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  1. Do I get the Grade UI-Kit if I buy it from the Microsoft Store?
  2. Hi there, I'm new to Affinity Photo and try to figure out how things work. But one thing I couldn't figure out is, how I can get rid of a style. Once you select a style it gets applied but all you can do is select a different style. Is there an easy way to remove a style?
  3. Hi there, i just saw Affinity on twitter and have a few questions. So, at the moment i'm working with Krita (maybe somebody knows it) and i'm quite happy with it so far. But it is also a bit slow and sluggish to use sometimes. I'm working with low resolutions and need accurate pixel editing (which Photoshop, for example, doesn't offer. at least a couple years ago, when i last tried it). I also need support for my wacom tablet. Would Affinity be a good choice for me? I would try it myself, but i'm currently not at home and only have a linux laptop with me. So i'm just asking here if i should keep being interested ;) Thanks :)

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