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  1. Hi, Can you add something like this? Thanks, Vlad
  2. Matt? Ben? whoever does the formats? :) Any thoughts?
  3. Matt? Did you heard him? I want as well in the next beta to be able to use Siri on MacOS. Something along those lines: “ Hey Siri, make awesome art for me in AD! “ :D
  4. Hey guys, Any chance this gets added as well? Thanks, Vlad
  5. First anyway to change shortcut? Overlaps with spotlight one. And you have to press space first, otherwise it won’t activate. Second it lags really bad + weird snapping behaviour. I understand now while people are complaining about it. I would rather have it fixed than removed.
  6. I would like to use scrubby zoom without having to switch to the zoom tool in the first place. Like in PS.
  7. Now I wonder what kinds of info it can actually sample. I see some stuff about header/footer size for artboards?
  8. Oh just seen this. Sliding a node/point as in a 3D app along an edge is something I definitely miss.
  9. you can’t have AM/PM with the 24h system
  10. Well you could export to PSD maybe. It should work
  11. Time. :) Although maybe 13:24 would work better.
  12. Don’t worry, we will have this tool...... eventually :D
  13. Yes a sun dial of sort. With material design -> More white, probably some cards, icons that match, some realistic shadows etc. I find metro UI and material design in the same group which has boring, dull, average as key words. I am glad when people don’t follow them precisely, a designer can actually shine and make something new. Wanted to make something non standard. Clients love those usually as long as I just follow some general platform UX guidelines to not confuse the users.
  14. Hey guys, More UI work. Let me know what you think. https://www.behance.net/gallery/37180653/Android-Weather-App Cheers, Vlad
  15. I agree, there is no way to make selections automatically based on certain specifics and it’s very bad.
  16. When you Click + Drag to zoom in and out there are various snapping levels. Currently the snapping is to drastic making me unable to zoom as needed. It feels like it’s lagging. I don’t care about the 50% ,75%, 100% etc automatic snapping levels when using the zoom tool. I just want to disable it altogether.
  17. Nope, it’s the old Bamboo model. No fancy touch gestures.
  18. As title says: Add a drag to zoom to a keyboard shortcut. So I can zoom like in AI or PS without switching to zoom tool and then switching yet again to another tool.
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