'm sure some tech-head in here will supply an answer, then we'll both be the wiser.
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    Otacon reacted to gdenby in Low resolution   
    Other forum members do lots more pixel work than I. You might want to look at the "Show us your work" section of the forum for samples of what can be done.
    Note, neither Photo or Designer are focused on being dedicated "paint" programs like Krita. But there are some good tools.
    I mostly do vector work, and am currently working on a 5K x 3K desktop image. I just opened it up, and added some 1 pixel wide line work to one of the vectors. I had to be zoomed in 81000% in order to make a 16 x 16 px drawing, each pixel a different color. Not even visible at 100% zoom, and only a dot at 150%. So I guess Designer nicely handles high resolution, and pixel level precision.
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