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  1. Well AD is supposed to get some UI specific workflow + tools. Let’s see what Matt & Co come up with? ;)
  2. Bounds? = Object Bounds -> You got that in AD/AP as well TexSpace? = Texture Space = What rules are used to place 2D textures on some 3D object. PassIndex 0? = Pass refers to the render for a layer that might be used reflections, one for basic color, one for shadows etc. -> Index is just a number that indicates to the software which pass or material you are referring about. DupliVerts? = Some verts that define the location where clones of an object should be placed. Dupli = Duplicates Where are my drawing tools? -> Those would be in the paint mode + in case of the grease pencil animation addon in the left viewport panel where the grease pencil tool is located. Now I can agree that Blender UI is not the best out there, but it’s not the worst either. C4D & MODO UI’s are definitely more beginner friendly but once you gain more experience one will see they have serious issues of their own as well. As far as the naming conventions? Well...they might seem Blender weird ones or engineer level. But once you move from 2D to 3D a lot of possibilities open and not just for animations. As such the amount of terms & software tools increase significantly. This also affects the UI after all, because you have to fit all that stuff somewhere. I am not defending or talking about Blender in particular. All software that seriously deal with 3D besides some 2D animations have some names for tools/functions that are common to other software and some of their own which can be difficult to remember. That’s just the industry. Had the same issue as you when I switched from AI to a 3D software, lot’s of new stuff, many overwhelming. Want to learn AI/PS or AD/AP. You can pretty much learn all of it in 1-2 days if you’re serious about it. Want to learn the tools in a 3D software? Have fun, the amount of them is like 40-70x times more then what you have in AD+AP. This only covers knowing where tools are and what options they have, not for what to use them for. Often at pro level you need to master more then just 1 software. :D You can definetely do 2D animations in a 3D software. And do amazing things that are simply not possible in a standard 2D app. However expect some significant or steep learning curve for getting proficient regardless of your 3D app you want to learn. No pain, no gain ;)
  3. Give the poor human some time to answer :D . Not everyone is addicted 24/24 to their macs retina displays ;)
  4. Hi, Mentioned at some point but I don’t see it in feature requests thread. :) Cheers
  5. I would be happy to offer you 1-2 hours free tut ;) It’s not that hard as you think.
  6. Btw guys, probably old news but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMMqG8nQ9R4 at 27:37 Affinity Designer is mentioned. I watched that video before, not sure how I missed it.
  7. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCscGP4oVmY" Check this. Blender is not the worst UI out there. Try 3ds max or Zbrush ;)
  8. Hi guys, Currently AD seems to take in consideration what layers are visible and only export those to the PSD. However this is is a bad workflow. If I want to intentionally keep layers disabled in the PSD I can’t do it, since they ain’t exported in the first place. There seems to be an option to export all the document but it’s always greyed out for some reason. Is there anyway to get exporting working on the entire file and disregard what layers I have hidden or not when choosing what to export? Thanks, Vlad
  9. MEB that is nice except it doesn’t work that well. If I try to collapse a panel that is above another panel then the panels will combine in one. Not so useful.
  10. I agree. Clipping for text frames should be implemented. It looks broken with overflow.
  11. I sent twice the file to Affinity | Forum <support@seriflabs.com> :( Sent it the 3rd time. Thanks
  12. Hi :( So I reported this 2 times already since months ago. No fix or response yet. :huh: :o :mellow: First screenshot shows what I get in Preview & PS. Second one shows what I get in AD/AP. The text is moved/gone from the menus....this is NOT ok. Maybe I have more success convincing you to fix the third time? Vlad
  13. Reported this as well. Nothing yet :(
  14. yep would be awesome to get it
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